Costco Mattress Return Policy in Canada (Coverage + More)

Costco Mattress Return Policy Canada

Do you know what the Costco mattress return policy in Canada is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

You bought a new mattress from Costco, but it isn’t quite what you wanted. Will you be able to return it and get your money back?

According to the Costco Mattress return policy in Canada, you can return your mattress at any time for a full refund if you are not satisfied with it in any way. There are no exceptions to the return policy when it comes to mattresses.

In this article, we will cover what products you can return to Costco in Canada and how long you have to return them.

Additionally, we will show you how to make a return to Costco Canada and whether or not you need a receipt.

What Costco Products Can I Return in Canada?

Almost any product from Costco can be returned to Canadian Costco locations. This includes products that most stores usually don’t allow for returns such as mattresses.

Certain items like electronics and major appliances have special rules associated with their return.

Other products such as fine jewelry that contains diamonds of at least 1 carat must be returned with all of the appropriate paperwork.

Check the warranty on batteries and tires as these can only be returned within the given warranty timeframe.

The only Costco products you cannot return to a Canadian Costco are items that have been ordered through the Special Order Kiosks or products from Custom Installed Programs.

There are also certain provinces that do not allow you to return tobacco and alcohol products, so those returns are prohibited where applicable.

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Do I Need a Receipt to Return Items to a Canadian Costco?

Canadian Costco does not require you to present a receipt at the time of your return. If you have your receipt, you should bring it with you because it will make the return process much easier.

However, if you lost it or threw it away, the Costco associate assisting you with the return can look up the purchase using your membership number.

Even items that were paid for with cash are saved under your account, so it is easy to find when your purchase was made and what form of tender you used.

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Most stores that allow receiptless returns only refund with store credit – not Costco Canada.

Since the information is listed in your account, you can receive your refund in the form of tender you paid whether you have your receipt or not.

The only item that requires all paperwork to accompany the returning product is jewelry purchases with diamonds that are more than 1 carat. In order to verify that the piece is legitimate, the resident gemologist needs to have all of the certificates of authenticity that you received when you purchased it.

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How Long After Purchase Do I Have to Return Items to a Canadian Costco?

Costco Canada’s 100% satisfaction guarantee states that you can return items at any time after purchase.

For limited life warranty items such as tires and batteries, returns may only be made within the timeframe of the warranty itself, so check to see how long it lasts before attempting a return.

Electronics including televisions, computers, smart watches, drones, MP3 players, camcorders, cell phones, cameras, tablets, and projectors can only be returned within ninety days of purchase.

Major appliances also fall within the ninety day return policy and include refrigerators, cooktops, range hoods, water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, microwaves, ranges, and freezers.

Everything else, including mattresses, can be returned at any time. Costco relies on the honesty of its customers to return items they are unsatisfied with and not take advantage of the policy by returning well-worn and used products.

How Do I Make a Return to Costco in Canada?

Making a return to Costco in Canada is simple. If you ordered your unwanted item online, you can initiate the return online and ship it back to the warehouse.

Once the return has been processed, you will receive your refund within several business days.

Returns made to Costco Canada online can be initiated for a variety of reasons including dissatisfaction, incorrect order, damaged items upon delivery, lost shipments, missing items, duplicate items, mistaken purchase, or you change your mind about the item.

Alternatively, you can bring your unwanted products that you purchased online or in any Costco Canada location, to a physical Costco store to return them. This may be the better option for items such as mattresses that are too unwieldy to ship.

Simply bring the item up to the customer service desk and request a refund.

The Costco associate may ask why you are choosing to return the item so that they can provide better products in the future. You will be refunded in whatever form of tender you paid whether it be cash or card.

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Canada Costco allows returns of almost every item in the store including mattresses. There is no time limit to when you can make your returns unless you are returning major appliances and electronics.

Limited life warranty items like batteries and tires also have a customized timeframe of return.

You can return your purchases to any Costco location and items purchased through Costco Canada’s website can also be shipped back to the warehouse.

You do not need a receipt to return items – except for certain jewelry purchases – because the Costco associate can look up your original purchase by your membership number.



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