Best Buy Screen Protector Replacement Policy (Break, Cracks)

Best Buy Screen Protector Replacement Policy

People ask, what is Best Buy’s screen protector replacement policy?

Typically, Best Buy will replace a damaged or broken screen protector if it is protected under a manufacturer’s warranty. In some cases, the warranty enables anyone covered to receive a replacement for free, while a charge may be applicable for others. Screen protectors are not currently protected under Best Buy’s Geek Squad Protection.

In the following article, we cover everything you need to know about Best Buy’s screen protector replacement policy.

What is Best Buy’s screen protector replacement policy?

In most cases, Best Buy will replace a screen protector that is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty allows customers to access replacements for damaged or broken screen protectors from brands like Apple and Zagg.

It can allow customers to save a lot of money that might otherwise be required to purchase a new screen protector. 

Most brands offer manufacturer’s warranties on their products, but it is always worth checking when you purchase your product.

Some of the more well-known, and possibly more expensive, brands of screen protector such as Apple and Zagg are likely to be protected under the warranty.

Most manufacturer’s warranties last around one year, beginning immediately on the date of purchase.

Any damage or failure that occurs within this period should be eligible for replacement, particularly if the product is damaged beyond repair.

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What does the policy cover?

In order to receive a replacement for a damaged or broken screen protector, the product must have been bought at Best Buy, whether online or in-store, and must be protected under the manufacturer’s warranty.

This warranty comes as standard with most products, and we will look next at how you can access it.

By only servicing products which are protected by the manufacturer’s warranty, Best Buy are able to access a replacement more easily as they are backed by the manufacturer themselves.

You may need to provide some form of proof of coverage under the manufacturer’s warranty in order for Best Buy to offer a replacement.

How do I access the manufacturer’s warranty?

Most brands require you to register your screen protector in order to access the manufacturer’s warranty.

In most cases, you can register your product online on the manufacturer’s website. Once you are registered, you are more likely to receive a replacement from Best Buy, as you are protected under the manufacturer’s warranty. 

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Do Best Buy install screen protectors?

In most stores, Best Buy offers a complementary accessory installation for most of the accessories it sells, including screen protectors.

If the accessory has been purchased in store or online and is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, Best Buy will likely offer an installation service for a small charge, although it may sometimes be free.

Similarly, Best Buy’s Geek Squad Protection offers a screen protector installation service. For a charge, the Geek Squad will install a screen shield on a number of devices, including cell phones and tablets.

If you attempt installation yourself are unhappy with the results, the Geek Squad will replace it with a new one and install it for you. 

How much does installation cost?

Best Buy offers the installation of a screen protector for around eight dollars. For this price, you receive a full installation and assurance of no bubbles or dust.

A similar service is also offered by the Geek Squad, with a charge of around fifteen dollars. To be eligible, your device must be covered by a Geek Squad Protection plan.

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How do I make a claim?

If your screen protector fails to work as a result of damage or breakage, the best way to inquire as to whether you are eligible for a replacement is to go in store.

A member of staff should be able to tell you whether you qualify for replacement and assist you in acquiring one.

You may need to make an appointment to receive your screen protector replacement, especially if you require installation of the protector.

In this case, you should be able to call or go online to arrange your appointment. Appointments for installation of a replacement usually take around twenty minutes to complete.

Does the Geek Squad offer screen protector replacements?

Screen protectors are not currently protected under many of the Geek Squad Protections’ plans, possibly because they are considered optional accessories.

When you take out a Geek Squad plan on your phone, your device becomes the Covered Product, and their policy states that any add-on accessory, including screen shields, cannot be covered by your plan.

However, as we have seen, you can arrange for the Geek Squad to install your screen protector. Similarly, they may also be willing to install replacement screen protectors, even if they do not offer coverage for them.

Is a replacement worth it?

Whether getting a replacement is worth it depends on a few things. First of all, consider how much you have spent on the screen protector itself.

You may find that you have a fee to pay to get a replacement, and some manufacturers also require that you pay for shipping.

Consider whether the replacement is worth these costs, as you may end up losing out.

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Final Thoughts

Best Buy will offer a replacement on any screen protector which is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty.

Most manufacturer’s warranties offer some protection for damaged or broken screen protectors, including replacements where repair is not possible. In most cases, Best Buy will honor this free of charge.



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