Walmart Refurbished Laptop Return Policy? (Coverage + More)

walmart refurbished laptop return policy

Buying a refurbished laptop from Walmart is a great way to get a quality laptop at a lower price. In order to be sold at Walmart, their refurbished electronics must meet certain standards. But, what happens if you want to return a refurbished laptop, is this possible at Walmart

What is Walmart‘s return Policy for a refurbished laptop? You can return a refurbished laptop within 30 days under Walmart’s current return policy. Most refurbished electronics will also come with a minimum warranty of 90 days, although it can be longer. 

In this article, we will discuss Walmart’s return policy, their refurbished electronics standards, and discuss how the return policy would apply to a refurbished laptop. 

What Is Walmart’s Return Policy? 

Walmart has a standard return policy for all of their stores, excluding Neighborhood Markets which have their own policies. Essentially, most items purchased in stores at Walmart or online can be returned within 90 days from the date of purchase. 

Most returns don’t require you to have your receipt if you made your purchase with a debit/credit card. If this is the case, Walmart can look up the purchase and complete the return without a receipt. 

However, just as with any standard return policy, Walmart does have exceptions and restrictions on what can be returned. 

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What Are The Restrictions And Exceptions To The Policy?

One of the restrictions to the return policy is that some items are required to be returned with their original receipt within only 30 days. This includes: 

  • Wireless phones, 
  • Consumer electronics, 
  • Electric scooters, 
  • Hoverboards, 
  • Prescription glasses, 
  • Trees, perennials, shrubs, and 
  • Unopened tobacco and alcohol. 

Consumer electronics would likely include refurbished laptops, which means it would be best to bring your original receipt into the store. If you fail to do so it is likely your return will be rejected. 

In addition, make sure to note that the return time frame for electronics is only 30 days, not 90. If you fail to make the 30 day deadline your return will likely not be accepted.

This is the only part of Walmart’s restrictions that address electronics, the remainder do not apply to our discussion here. 

How Does A Refund Work? 

If you’re returning a product for a full refund you will receive the refund in the same method that you paid. This means if you pay with a card it will be put back onto the card, if you pay with cash you will receive cash. 

Keep in mind that a refund onto your credit or debit card may take additional business days to clear, which means you won’t get the money right away. 

Walmart items can be returned online or in stores for a full refund.

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How Does Walmart’s Policy Affect My Refurbished Laptop Return? 

Your refurbished laptop can be returned according to Walmart’s standard electronics policy, although it is important to keep your original receipt. This means if you are dissatisfied in any way with your purchase you can return it and receive a full refund within 30 days. 

Refurbished electronics from Walmart also have a minimum 90 day warranty. This means that Walmart will honor a return based on any issue with the laptop that occurs within the warranty timeframe.

So, you do have a form of double protection in a way when purchasing a refurbished laptop. 

Walmart considers their refurbished laptops “like new,” which means they offer the same warranty for them as they would for a brand new laptop. 

Is It Likely My Refurbished Laptop Will Malfunction?

If you’re wondering how likely it is you will have to return your laptop, this has to do with Walmart’s refurbished electronics standards. All products given to Walmart to be resold are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and potentially repaired so they can function like a new product. 

Walmart will run tests to ensure that the product functions as desired before it is put up for sale. The product also can’t have any visible wear and tear, such as scratches, indentations, or dents. 

All of these requirements are put into place to ensure that the product being sold will not malfunction due to a previous issue. Walmart offers their 90 day warranty to put customers’ minds at ease as well. 

All refurbished electronics will come with their original accessories as well, which is another bonus to buying from Walmart’s refurbished program. 

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Is There Anyway My Return Would Be Rejected? 

If you try to return a refurbished laptop before the 30 days are up simply because you don’t like the item, there are a few scenarios it might be rejected. 

If you don’t have your original receipt, you can not return the laptop. Consumer electronics must be returned with a receipt.

Walmart generally won’t make an exception for an electronic item without a receipt, especially if you used cash as your original form of payment.

It also may take a longer time to get a refund without a receipt present as Walmart is required to approve that refund. 

Walmart also reserves the right to modify their return policies at any time. They can refuse a return if they feel that you are abusing their return policy, not respecting their workers, or acting in any way against store policies. 

However, this is fairly rare, and most of the time Walmart will process your return easily. 


Buying a refurbished laptop from Walmart is a great idea for those who want something “like-new,” but don’t want to pay top-dollar for it.

Many stores won’t accept returns of refurbished items, which makes many pretty hesitant to purchase them. But, luckily we know that refurbished laptops can generally be returned to Walmart without any worries. 

Walmart does have a shorter time frame for electronic returns, only allowing the return within 30 days from the original purchase.

However, they do offer 90 day warranties on their refurbished electronics, which can give the buyer peace of mind that if something malfunctions on day 32, they can still get their money back or have the laptop fixed.



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