Home Depot Return Policy In Canada (Coverage + No Receipt)

Home Depot Return Policy Canada

Do you know what Home depot return policy in Canada is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Most people think of Home Depot as a quintessential American store but, the reality is, that Home Depot is a giant home improvement retail chain that includes locations in other countries, including Canada.

Are the return policies in Canada the same as they are south of the border? Home Depot’s return policy in Canada is fairly straightforward. If you have the original sales receipt, you can return anything to Home Depot within 90 days of the original date of purchase. If you have a Home Depot credit card, the return window stretches out to an entire year. 

Home Depot’s Consumer Credit Card allows for a lot more cushioning when it comes to returning items to Home Depot.

Not only is it an incentive for regular Home Depot shoppers to obtain a Home Depot Credit Card but it also does away with the need for receipts. 

Home Depot Returns Policy Without a Receipt In Canada

There are a lot of blogs out there that pretend to be an authority on all things Home Depot and all things return policy.

A very cursory Google search would leave you to believe that Home Depot’s return policy in Canada is 90, 120, 160, and 180 days without a receipt. Take your pick.

Fortunately, we don’t research second-hand information. Straight from the source, which is Home Depot Canada, you can return items without a receipt, but the return window remains the same for those who do not have a Home Depot Credit Card. 

You have 90 days to return the item and Home Depot Canada will attempt to look up your original purchase so that they can prove that you purchased it there. Most of the time, this will work out just fine, however, it’s not a foolproof system and some may slip through the cracks. 

That doesn’t mean that Home Depot won’t accept your return, just that it might be more of a headache than you intended, so it’s always important to remember where you put your receipt, especially on high-value items. 

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According to Home Depot Canada, if you do not have your receipt and you paid in cash, you will get your return in the form of store credit and it will be based on the lowest selling price for that particular item. So, if that item happens to be on sale when you return it, you’ll get your return based on that sale price. 

Home Depot Canada’s Return Policy Exceptions

Like everything else, there is always an exception to the rule. In-Home Depot’s case, there are several exceptions to the rule. Home Depot also sells several items that are marked as non-returnable, period.

You can’t return them if you change your mind or if you just don’t like it. All sales on non-returnable items are final. 

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Home Depot Non-Returnable Items

When it comes to these items, you simply can’t return them and some of them might surprise you.

  • Any gift cards, gift certificates, or store credit issued to you
  • Anything that you have custom made or anything that is custom painted or tinted
  • All standby generator purchases are final and no returns are accepted
  • Wallpaper is not returnable and it doesn’t matter if you never even left the parking lot with it
  • All sales are final on spas and hot tubs
  • Home Depot doesn’t accept any returns on utility trailers

Gift cards, gift certificates, and store credits make plenty of sense mostly because there is no real way of returning such a thing.

Custom-ordered things make plenty of sense too but you may be scratching your head over the remaining items on the list. 

Unfortunately, Home Depot doesn’t offer reasoning behind the no-return policy on spas, hot tubs, wallpaper, utility trailers, and standby generators. It just is what it is. When you buy these items, they’re yours forever.

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Other Return Policy Exceptions

As we mentioned above, you cannot return gift cards, gift certificates, and store credit. However, you also cannot exchange them for anything either.

You can either use them to make a purchase in Home Depot or nothing. Home Depot will not give you cash for your gift card or certificate. 

  • Some returns may be subject to a 15% restocking fee
  • Any returns of purchases made through store credit/gift cards or returns in which you have lost the receipt require a valid form of government-issued identification
  • Home Depot furniture, air conditioners, generators, televisions, printers, computers, and any gas-powered equipment (that is unused) must be returned in 30 days
  • Major appliances cannot be returned once you sign the delivery receipt
  • Yard to You products have a 30-day return limit on them as well
  • Donations are non-returnable (Home Depot Canada Foundation)

The Home Depot return policy for appliances (washers, dryers, dishwashing machines, ovens, and refrigerators) may seem bizarre but it’s actually a very common policy that most home improvement or hardware retailers follow.

You will get the same deal at Lowes and Ace Hardware. 

While Home Depot and others don’t include much in the way of a reasoned explanation for this, it most likely boils down to a loss when it comes to returns on appliances. 

Does Home Depot Canada Have Other Terms and Conditions?

There are a few extras that you should know about when it comes to making returns to Home Depot Canada.

Cash returns should always be done with the original purchase receipt. While Home Depot may be able to look up your original purchase, it’s not a foolproof thing. 

If you pay for something at Home Depot that costs more than $1,000 (1,299 CAD) and you pay in cash, Home Depot will likely refund you via check or gift card. Home Depot, like most retailers, have rules against their cashiers carrying so much cash in their registers. 

Any items that you purchase at Home Depot in Canada cannot be returned to a Home Depot in the U.S. It has to be returned to a Home Depot in Canada. Which one you return it to in Canada doesn’t matter, so long as it is not in the U.S. 

As with everything, Home Depot reserves the right to refuse any return for any reason.

That doesn’t mean that they will and, 99.9% of the time, they won’t refuse your return so long as it is a legitimate return and done within the framework of Home Depot return policies. 

Last but not least, purchases at Home Depot Canada that involve a Customer Service Agreement, such as appliance purchases, cannot be returned to Home Depot and if they are, Home Depot will not accept the return. 

Home Depot Consumer Credit Card Returns Without a Receipt

One thing that many retail chains are starting to do is create better-tracking systems for customer purchases because returns can always be problematic without any kind of system.

Home Depot keeps track of all of your purchases with your Home Depot Consumer Credit Card so you never have to worry about losing your receipt.

However, if you have a Home Depot Credit Card and you don’t use it to pay for an item, you are subject to the 90-day return rule and you need to have a receipt with you when you return to the store. 

Home Depot, like so many others, uses their personal Home Depot line of credit to attract customers to apply for one with the benefits that they offer.

The fact that you can make a return with 365 days’ worth of breathing room is a good incentive to join. 

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How Does Home Depot Deal with Check Payments?

Paying Home Depot Canada in the form of a check (cheque in Canada) is a perfectly acceptable form of payment at Home Depot.

Home Depot has a lot of information on the payment process when using a check but they don’t have much to say on returns that were originally paid for by check.

As far as payment goes, there is the typical service fee for returned/bounced checks but ultimately, Home Depot doesn’t need to put much information on their website concerning returned items that pay with a check. That’s because everything is essentially the same. 

You still have 90 days to return the item and it’s actually easier for Home Depot to look up the original transaction if you paid with a check, rather than cash.

Since a check has all of your banking information on it, it’s pretty easy for Home Depot to look it up, especially if they have already processed the check and received the debit from your bank account. 

Not many people pay with checks anymore but it’s almost as fool-proof as paying for an item with a debit or credit card. 

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All Things Considered

Home Depot in Canada operates pretty much in the same way that its U.S. and Mexico Home Depot retailers do.

The return policy, for the most part, is pretty open and liberal, especially if you apply for and receive a Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, which will ensure that you have 365 days to return your items, rather than the standard 90.





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