What Is Lowes Return Policy after 90 Days? (With Receipt?)

lowes return policy after 90 days

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend what Lowes return policy after 90 days is? Or do you need a receipt? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such questions.

Lowes is a major hardware retailer that spends the vast majority of its existence in steep competition with Home Depot.

So, like Home Depot, you can expect that Lowe’s return policies are going to be pretty open-ended.

So, what is Lowes return policy after 90 days with receipt or not? In general, Lowes has a 90-day window for returning items that you don’t like or are discovered to be defective (there’s usually a warranty for that). After 90-days requires the approval of a Lowes supervisor and you have to bring along the receipt. No receipt, no return.

In addition to needing a manager and having your receipt, Lowes also has to have the product still on the shelves.

For instance, if you purchase a product and return it to Lowes after 90 days have passed, and Lowes is no longer selling that item, you won’t be able to return it. 

Does Having the Receipt Make a Difference?

You definitely have to have the receipt to make a return after 90 days. Lowes has a limited tracking system for purchases that are probably not going to catch the original transaction.

Lowes wants to know that you purchased the item from them. 

Lowes is a lot like Home Depot, so who is to say that you didn’t make the original purchase at Home Depot before bringing the item in question over to Lowes?

It might be a bit aggravating but at least Lowes offers a pretty legitimate excuse for needing your receipt. 

Here’s to hoping that one day, the giant hardware retailer otherwise known as Lowes, will come up with a better tracking system for customer purchases. Lowes only has one way that they track your purchases and that is by using your phone number. 

Many times, store associates will ask you for your phone number but not all of them will and a surprising amount of customers are not willing to give Lowes their phone number because every smartphone owner in America is sick to death of spam calls. 

Even if the number is given and accurately recorded, there is no guarantee that any particular purchase you make will be accurately recorded or that it won’t be dumped out along with all of the other gigabyte sucking data 65 days after you make your purchase. 

None of this is to say that Lowes is a bad business because they certainly are not. It’s just a matter of not having a very reliable tracking system for purchases and the one that they do have isn’t a comfortable option for many customers. 

How to Return an Item to Lowes After 90 Days?

First and foremost, you want to have your receipt with you. If it has been longer than 90 days, it’s likely that the purchase you made over three months ago is no longer there in Lowes’ system. 

There are two ways to make a return at Lowes. The first is by bringing the item to Lowes and doing an in-store return.

The second is doing a return by mail, which is the predominant method used for items that were ordered online. 

Online Returns to Lowes

Whenever you make an online purchase with Lowes, a shipping label is automatically generated. This is a prepaid shipping label and you can use it to return the item that you purchased from Lowes to them through the mail. 

You don’t have to mail it to Lowes, however, you can bring it to your local Lowes if you want to, which is definitely the quickest option if you live anywhere near Lowes. 

If you decide to return the item by mail, you won’t have to cover the shipping charges, however, you will not get back the original shipping charges that you paid as a part of the order.

That’s true whether you bring the item into a Lowes or mail it back. Once you’ve paid for the product online, which includes shipping charges, you won’t get that charge back.

So, if you’re looking at the total price and thinking that’s what you will get back, you’re in for a small surprise. 

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Exceptions to the Lowes Return Policy

Of course, this article is all about not returning items to Lowes until after the 90 days have passed, however, there are some important exceptions to consider because some items aren’t a part of the 90-day window. 

  • Major appliances only have a 30-day window to return them
  • Outdoor power equipment is also limited to 30 days
  • Plants have a 365-day return window, which is pretty nice
  • Winter and holiday (seasonal items of any kind) have to be returned by December 31
  • Trailers have a 30-day return window
  • Gift cards are not returnable

When it comes to trailers, they have to be titled in the state that you live in. Even if you haven’t applied for the title yet, the nature of the law requires Lowes to apply a caveat to these particular returns.

That caveat is that all trailer returns have to go back to the Lowes in the same state in which it was purchased. 

When it comes to plants, you might think it strange that Lowes gives you an entire year to return one. However, you cannot return annuals and plants that you purchased at a clearance rate.

Everything else in the plant department is a free game for 365 days. 

Gift cards are an obvious one and you have probably gathered the fact that gift cards are almost never returnable, anywhere they are purchased, which includes Lowes. 

Everything outside of these policies will have to be taken up with a manager at Lowes. Fortunately, ‘the customer is always right’ saying still holds a lot of weight so you never know what you might accomplish if you ever feel the need to escalate to management. 

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All Things Considered

Lowes is pretty open with their return policy and they will allow you to return items after the 90 days have passed.

They will require a receipt, however, and you may not get your return back in the way that it went out, in terms of how you paid. Outside of that, it’s a pretty decent return policy overall.

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