Does Best Buy Recycle Batteries? (Electronics + Appliances Recycling)

Does Best Buy Recycle Batteries

Do you know if Best Buy recycles batteries? How to recycle electronics and appliances at Best Buy? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

As you may well know, batteries should never be thrown in the standard trash. It is dangerous. Not just being compressed in a landfill somewhere, but the chemicals can leak and destroy the environment.

Thankfully, there are battery recycling locations out there that you can use. So, is Best Buy one of them?

Best Buy does recycle batteries. In fact, Best Buy offers one of the largest recycling programs in the United States. You can bring any battery to them. It doesn’t have to be purchased from Best Buy.

Does Best Buy Recycle Batteries?

Yes. Best Buy does offer battery recycling. It is a facility available at all Best Buy stores. Keep an eye out for the recycling section of the store. Bring your batteries there.

You are able to take any batteries that you want to Best Buy. This includes small batteries, as well as larger batteries for vehicles. However, do bear in mind that Best Buy will only ever allow you to recycle consumer batteries with them.

You are not able to use Best Buy battery recycling facilities if you are a business. This means that you are not able to recycle large amounts of batteries at once.

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If Best Buy suspects that you are recycling batteries on behalf of a business, then you will be turned away.

It is also worth noting that Best Buy only allows you to recycle a maximum of three items per day. At least, that is their general rule. They are a bit more flexible when it comes to batteries.

While they would probably have an issue if you turned up with more than three car batteries (this would indicate that you are a business), they probably are not going to be too fussed if you opted to recycle a few dozen AA batteries at a time.

While their rules do not technically allow it, we don’t think we have heard a single story of people getting turned away from Best Buy because of it.

You do not need to have purchased the battery from Best Buy. They will recycle any batteries for you. Do remember that this is a service that Best Buy does ultimately make money on, so they are not too concerned that you are bringing in batteries from their competitors.

They just want you to recycle at their store.

Is Best Buy Battery Recycling Free?

At the time of writing, Best Buy battery recycling is 100% free. In 2021, Best Buy did introduce a fee to recycle larger products in some of their stores.

However, we doubt that they will ever introduce a fee to recycle batteries.

If you want to recycle batteries in the store, then all you need to do is take them to the customer service counter. They will then be taken off your hands, no questions asked.

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What Else Does Best Buy Recycle?

Best Buy recycles most electronics and appliances. They do have a few restrictions, depending on the state.

You are able to recycle computers, batteries, televisions, and even large appliances.

Do bear in mind that there is now a fee in place if you want to recycle larger appliances in Best Buy.

This is due to the calling price in the amount that Best Buy gets paid for any products recycled through their company. We do not see this changing any time soon.

You should also remember that some larger appliances cannot be dropped off at the Best Buy service counter.

For example, if you wanted to recycle a fridge or a massive TV, then you would likely need to pay Best Buy to collect it from you, and they will only do this if they are delivering a replacement product at the same time. 

What Does Best Buy Do With The Recycled Batteries and Other Products?

Best Buy doesn’t actually carry out the battery and electronics recycling themselves. Instead, they sell the products to recycling companies which, in turn, carry out the recycling.

The exact process for recycling will be dependent on the type of product being recycled.

For example, in the case of batteries, they will be broken up into their parts (acid, lead, metals, etc.) and these will then be used to make new batteries.

This is far better than having the batteries end up in a landfill somewhere. It reduces the number of resources required to make batteries, which is only going to be beneficial to the planet.

Not to mention the fact that batteries in a landfill will leak acid. This can have a huge impact on the surrounding area. It can destroy ecosystems for centuries.

If you want to know more about the recycling process for batteries and other electronics, then feel free to ask the Best Buy team. They may be able to help you out.

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Final Word 

Best Buy does recycle batteries. You are able to recycle all types of batteries at their stores. This includes small batteries, as well as car batteries.

If you are looking to recycle your batteries with Best Buy, then just look for the customer service desk. They will have a battery recycling box in that area. Hand the batteries to the staff and they will recycle them for you.

Do bear in mind that there is a limit of 3 items per day, although these limits can be waived if you have smaller batteries. 



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