Does Best Buy Recycle Electronics? (Recycling, Trade In + More)

Does Best Buy Recycle Electronics

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if Best Buy recycles electronics? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Broken and worn-out electronics can be troublesome to dispose of properly, especially since some of the components aren’t always environmentally friendly. But these days, stores like Best Buy are offering a place to recycle your electronics, so you know they’ll be well taken care of and handled properly.

Best Buy stores will recycle most electronics in store, whether purchased from Best Buy or another location. They even have programs to allow you to have your old electronics hauled away if you want to recycle larger appliances and are unable to transport them yourself.

This article looks at Best Buy’s electronic recycling policy and all that it entails.

Does Best Buy Recycle Electronics?

Best Buy recycles electronics of all kinds, as well as associated technology. They’ll take items as small as handheld gaming tools, or as large as refrigerators.

Best Buy offers options for trading in your items in-store or employing a haul-away service.

They’ll also recycle most items for free or offer the option for trade-ins and store credit.

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What Is Best Buy’s Policy for Recycling Electronics?

Best Buy accepts most items. However, they do have a few rules.

  • The recycling program is meant for residents and home appliances only. It is not meant to be used by large organizations.
  • A household can only recycle 3 items per day.
  • Items that present a significant health hazard will not be accepted.
  • As of 2016, Best Buy will charge $25 to recycle TVs and computer screens. All other electronics for recycling will be handled for free.
  • Large items can be picked up by Best Buy employees for a fee, via the Haul-Away program.

What Is The Haul-Away Program?

Using the Haul-Away program, you can request members of the Best Buy team to take old and used appliances away, rather than having to try and bring them in yourself.

The Haul-Away Program has two options:

  1.  If you are replacing your electronics at the time, there is a $29.99 fee for each item you list to be hauled away. The team will remove your old electronics and install the new ones.
  2. If you are not replacing the units you want hauled away, then there is a $199.99 fee for the service. This fee covers the cost to remove 2 large appliances, and any smaller items you may wish to have recycled at the same time.

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What Electronics Does Best Buy Recycle?

Best Buy recycles a huge number of items. In fact, it’s almost easier to say what they won’t recycle.

Here’s a general list of what they’ll take without question:

  • Television Electronics:

Screens up to 50″, Battery Backups, All cables and connectors, All forms of DVD players – including those from cars, Headphones, Direct TV stations, Internet connectors of any sort, VCR decks, Projectors, Portable Media Players, and Wall Mounts

  • Computers and Tablets:

All-in-one computers, Desktops, Laptops, Laptop and Backup Batteries, Hard Drives, Disk Drives, Any Cables, Ink, and Toner Cartridges, Extra Memory, Mice and Keyboards, Webcams, Netbooks, Tablets, E-Readers, Sound and Video Cards, Printer, Fax, Scanner, External Speakers, and External Controllers.

  • Cell Phones and Radios:

Mobile Phones, Land-Line Phones, Hands-Free Headsets, Calculators, Chargers, Recorders, Shredders,Two-Way Radios, and Wireless Broadband

  • Appliances:

Vacuums – Stick, Robot and Canister, Fans, Cooktops and Range Stoves, Range Stove Hoods, Dishwashers, Refrigerators and Freezers, Washers and Dryers, Ice Makers, Microwaves, and Wall Ovens

  • Audio Devices:

Alarm Clocks, Amps, Cassette Players, CD Players and Recorders, Soundbars, Home Recording Equipment, MP3 Players and Speakers (iPods included), Speaker Systems, Personal Recorders, Audio Mixers and Turntables, Record Players, Boomboxes, and Record Players

  • Home Devices:

Curling Irons, Hair Straighteners, Hair Dryers, Weather Stations, Emergency Response Devices, Pedometers, Heart Monitors, and Any sort of Monitoring System

  • Gaming Equipment:

Controllers, Keyboards, Portable Gaming Devices, Portable LCD Screens, and All Video Game Consoles.

  • Camera Equipment:

Binoculars, All Camcorders, All Digital Cameras, Digital Photo Frames, Lenses, Memory Cards, and SLR Cameras

  • Car Electronics:

CB Radios and Scanners, GPS Units of Any Kind, Radar Detectors, Security Systems, Speakers, Wiring Harnesses, and Electronic Installation Kits.

What Electronics Does Best Buy NOT Recycle?

If it’s not on the above list, then they probably won’t take it. The general rule of thumb – They will not accept any items that represent a health or safety hazard.

They also don’t take things like:

  • Cassettes
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Game Cartridges
  • Camera Tapes
  • Cases for any of the above
  • Gaming Guides
  • PC Games
  • Books

What About Kitchen Appliances?

Best Buy doesn’t accept the majority of kitchen appliances, except for the really large ones.

This is because they can present a health and safety risk since there’s no guarantee that they’ll be completely cleaned and sterilized before they’re brought in.

In the case of things like blenders, there’s also the risk of injury from the blades.

A/C Units are on the not accepted list for much the same reasons.

Is Trading In The Same as Recycling?

Trading in allows you to get store credit or gift cards for your old electronics. The recycling program merely lets you get rid of them.

If you’re considering bringing in electronics, it’s a good idea to check and see if they have a trade-in value before you arrive at Best Buy.

How Do I Check The Potential Value of my Electronics?

Best Buy has an online Trade-In Calculator that you can use to assess the value of your electronics. You can also use the website to check out any special deals for trade-ins or recycling in your area.

The online site will also tell you if your state has any restrictions on items you can trade in or recycle. For example, Illinois and Pennsylvania locations don’t recycle TV screens or computer monitors.

Do All Best Buy Locations Offer the Same Recycling and Trade-In Deals?

Unfortunately, they don’t all offer the same services. Not all Best Buys will recycle all items, nor do all stores have a Trade-In Program.

Checking online can tell you if the stores nearest you offer Recycling and Trade-In options, and any restrictions.

If there are no stores offering Trade-In Programs near you, you can trade in your items online. Best Buy will cover the cost of shipping and send you a gift card once the process has been finalized.

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