Home Depot Return Policy Exception List (All You Need to Know)

Home Depot Return Policy Exception List

If you buy home improvement materials and equipment at Home Depot, you know that sometimes you get the wrong thing, but not all products abide by the general return policy rules. So what are the exceptions?

Certain products purchased at Home Depot such as major appliances, plants, paint, design center items, and hazardous materials have specific return policy rules. Additionally, specialty items may have a shorter return period than the general 90 days or may not be eligible for return at all.

In this article, we will review the exceptions to Home Depot’s ninety day return policy and what items cannot be returned.

Additionally, we will cover the return policy for plants, hazardous materials, major appliances, paint, and any other in-store exceptions.

What Are Exceptions to Home Depot’s 90 Day Return Policy?

Most products purchased at the Home Depot can be returned within ninety days of purchase, however, there are a few items that have a shorter return window of only thirty days.

These products include area rugs, generators, gas powered tractors and other equipment, computers, televisions, and furniture.

Although Home Depot customers who use Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge, Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, or Home Depot Commercial Account to pay for their purchases typically have a full year to return items, any product bought at a Home Depot Design Center must be returned with ninety days.

For these items, the method of payment does not provide an exception to the rule.

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What Are Home Depot’s Exceptions to In-Store Returns?

The normal in-store return policy for Home Depot states that most products can be returned with a receipt to any Home Depot store within ninety days of purchase. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule for special circumstances.

If you purchased merchandise from Home Depot with a gift card or store credit and need to return it, you will be given store credit as your refund. You will have to present a valid photo ID and may have to register your store credit.

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You will also be given store credit for returns made without a receipt and the refund will be in the amount of the lowest selling price of the item.

If you need to return a special order, you need to return it to the location where you purchased it and may be charged a 15% restocking fee.

Additionally, any returns made to the Home Depot that total over $1000 and were originally purchased with cash will be refunded with a check in the mail sent by the corporate office of Home Depot.

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Can I Return Plants to Home Depot?

Although most items must be returned to Home Depot within ninety days of purchase, trees, perennials, and shrubs are an exception to this rule. Home Depot wants to guarantee its customers plants that will produce flowers and fruits to satisfaction and understands that three months may not cover the growing season.

For these items, you have a whole year to return your plant if it does provide a satisfactory result. This return policy also extends to Bonnie plants when bought in combination with Miracle Gro.

If your Bonnie plant does not produce food within the designated harvest season, you can return the plant for a refund as long as you bring the receipt showing that the plant and Miracle Gro were bought at the same time.

Additionally, any live plants that are purchased online and delivered damaged or dead will be replaced for free if you contact Home Depot customer service within three days of delivery.

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What Items Cannot Be Returned to Home Depot?

While Home Depot accepts most merchandise for returns, there are certain products that are not eligible for a refund.

Any custom product ordered from the Home Depot Design Center or custom blinds cannot be returned since they cannot be resold by the store.

In the case of blinds, you may be able to exchange them as long as they meet the same specifications as the original purchased and are exchanged within two weeks.

Other products that are not eligible for returns include stationary and whole house generators, floral arrangements, cut flowers, product samples such as flooring, wallpaper, paint, and fabric, utility trailers, and gift cards.

Service fees for labor, delivery, and installation are also not refundable even on products that have been returned.

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Does Home Depot Have a Special Return Policy for Paint, Major Appliances, and Hazardous Materials?

Paint, major appliances, and hazardous materials are all products that have a special return policy for the Home Depot.

For paint, you can return a can that you are not satisfied with the color or performance within thirty days of purchase in exchange for a comparable can of another color or type of paint. However, if the paint did not meet your satisfaction because the painted surface was not properly prepared or the paint was not properly applied, you cannot return it.

Major appliances can only be returned if there are manufacturer’s defects or damage done to the appliance before it leaves the store or is delivered to your house.

You can contact customer service within two days of receipt of the appliance to arrange a return.

Products containing hazardous materials must be returned to a physical store location even if they were originally purchased online.

These items include leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and other equipment that uses flammable gas or liquids.


The Home Depot has a generous ninety-day full refund return policy on most of its products, however, there are special circumstances for its big ticket and custom items. Some items including furniture, home electronics, and tractors must be returned within a thirty period while others such as live plants can be returned up to a year after purchase.

There are items that cannot be returned altogether and some such as hazardous materials, paint, and major appliances that can be returned only under certain conditions.

Make sure you consult customer service if you have any questions about the nature of your return.




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