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Best Buy TV Replacement Policy

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend what Best Buy TV replacement policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

According to their TV replacement policy, Best Buy will replace a damaged or broken TV that cannot be repaired, although this is dependent on how the damage occurred. Some circumstances are covered by Best Buy’s TV replacement policy, but others require more extensive cover like a Geek Squad Protection plan.

In the following article, we look at some of the details of Best Buy’s TV replacement policy.

What is Best Buy’s TV replacement policy?

According to Best Buy’s TV policy, your TV is eligible for a replacement if it is damaged or broken beyond repair, but only if damage occurred under certain circumstances.

This comes as part of Best Buy’s warranty, which begins immediately on the date of purchase and lasts for one year. It is valid for TVs purchased in-store or online at the Best Buy website. 

Best Buy’s TV replacement policy is somewhat limited compared with its more comprehensive coverage plan, Geek Squad Protection.

Under Best Buy’s policy, a replacement is likely to be more difficult to obtain and the circumstances under which a replacement is possible are fewer than with Geek Squad Protection.

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What is covered under Best Buy’s TV replacement policy?

Under Best Buy’s TV replacement policy, TVs that are bought new or clearance are covered for certain types of damage.

Open-box purchased are also usually covered, although some exceptions apply. In some instances, refurbished and pre-owned TVs may also be covered.

The policy dictates that damage sustained in the one-year period after purchase will either be repaired with new or rebuilt parts or replaced using new or rebuilt parts.

Whether your product is replaced or repaired is likely to be at the discretion of the retailer and will depend on the extent of the damage. 

In circumstances where your TV is able to be repaired, Best Buy’s policy states that they will do this instead or replacing it.

In these circumstances, any TV under 42” can be taken into your local store, where it will be repaired. Any TV larger than this requires a Best Buy Totaltech membership, in which you can receive at-home service.

What is not covered under Best Buy’s TV replacement policy?

As we have seen, the Best Buy TV replacement policy only covers damage which has occurred under certain circumstances.

Unfortunately, this means there are also other circumstances in which Best Buy will not replace or repair a TV.

Let’s take a look at some of the circumstances under which Best Buy will not replace a TV:

  • If the product is damaged or broken due to general wear and tear,
  • In cases of cosmetic damage or accidental damage,
  • If damage occurs as a result of acts of God such as weather, including lightning, and power surges,
  • In cases where the product has been abused, neglected, or misused – accidentally or intentionally,
  • If the product has been modified or customized, for example, label removal or antenna removal,
  • In the case of loss or theft of the whole product or parts of the product.

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How do I make a claim?

Your first step should be to check your product documents; your TV manual is likely the best place to find any information you need.

This will indicate whether your TV is eligible for repair or replacement, any costs you might incur, and how to go about making a claim. 

Your next step is likely going to be contacting Best Buy’s customer support, who will be able to point you in the right direction.

You can contact customer support online, by going in-store, or over the phone.

What is Geek Squad Protection?

While Best Buy’s warranties can be somewhat limited in what they will cover, their Geek Squad Protection plans typically offer more coverage.

They are considered a supplementary warranty to Best Buy’s own policy and can be used at the same time as the Best Buy warranty or as a means of continuing coverage after your warranty is over. 

The Geek Squad Protection plans are intended to enhance the standard warranty you get on purchase, offering a more varied coverage and come with a range of benefits, including accidental damage and product replacement.

Following purchase of your product, you have sixty days in which to add your chosen Geek Squad Protection plan.

What does Geek Squad Protection cover?

What your Geek Squad Protection plan covers depends on which plan you opt for, but there are some things that come as standard.

The plans are intended to cover areas of damage which are not included in the standard Best Buy policy, but they do not cover everything.

Let’s look at some of the instances in which replacement is offered:

  • Damage due to general wear and tear,
  • Shortages or damage due to a power surge, including a power surge caused by lightning,
  • Failure or damage caused by defective material or workmanship,
  • Problems occurring from things like overheating, dust, or condensation. 

The Geek Squad Protection plans also offer a one-time controller replacement if the controller purchased is eligible under the plan’s policy.

The controller must have been part of the original purchase to be eligible. They also cover re-installation costs for the replacement of certain products.

Pros and cons of Best Buy’s TV replacement policy


  • For anyone who does not feel that Best Buy’s TV replacement policy is extensive enough, there is the option of upgrading to a Geek Squad Protection plans, which offers more comprehensive coverage. These act as a supplement to the standard replacement policy.


  • One of the biggest downsides of Best Buy’s TV replacement policy is that accidental damage is not covered. Customers must instead pay out further costs to get coverage with a Geek Squad Protection plan. Given that accidental damage is almost unavoidable, some coverage would be a benefit of the policy.

Final Thoughts

Best Buy’s TV replacement policy states that TVs damaged under certain circumstances are eligible to be replaced at no extra cost.

Where replacement is not possible, Best Buy offers to repair the product free of charge.

Alternatively, replacement is covered under Best Buy’s enhanced coverage plan, Geek Squad Protection.

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