Macy’s Mattress Return Policy (What’s Covered, Claims + More

Macy's Mattress Return Policy

Macy’s is a great place to shop for everything home, including some top-of-the-line mattress brands. However, when making such a large purchase, it is essential you completely understand the policies in place if you happen to hate your new furniture.

So, what is Macy’s mattress return policy? Macy’s asks that their customers sleep on their new mattresses for at least 120-days before initiating returns. After the 120-trial period, returns must be started within seven days in order to receive a refund or an exchange for another option.

Just because you can return or exchange your mattress doesn’t necessarily mean you will want to consider some of the rules and regulations this company has put in place.

For more details on that and more, continue reading this article. 

Macy’s Mattress Return Policy 

What is Macy return policy? Macy’s requires their customers to sleep on their new mattress for at least 120 days as a “comfort trial,” and if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within seven days to receive credit towards another mattress option or a full refund if this is your first return.

That isn’t the only stipulation to returning used mattresses to Macy’s; when returning most mattresses, you will not be refunded your shipping fee back, and a 15% preference return fee will be taken from your credit, with some mattress fees being less than others depending on the brand and price.

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Can Macy’s Refuse a Mattress Return?

Yes. Macy’s has stringent policies in place for returning mattresses.

Besides requiring the product to be returned after the 120-day trial period, having to start the return within 7-days after the trial is up, and ordering a new one within two weeks, the mattress has to be free of stains, undamaged, and unsoiled.

This company has the right to refuse the return of any mattress, and the decision is at the employee’s discretion.

How Do You Return a Mattress to Macy’s?

To start a return on a mattress from Macy’s, you should first contact their customer service department by phone, where you will be instructed on the best way to return the item.

Mattresses can not be returned to a physical Macy’s store or furniture gallery. 

For a first-time return, you can receive a refund for your mattress minus shipping and 15% preference return fees, or you can exchange the bed for one of lesser or equal value. 

These fees are not charged for first-time returns or exchanges when purchasing the following mattresses.

  • Purple
  • Sattva
  • Leesa
  • Bedgear

Temperpedic mattresses do not charge a 15% preference return fee. 

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Can You Return a Mattress With a WORRYNOMORE Protection plan?

If you purchased the WORRYNOMORE protection plan, you would be refunded the money you paid towards it as long as the complimentary mattress pad is also returned at the same time.

This plan doesn’t protect you from the return fee or the shipping fees.

Can You Return a Mattress After the 2-week Return Period?

Unfortunately, Macy’s is very strict about their return policy and time frame; if you don’t initiate your return or exchange within 7-day, you won’t be able to return the mattress at all. 

The only loophole to getting around this rule is if there is a manufacturer defect that is covered under the limited warranty. If that is the case, then you have ten years to return the mattress.

You must be able to prove the damage was caused by the manufacturer, have the original receipt from your purchase, and only the original buyer can return the mattress. 

What if My Mattress from Macy’s Arrived Damaged?

Macy’s is well aware things happen and is more than happy to make sure their customers are receiving the best quality products possible.

This means that if you receive a mattress in anything less than perfect, brand-new condition, you can contact their customer service department to have the situation resolved immediately.

Do not wait too long before looking over your product, though; if your return is not initiated within seven days of the original purchase date, you might have a difficult time returning the bed or getting are replacement.

When returning or replacing a mattress due to manufacturer error, you will not be responsible for any fees or shipping and will receive a complete refund on your order or have the mattress exchanged for free.

Does Macy’s Remove My Old Mattresses Once the New One Arrives?

You can have Macy’s remove your old mattresses after your new one is in your home and set up.

However, this service isn’t free, and you are required to pay a $25 removal fee for each mattress set removed (bed and boxspring.)

This fee does not apply to customers in the state of California. However, residents in the state of California, Rhode Island, and Connecticut will have a recycling fee added to their mattress order.

What is Macy’s White Glove Delivery Servicee?

Macy’s offers a white glove delivery service to ensure the health and safety of the employees and customers are a top priority.

With this service, the delivery crew takes care of all the work associated with installing your new mattress, including:

  • Unloading the new mattress from the truck
  • Bringing it inside the home and to the room of choice
  • Unboxing and assembling the bed
  • Packaging Removal; Cleanup

Like most of the optional services offered by Macy’s, the White Glove Delivery isn’t free.

Aside from the purchase price of your new bed and the shipping, this service costs an additional $125 plus $75 to have it taken to your room of choice. 

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Summing Things Up

It seems that Macy’s doesn’t make it very easy for their customers to return or exchange mattresses, and aside from a few waivers or loopholes, returning a bed to this company doesn’t seem like it will be easy or worth it.

Our advice to you when buying your new bed from this company is to only purchase one if you are positive you want to keep it. 



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