Amazon Mattress Return Policy (How To Return? No Receipt)

amazon Mattress Return Policy

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend what the Amazon mattress return policy is and how to return mattresses to Amazon? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Buying a mattress online can be a little problematic since you do not have the chance to physically check the bed out before making your purchase. That is why shopping for your new bed on Amazon is such a great idea. They have return policies you can be comfortable with. 

So, what is the Amazon mattress return policy? According to Amazon mattress return policy, most mattresses sold on Amazon offer a 30-day return window. If you are not completely satisfied with the bed you purchased, you can return it for a full refund and free return shipping. (some mattresses may allow 60 or 120 days.)

You have come to the right place for more information on how to return mattresses on Amazon and the rest of the requirements and restrictions for doing so.

Here we will discuss how the return process works and help you get started.

What is Amazon’s Mattress Return Policy

For the majority of mattresses sold on Amazon’s website, you have 30-days from the original purchase date to return the item for a total refund. 

However, some companies on Amazon will actually offer their own return policies for returns, such as Sunrise Bedding, where you are given a 120-night sleep trial on all of their bed options.

If you don’t like the mattress you purchased from this brand, you can request a refund. They will then donate the mattress (as long as it is in useable condition) and send you a new one.

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How Do You Return a Mattress on Amazon?

Returning a mattress on Amazon is much easier than many other companies we have researched. All you need to do is log into your Amazon account, choose the product you want to return, and click the return icon.

Here, they will ask you why you want to return it and then provide you with a few options on how the return can occur.

You decide which option is best for you, and that’s it. Once the mattress is received by Amazon, you will be refunded your money in the same form of payment you used for the initial transaction.

Can You Return a Used Mattress to Amazon?

Yes. If you have slept on the mattress for a few nights and realized it doesn’t fit your needs, you can still return the product to Amazon as long as it isn’t damaged, soiled, or altered in any way.

In these cases, Amazon has the right to refuse your refund, and you won’t get your money back.

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What if I Tossed the Box or Packaging that it Came in?

Most mattresses sold on Amazon today are boxed and then take shape once they are opened.

Many people receiving these items aren’t particularly worried about keeping the original box, hoping they will love (and keep) their new bed, and also because you won’t be able to fit the mattress back in once it expands.

While shipping your mattress back in the same packaging is easier and ideal, it isn’t a requirement.

As long as you are able to package the item up enough to keep it covered and without causing damage, all you really need to return the products is the return label.

Do I have to Pay for Return Shipping on a Mattress I Bought From Amazon?

Most mattresses sold on Amazon offer free shipping and free returns. So, if you aren’t happy with your mattress and send it back in the required time frame listed by Amazon or the company selling the product, your shipping is totally covered.

When you go through the return process from your Amazon account, the company will ask you to take the item to your local shipping center; if it is a blow-up mattress or something small enough, you can easily transport it.

They will prepare the label there. Or, you will be provided a label you can print, place on the package, and ship yourself.

How to Return Large Mattress that Can’t be Boxed?

Unfortunately, larger mattresses (anything full-caliKing) can not be returned to Amazon. However, these items can be donated or removed from your home, and you will still receive a full refund, Keep in mind some states require a specific donation fee when purchasing or returning a mattress.

When returning more oversized mattresses to Amazon, you will have to opt for their specialty pickup option for larger purchases, where the team assigned to heavy or large item pickups come to your home to remove the unwanted item.

What if I Accidently Stained the Mattress?

Accidents happen, and it can be easy to spill things on your bed or damage it due to pets, kids, or other honest mistakes.

Unfortunately, due to health concerns and other obvious reasons, Amazon will not provide a return or refund option on these items.

You can contact the company that manufactures the bed and uses Amazon to sell them for further information on their regulations regarding these types of returns. 

What if My Mattress Comes to Me Dirty or Damaged?

Amazon makes it super easy to replace damaged or incorrect items that make their way to your home (or never get to your home).

All you have to do is contact Amazon’s return center as soon as possible, and they will send you a new item right away.

You will have a specific period of time, to return the original product, typically 30-days. If you fail to return the original item in the required amount of time, you will then be charged for both mattresses. 

This is a great way to get a replacement quickly, without having to wait for the mattress to be picked up or shipped back and a new one sent out.

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Summing Things Up

If you are going to purchase a mattress online, going through Amazon is going to be one of your best bets.

Not only do you have a large selection to choose from, but you will also receive return options that are incredibly fair and easy to do. 

Remember to always check the seller’s return policy before purchasing any mattress from Amazon, as they may have different restrictions or guidelines you must follow. 



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