Home Depot Appliance Return Policy (Complete Guide)

Home Depot Appliance Return Policy

Do you know what the Home Depot Appliance’s return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

You can find everything you need to outfit or update your home at Home Depot including major appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and more. What happens if you need to return an appliance that you bought from Home Depot? Will they be able to refund your money?

Home Depot only allows returns on major appliances if the products are damaged or defective. The timeframe for returning a defective appliance is within two days of delivery or pick up from the store. You need to explain the nature of the damage as well as provide proof of purchase in order to make a successful return.

In this article, we will discuss Home Depot’s regular return policy as well as outline the products that cannot be returned to Home Depot. Additionally, we will cover how long you have to return items to Home Depot and if there are any special exceptions to Home Depot’s return policy.

Home Depot Appliance Return Policy

If you need to return a product to Home Depot, you must present the item in its original condition with a valid receipt within ninety days of purchase. You will be reimbursed for the full amount that you paid in the same form of tender with which you paid whether it be cash, credit or debit card refund, or gift card.

If you don’t have your receipt, a Home Depot associate may be able to look up your purchase if you used a credit or debit card.

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If they can find the purchase order in their computer system and you are still within thirty days of purchase, you will be refunded to your card’s account.

If there is no proof of purchase available at all, then you will be refunded the lowest sell price that the item goes for.

You may also be required to present a photo ID so that Home Depot can keep a record of no-receipt returns to avoid abuse of its return policy.

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Are There Products That Cannot Be Returned to Home Depot?

There are several products that cannot be returned to Home Depot including stationary and whole house generators, floral arrangements, cut flowers, utility trailers, product samples such as flooring, wallpaper, fabric, and paint, and custom products like blinds. Gift cards cannot be returned to Home Depot but can be redeemed for merchandise.

Delivery, labor, and installation costs cannot be refunded once the services have been rendered. Major appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers cannot be returned unless they are defective or damaged.

If an order had non-returnable items that have damaged, defective, or broken parts, you can call Home Depot’s customer support hotline and they may be able to replace the nonfunctioning parts.

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How Long Do You Have to Return Items to Home Depot?

For most products eligible for returns, you have ninety days from the date of purchase to return your items to Home Depot. Major appliances that are damaged or defective must be returned within two days of purchase or delivery.

Certain products have a shorter return period than the normal return policy. Area rugs, generators except for whole house and stationary ones, tractors, gas powered equipment, computers, televisions, and furniture must be returned within thirty days of purchase.

Request for replacement or repair of damaged or defective parts must also be made within thirty days of purchase.

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Other products have a return period much longer than the general ninety days. If you use your Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge card, Home Depot Consumer credit card, or Home Depot Commercial account, you have a full year to return any unwanted purchases.

Certain plant purchases also have a full year for returns. For trees, perennials, and shrubs that do not flower or fruit if expected to or are otherwise unsatisfactory, you can receive a full refund within 365 days of purchase.

Additionally, the Home Depot guarantees a harvest of Bonnie plants mixed with Miracle Gro soil.

If no harvest occurs between March and October, you have an entire year to make a request to receive a full refund with proof of purchase of both items within three days of each other.

Are There Any Special Exceptions to Home Depot’s Return Policy?

In addition to the special exceptions for items that cannot be returned, returning merchandise without a receipt, and specific products that have extended or shortened return periods, Home Depot also has a few more special exceptions to its return policy.

Special orders that are canceled or returned must be made to the same store where the order was placed and not another Home Depot location.

Additionally, due to the customized nature of the order, Home Depot may charge a restocking fee of 15% of the cost of the product.

Another exception to the return policy is regarding expensive items. Any product priced over $1000 that was paid for with cash will not be refunded with cash.

Rather, the Home Depot corporate office will send you a refund check in the mail.

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Home Depot has a strict appliance return policy, so it’s best to be absolutely sure of your purchase before spending the money because they will not accept returns on major appliances.

Home Depot will make exceptions for appliances that are found to be damaged or defective within two days of delivery or purchase in-store.

However, Home Depot’s return policy on other items is a lot more lenient. For most items, you have ninety days to return unwanted products unopened with a receipt to get a full refund for your purchase.

If you don’t have your receipt, you will receive a gift card in the amount of the lowest selling price of the item.

Certain items have shorter or longer return periods and some products cannot be returned at all. Special orders and purchases over $1000 also have special circumstances regarding returns.

For any questions, consult Home Depot’s customer service team.





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