Home Depot Online Return Policy (What´s Covered + More)

home depot online return policy

Do you know what Home Depot’s online return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Home Depot is the home improvement that has it all, but sometimes you can get carried away with home renovations or makeovers.

If you end up ordering too much during your online excursion to Home Depot, you will need to return some items. How does Home Depot handle returns for products purchased online?

You can return most Home Depot online purchases to any physical store location or by shipping them back to Home Depot returns department. When returning items bought online to a physical store, bring your order or shipping confirmation email or packing slip for proof of purchase.

In this article, we will review how to mail back returns to Home Depot’s returns department as well as when you can expect to receive your refund for items returned to Home Depot.

Additionally, we will cover the reasons why Home Depot might deny your return and how many days you have after purchasing to return any unwanted items to Home Depot.

How Do I Mail Back Returns from Home Depot Online Orders?

If you ordered items online from Home Depot that you need to return, you can always ship them back especially if it’s more convenient because the nearest physical store is too far away.

In the event that you need to make a return, Home Depot will include a return label with all of your online orders.

Returns shipped back to Home Depot should be mailed via UPS. If you need to return an item that is too heavy or large for normal UPS delivery, contact Home Depot’s customer care specialists and they can help schedule someone to pick the item up from your home at your convenience.  

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When Will I Receive My Refund for Returns Made to Home Depot?

When you receive your refund for returns made to Home Depot depends on how you choose to return the unwanted products and what the original form of payment was. The fastest way to get your refund is by returning your purchases to a physical store location.

For products paid for with cash or a gift card, you will receive your refund immediately, provided you have your receipt.

Refunds returned to credit and debit cards may as little as two days or as long as ten days to process. Refunds for products that are mailed back to Home Depot may take significantly longer. The merchandise needs to reach the warehouse and be processed before any refund can be issued.

On top of the shipping and processing wait time, it will take an additional two to ten days for the refund to hit or debit or credit account once it has been issued.

All in all, a refund for returns made via mail will most likely take at least two weeks whereas an in-store return can be immediately or only as long as a week and a half.

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Can Home Depot Deny My Return?

Home Depot can deny your return for many different reasons. Although they accept returns without a receipt, if management decides not to accept the return for whatever reason, you will not get a refund for the product.

There are certain items that cannot be returned at all to Home Depot such as cut flowers, gift cards, utility trailers, and stationary or whole house generators.

Major appliances also cannot be returned unless they are damaged or defective and the customer service department is contacted with the nature of the issue within two days of delivery.

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Home Depot will also deny returns of custom products or samples such as flooring, paint, wallpaper, and fabric as these items are not eligible for returns.

You cannot get refunds on delivery, labor, or installation fees unless there is an error on the part of Home Depot. For questions, contact Home Depot’s customer care specialists.

The most likely reason your Home Depot return may be denied is that you are returning outside of the return timeframe. Different products have different return windows with some being shorter than the generalized return time period.

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How Many Days Do I Have to Return Unwanted Items to Home Depot?

For most items ordered from Home Depot, you have ninety days from the date of purchase to return unwanted merchandise to either a physical store location or postmark a shipped return.

Some items have a shorter return period though, so be aware of what category your products fall under.

For example, furniture, generators, rugs, televisions, tractors, computers, and gas powered equipment should be returned within thirty days of purchase.

Damaged or defective major appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, ovens, or microwaves should be returned within 48 hours.

Other items have a longer return window. Perennials, trees, and shrubs can be returned after a full year if they do not produce flowers or fruit.

Likewise, Bonnie plants bought together with Miracle Gro that do not produce a harvest are eligible for refunds up to a year after purchase.

If you made any purchase with one of Home Depot special customer cards or accounts such as the Home Depot consumer credit card, Home Depot commercial account, or Home Depot commercial revolving charge, you also have a full year to return any unwanted items.


You may find that some items you order online from Home Depot just don’t work for the projects you are doing. In that case, you can return them either by shipping them back to Home Depot or visiting a physical store location.

Returns can be shipped back via UPS and overly large returns can be arranged for a special pickup.

Home Depot can deny your returns for a number of reasons, but the most common is failing to make the return within the given return window.

Most Home Depot merchandise needs to be returned within ninety days of purchase, although some items have a shorter window.

If you want to receive your refund for returns as fast as possible, take your returns to a physical store. Mailing back your returns can take at least two weeks for your refund to be fulfilled.





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