Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt (Electronics + More)

Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt

Do you know what Walmart‘s return policy without receipt is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If you’ve recently purchased something from Walmart that you’re dissatisfied with, it may be helpful to understand how their return policy works prior to attempting a return. While Walmart does have a decent standard return policy, many stores place restrictions on returning items without a receipt.

Most items can be returned to Walmart within 90 days without a receipt if you have your Walmart order number or the original debit or credit card used to make the purchase. However, there are some exceptions.

In this article we will discuss Walmart‘s return policy, the receipt requirements, and how to handle an online or in-store return.

What Is Walmart‘s Standard Return Policy?

Walmart has a standard return policy that allows consumers to return their products within 90 days of purchase.

They ask for a receipt or your order number for purchases made on, however, there can be accommodations for those who’ve lost their receipt.

Walmart is pretty lenient about their returns. They state on their website that they care about their customer being 100% satisfied. This means that your reason for your return isn’t of much importance to them. They will likely take the TV back for any reason.

However, if it appears to the associate that the customer has damaged the product themselves then they will be less likely to approve the return.

It is important to remember that returns are accepted at the discretion of the Walmart manager, so while we can’t guarantee a return will be accepted, it is highly likely it will be processed without any issue.

What If I Lost My Receipt?

Walmart is sometimes willing to facilitate a return if you’ve lost your receipt, however it is generally only possible if you made your original purchase with a credit or debit card.

These purchases are able to be found in the Walmart system and the records can be used for the return.

If you made your purchase in cash, then it is less likely that a return will be permitted as there will be no way for the Walmart associate to track down the original purchase in their system.

Certain items must be returned with a receipt, such as:

  • Wireless phones;
  • Consumer electronics;
  • Prescription glasses, contact lenses and hearing aids;
  • Trees, perennials, and shrubs;
  • Unopened tobacco and alcohol products;
  • PC components;
  • Home and garden equipment;
  • Tires,
  • Major appliances,
  • Photo prints, personalized items, and photo products; and
  • Toilets, toilet bowls and urinals.

Walmart Return Policy On Electronics Without A Receipt

Electronics include TVs, Verizon postpaid cellular phones, camcorders, digital cameras, digital music players, e-readers, tablets, laptops, PCs,  portable video players, video game hardware, GPS units, audio systems, hoverboards, electric bicycles, electric scooters, and radio-controlled vehicles.

All electronics must be returned within only 30 days from the date of purchase. You must have your receipt or online order number with you in order to make an electronics return.

Although some customers may have a Walmart account, they will still most likely need their receipt in order for the Walmart associate to process their return.

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Walmart Return Policy On Cell Phones Without A Receipt

Cell phones purchased from Walmart must be returned in only 14 days after being purchased. If you purchased a cellular plan through another carrier, this may need to be canceled through the carrier.

The Walmart store associate will be able to help you determine what steps need to be taken to cancel the cellular plan.

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Walmart Return Policy On Items Over $50 Without A Receipt

Although the return for an item over $50 without a receipt may be permitted, Walmart will only provide a cash refund for returns without a receipt up to $10.

This is because Walmart can’t verify 100% of what the customer paid for the item originally without the receipt.

Walmart will only offer a gift card for items that have a value higher than $10. So, although you can’t get a cash refund, you can still use your Walmart gift card to replace the item or find something new from the store.

Walmart Return Policy On Diapers Without A Receipt 

Diapers fall under Walmart’s generic 90 day policy and can potentially be returned without a receipt as long as you made the original purchase with a debit or credit card and have the card with you when you go to make the return.

However, most of the time Walmart will only accept a diaper return if the package is completely unopened.

Once the diapers have been opened, considering they are hygiene items, they will not be accepted for return.

Even if none of the diapers have been used and the packaging has just been opened, it would be rare for Walmart to accept a return.

How Do I Make A Return For An Item Purchased In Walmart?

If you made your Walmart purchase in stores the return process is fairly simple.

If you have the Walmart app you can begin the return process there, if you don’t you can go online to Walmart to begin the return process.

You will be guided through the steps online or in the app and receive an email confirmation for the return, if you bring this with you to the store it will expedite your return process.

If you don’t have access to the app or online, you can simply bring the item, your receipt, and your ID into Walmart and go to their customer service counter.

The associate will help walk you through the returns process from there.

Any items purchased in Walmart must be returned in-stores, they can’t be returned through the mail if they were purchased in-stores.  

How Do I Make A Return For An Item Purchased From

If you purchased your item online from you can either return it in-stores or mail the item back.

If you want to return the item in-stores you follow the same steps we discussed above.

If you want to return the item though the mail and have a Walmart account, you can do so in seven easy steps:

  1. Go on the Walmart app or to and view your order history.
  2. Find the item in your order history.
  3. Select the “Return” option and provide the reasoning for your return.
  4. Package the item along with its original packaging and accessories,
  5. Print your return label.
  6. Drop it off at USPS or FedEx.
  7. Receive a refund!

If you checked out using a guest account, you just need your order number.

You can use this online to access the order and then follow the same steps to make your return.

How Do I Get My Refund?

Your refund will be given based on the original form of payment that you used.

If you used cash or check for your purchase you will get an instant cash refund.

If you used a credit card then the refund will be issued to the same card. Generally, it can take up to ten business days for a refund to show up on your card.

You must have the same card with you in many cases in order to receive the refund, however, in some cases it is possible for the Walmart associate to scan the TC number on the receipt.

If this doesn’t work, then the refund will be given on a Walmart gift card.

If you used a debit card and the receipt shows “debit tend,” then you can either receive the refund onto your debit card if you have it with you or you can receive a cash refund.

If the purchase was made using a debit card but was processed as a credit transaction then the cash refund isn’t available, it must be placed back onto the same card.

If you don’t have your debit card with you and it isn’t possible to scan the TC number on the receipt then you will be issued a Walmart gift card for the refund amount.

It will generally take up to seven business days for the refund to show up on your debit card, however, the exact time frame depends on your financial institution.

If you used a gift card for your purchase and initiated your return online or in your Walmart app then the funds will be placed back on your gift card within three hours.

This means it is important to hold onto the gift card until you’re sure that you are keeping the TV you purchased.

If you just go into the store to make your return, they may choose to make a new giftcard for you, however, this just depends on each individual store.

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Walmart will accept returns for most items without a receipt as long as you have the original debit or credit card that you used to make the purchase.

This allows the Walmart associate to find the purchase in their system and initiate the return.

There are some items that must be returned with a receipt, but most of the time Walmart will attempt to work with you to facilitate your return.



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