Can You Get Money for Your Old Car Batteries? (Here Is How)

Can You Get Money for Old Car Batteries

Do you know how to easily sell your old car batteries? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Because it is illegal to through old batteries in the trash, tons of people end up having a small collection start to build up in their basements or garages without knowing what they can do with them.

One frequent question people ask all the time is whether or not you can get money for these old batteries. 

So, can you get money for old batteries? Yes, you can get money for your old car batteries. You can do this by returning it to the store where you purchase your new battery as a core return, selling it on 3rd party resale sites, or at an auction or a repair shop. The list below shows you how to sell you old batteries:

  • Return to the store
  • Take to the Local Scrap Yard
  • Car Repair Shops
  • eBay
  • Apps for Mobile Devices Like iScrap

Thanks to these options, many people are given the incentive to clear out their old auto parts clutter and put some extra cash in their pockets for doing so.

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How to Get Money for Old Car Batteries

There are a bunch of different ways you can get money for your old car batteries. Most of them, many people don’t even realize they are an option for them. 

Here is a list of the easiest ways to get cash for your unused car batteries. 

Returning it to the Store

One of the most straightforward ways to make a few extra bucks on an old car battery is by taking it to an auto parts store such as AutoZone, Walmart, etc., and exchanging it for a new battery.

These places will pay you a core charge of around $10-$20 (Typically taking it off of the cost of your new battery) so that they can properly recycle the product.

Take it to the Local Scrap Yard

You are not limited to taking the whole car to a scrap yard; they are interested in purchasing just about anything.

Most scrap yards tend to offer up around $5-$7 per car battery. This is a quick and easy way to make a few extra bucks and get rid of items you can’t throw away.

Car Repair Shops

If you have a battery that is older but still working, there is a good chance you can get paid for it by selling it to your local car repair centers.

These businesses are more than happy to pay you for a working battery; this way, they save a little money on their end when servicing vehicles.

eBay or Other Re-sale Sites

Another option for old yet still working car batteries is doing a little online retail selling yourself. Place the product on the market through websites such as eBay or Facebook marketplace at a reasonable price, and the chances are good that it will sell really fast.

What’s even better is the buyer usually pays for shipping or is willing to come to pick it up.

Apps for Mobile Devices

Obviously, there is also an app for this; there is an app for everything.

If you are interested in selling a bunch of different items, consider downloading a seller’s app like iscrap, and see how much you can get for your batteries on there.

Classified Ads

While we don’t typically see basic newspapers floating around anymore these days, they do still exist, and they sell listings are still there.

These papers are also typically available online, where more readers can find the classifieds easily. You can easily sell your batteries this way, and you can reach out to a broad range of people who may be specifically looking in your area.

A great source for posting classifieds is craigslist. Although it is not a newspaper, it provides pretty much the same forum for getting information out to the public of local communities, making it easy and free to post ads and buy products at a low cost.

Have A Yard Sale

Instead of making $5 or $10 bucks just selling one or two items at your local auto store, why don’t you set up a yard sale and get rid of a bunch of old stuff that you no longer use?

You can easily sell an old battery in yardsales for the right price if the right buyer happens to come by.

Tips for Selling Old Car Batteries

When selling your old car batteries, there are a few things to consider to ensure everything is on the up and up and you and the buyer are protected.

1. Be Honest

First and foremost, it is crucial you are honest with the buyer as to the condition of the battery. Never put an old battery in a yard sale or in classifieds if they do not work unless you specifically provide that type of information.

 If you don’t feel like checking whether or not the battery is in working condition, let the buyer know it is old and may or may not still be usable.

2. Never Expect Top Dollar

When you are selling old items, especially things that can’t be guaranteed for long after the sale, chances are good you aren’t going to get top dollar for them. Price your old batteries at a fair and honest dollar amount; this will make the process so much easier for all parties involved.

3. Be Safe

There is a good reason you cannot place old car batteries into the trash. These products can be extremely dangerous and flammable when mishandled or misused. It is important that during the storage, sale, and transport of the battery, you take proper caution.

4. Don’t Expect Everyone to Take You up On Your Offer

Be prepared to be turned down. There are auto shops, junkyards, and even automotive stores that may not want to accept your used battery. There is no law stating these places must take your items, and you have to be respectful and willing to walk away. 

Summing Things Up

If you have old car batteries just sitting around collecting dust, you can fill your pockets with a few extra bucks easily by simply selling them in a number of different ways. Just remember, be safe, be fair, and be honest. 

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