About us

We wanted adventure (RV Lifestyle), freedom, and, more importantly, we wanted to see where we belonged in the world.

Nothing is as freeing as being on the beach (Playa), lacing your feet with the sand, having the water lap your legs and becoming one with nature.

We are Jessica & Mike, and we enjoy being at the center of nature’s most pleasurable place – the beach! If we could live on the beach and immerse ourselves in its incredibly freeing and powerful aura every day, we would!

The RV Lifestyle has always been our DREAM.

We had a vision of living like a turtle with our home on our back, having all that we need with us and slowly moving down the road to see where it leads.

So, we planned to RV for about 12 months, we decided to follow our dream, quit our 9 to 5 jobs and sold all of our belongings, and took a leap of faith
For $5,000.00 we bought a 1986 Roadtrek RV and spent another $1,800.00 to get it ready.

In June of 2017, we set out for our big adventure – a year on the road.

The RV and Playa project was born…

Jessica & Mike

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