Home Depot Return Without Receipt (Yes, But Read This First…)

home depot return without receipt

Losing a receipt happens to all of us, and while it can put a damper on your day, it doesn’t technically mean that there is nothing you can do. If you are a Home Depot customer, some options may be available for you.

Home Depot can typically find purchase history information in their system within a certain time frame, giving you an option of returning your item for your money back. In a case where the purchase can not be pulled up and the item is still in brand new condition, you will have the option of receiving store credit with a valid driver’s license or government-issued photo ID.

Home Depot makes returning items fairly simple, even if you can’t locate your original receipt. Here we will get into all of the ways you can take back unwanted products and all of the options Home Depot has for you.

Does Home Depot Accept Returns Without a Receipt?

The short answer is yes, Home Depot can and most likely will accept your returns without a receipt. Home Depot’s computer systems do keep records of each purchase for a certain amount of time. If you paid for your items with a credit card, debit card, or check, the system should have a record of that transaction for up to 30-days after the sale.

If you paid for your items on a Home Depot credit card, the purchase record is kept for one entire year. Thanks to this system, returning your items without a receipt is pretty simple, and you can get your money back in the same way you paid for it.

However, if you paid for your purchase in cash or on a store gift card, there is no way the computers can pull up that transaction, and you will only be offered a return through store credit.

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What Items Can You Return to Home Depot?

Most items your purchase can be returned to Home Depot as long as they are in brand new condition, in the original package, and in working order. You can also return products that are defective or missing parts if it is due to manufacturer error.

Items that cannot be returned to Home Depot include:

  • Any major appliances (i.e., refrigerators, washers, dryers)
  • Gift Cards or Store Credit
  • Cut flowers and floral arrangements
  • Labor, delivery, and/or installation services 
  • Whole house and stationary generators 
  • Product samples  (e.g., paint, flooring, fabric, and wallpaper)
  • Utility trailers 
  • Custom products, which include anything that has been cut specific to a project, personalized blinds, etc.

If you receive an item that has been damaged in transit or is missing parts and pieces, you must contact customer service by phone within 30-days of the sale in order to receive any money back.

Customers are also restricted from returning any products that have been purchased through a 3rd party seller.

If you receive a Home Depot item that wasn’t purchased at a Home Depot store, the return policies do not pertain to that product, and you have to contact the location you bought the item from.

You can return mixed paint to Home Depot if you are not satisfied with the color within 30-days of the original sale.

You can return the paint and have a new mix made up for you, or you can receive your money back with a valid receipt present. This does not include oops paint, special orders, labor fees, or non-stock products.

Time Frame for home Depot Returns

The amount of time allotted for returns will vary depending on the items you take back to the store. however, for the most part, you can return your purchase to Home Depot up to 90-days after the date of the original sale as long as it is in new, unopened, and unused condition.

There are exceptions to this rule, with some products only having a 30-day return period; items on this list include:

  • Furniture
  • Generators (other than Whole House and Stationary Generators)
  • Area Rugs  
  • Consumer Electronics (Televisions ; Computers)
  • Gas Powered Equipment and Tractors

You also have an extended warranty on plants, trees, and shrubs. When purchasing live garden products, you are given a one-year grow guarantee. If you follow the instructions for plant care and your greenery doesn’t grow, you can return it for a full refund or a replacement. 

How To Return Products to Home Depot

There are multiple ways to return products to Home Depot, including in-store, by mail, and returning to a design center. If you are going to take your item back to the location you bought it from, you must bring the original receipt with you to receive the full amount. 

If you do not have the receipt, bring a valid government-issued photo ID, and you will get your refund back as a store credit at the price the product is currently selling for (unless the store can find your purchase in their system).

You can mail items back by contacting Home Depot customer support and scheduling a UPS pick-up for most items. (no hazardous materials will be excepted back as a return through the mail, even if the liquid has been fully drained.) 

Any items purchased through a Home Depot design center must be returned to a Home Depot design center. Items purchased online or from other departments can not be purchased at these design centers. 

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Accepted Returns are Not Guaranteed

Home Depot has the right to refuse any returns at its own discretion. If there is suspicion of theft or fraud, the store will not take back any items. You may also be refused a return if you are frequently returning products. 

Summing Things Up

If you purchased a product from Home Depot that you are not happy with and you don’t have a receipt, chances are good you will be able to take the product back and they will be able to find the transaction in their system. If not, you are still given the option of taking store credit, which is a good deal.




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