Walmart Computer & Laptop Return Policy (What’s Covered)

walmart laptop return policy

Do you know what Walmart Laptop’s return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Walmart has one of the most extensive computer and laptop return policies. This policy ensures that you can get your money’s worth, even if you decide against the computer in the end.

With Walmart’s computer and laptop return policy, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return the product. You should have your receipt and original packaging, but some managers will accept refunds without them. The computer must be in the same state as when it was purchased.

Keep reading to learn more about Walmart’s computer and laptop return policy.

Walmart’s Laptop Return Policy

Walmart has one of the most generous return policies regarding computers and laptops. Even so, it’s important to understand the specifics of this policy to ensure your return is approved.

Here is a look at Walmart’s computer and laptop return policy.

What’s Covered

Walmart’s computer and laptop return policy falls under the electronics return policy. You can return a Walmart computer and laptop for any reason, as long as the product is in the same condition as when it was purchased. The box is allowed to be opened, but the computer itself needs to be brand new.

This coverage applies to most computer-related products as well, including PCs, laptops, tablets, e-readers, and PC components.

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Walmart Laptop Return Policy Without a Receipt

It is imperative that you keep up with your original receipt if you wish to return or refund your computer or laptop to Walmart. Having a receipt will make the process go more smoothly.

If you do not have the receipt, it is ultimately up to the store manager to determine whether or not the return is approved.

In some cases, managers may approve a return without a receipt after performing a refund verification process.

Other managers may decline the return. They have the final say in whether or not a product can be returned without a receipt.

If you purchase the product online, you should be able to find a digital copy of the receipt using your Walmart account. Unfortunately, this method does not work if you purchase the computer directly from a store.

After looking for the receipt, you still may not be able to find it. If that’s the case for you, Walmart may choose to accept the refund. However, most managers will only issue the refund in the form of store credit, not a straightforward refund. Thus, you will get a gift card instead of a refund distributed to your debit or credit card.

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Walmart Return Policy for Opened Laptop

Walmart accepts returned computers and laptops, even if the box is open. In other words, you don’t have to worry about a manager refusing the return just because the box is open. Just make sure that the computer is in the same condition as before and include all of the items in the box.

That being said, you need the original packaging that the computer or laptop came in. The packaging comes with the barcode and information Walmart needs to confirm the purchase.

If you have already opened the package, make sure to bring the container along with the computer.

Walmart Return Policy for Refurbished Laptop or Computer

Whether or not you can return a refurbished computer to Walmart depends on the computer’s state when you purchased it.

Walmart sells refurbished computers online. If you purchase one of these computers, you can return the computer in its refurbished state. You cannot return a refurbished computer to Walmart if it was purchased new.

To simplify this, Walmart only accepts refunds if the computer is in the same state as when it was purchased. If it is in a different state, Walmart will not accept the return and refund.

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Walmart Laptop Return Policy Timeframe

Walmart allows you to return your computer or laptop up to 30 days after the original purchase. Once this 30 day timeframe has passed, the computer and laptop are no longer eligible for return. This timeframe applies to all electronics and computer-related products.

That being said, certain electronics may fall under a longer warranty policy if you purchased one. If you have a computer component, you might want to double-check with a Walmart associate to see if you have an extended warranty on the product. If so, the timeframe is extended for return.

If you purchased an Apple product specifically, you may have applecare+. If you purchased applecare+ through Walmart, you have the option to cancel the protection within 30 days of purchase.

If you do not cancel the protection, you will have an extended amount of time to fix a broken or faulty product.

What You’ll Need

In order to return an item to Walmart, you need the product, original packaging, and the original receipt. These items ensure a quick and efficient return process.

If you do not have the original packaging or receipt, Walmart has the right to refuse the refund. Some managers will still approve the refund, but the refund will be issued in the form of store credits.

Store Manager Has Final Say

Walmart reserves the right to decline returns or exchanges, even if you have the original receipt. Walmart can also limit the number of returns you request.

What this means is that Walmart managers may refuse a refund if the computer is not in an acceptable condition or poses a safety risk in some way.

Even though the manager has the final say, managers are not allowed to accept a refund on ineligible items. Instead, they only have the final say in rejecting an item.

To put it another way, managers cannot make exceptions about ineligible products, but they can refuse an item at their discretion.

Walmart Laptop Return Policy during Holiday

During the holiday season, Walmart issues a different return policy. If you purchased items between November 1st and December 25th, the return policy does not begin until December 26th. You will also have an extra 10 days to return the items.


There are some exceptions. For example, certain computer accessories have a 90 day return policy. Thumb drives, keyboards, and mouses are examples of accessories that have a longer timeframe than the 30 day return policy described above.

Additionally, some computer accessories cannot be returned at all. Any software delivered by e-mail and video game cards is not eligible for return or refund.

How to Return a Computer or Laptop to Walmart

Walmart provides three different ways to return computers or laptops. Here is a look at each option:


The easiest way to return a computer or laptop to Walmart is to return the product at a physical in-store location. For best results, return the product to Walmart where you purchase the item. This will make the process go much more smoothly, but you can return the product to any Walmart.

Bring the product to the electronics kiosk at Walmart. Talk to an associate and ask for help returning the product. If you still have access to the receipt, make sure to bring the receipt. Present it to the associate, and the return should go smoothly.

If you do not have the receipt, Walmart has the right to refuse the return. Some managers may accept a return and issue store credits, whereas others will refuse the return outright. Please be respectful and patient during this time since the managers are only doing their jobs.

In the case that your refund is accepted, the refund will be issued at the same time the computer is inspected. The in-store method issues the fastest returns as a result.


If you purchased the computer online, you can ship it back. All you need to do is go to or the Walmart app and select the item. Choose “Return by Mail,” and print off the return label.

Make sure to pack all items with the original packaging. Drop the package off at your local FedEx or USPS location.

In order to get your refund, you have to wait for the item to be received at a Walmart location. You should expect a refund back between 5 and 10 business days.

Scheduled Pickup

Walmart has recently added a pickup option. With this method, you will print off a return label by visiting and selecting “Carrier Pickup by FedEx.”

From there, you will print off the return label and box up the item. FedEx will pick up the item at the scheduled time.

Just as with the mail option, you have to be patient when it comes to receiving your issued refund. Your refund will hit your account anywhere from 5 to 10 business days.

Final Thoughts

Walmart’s extensive computer and laptop return policy means that you can return the product 30 days after the initial purchase.

The computer must be in the same condition as when you bought it. It’s a good idea to have the receipt, but it isn’t always required.

If you have any questions about the return, talk to a local Walmart associate for help.



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