HP Computer & Laptop Return Policy (Coverage, No Receipt + More)

hp laptop return policy

Do you know what HP Laptop return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

HP is one of the most popular name brands for computers and laptops and sells its products both through third party retailers and on its own website. If you purchase a computer or laptop from HP directly, can you return it?

Computers and laptops can be returned to HP within thirty days of purchase as long as the item was bought from HP’s online store.

In this article, we will review what is covered under HP’s computer and laptop return policy including how to return a computer or laptop and whether or not you need a receipt.

We will also discuss whether or not you can return open box, used, or refurbished computers and laptops to HP.

What’s Covered Under the HP Computer and Laptop Return Policy?

HP accepts returns on any of its new computers and laptops that have been purchased through its online store. If you placed your order over the phone at an HP store, you can also request a return for the computer or laptop if you are not satisfied with the product.

Computers and laptops are valid for returns only within thirty days of purchase. Returns may be charged a restocking fee of 15% of the total cost of the computer or laptop. However, HP will pay for the cost of shipping the computer or laptop back to the manufacturer.

You will be refunded your total purchase minus any applicable restocking fee to the card with which you used to make the original payment.

If you used a gift card, you will be issued a new one with the refund amount. Funds will be returned to your account within ten business days of receipt of the returned package to HP’s warehouse.

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Can I Return My HP Computer or Laptop Without a Receipt?

Since purchases for computers and laptops must be made online, there will be a digital record of your order. Nevertheless, keep the order confirmation email as well as the packing slip when you receive your computer or laptop in the mail.

If you need to return it, you will have the order number handy for an HP associate to look up.

If you do not have your order confirmation or packing slip, you may still be able to return the computer or laptop. An HP associate can look up your card number, contact information, or the specific serial number of the laptop or computer to pull up a record of your purchase.

It is virtually impossible to make a return to HP without being able to access records of your purchase.

HP not only needs to verify that the product you purchased came directly from their online store and not one of their third party sellers, but also the timeframe in which you wish to make the return.

HP Return Policy for Used Computer or Laptop

Used computers and laptops cannot be returned to HP. HP wants to guarantee its customers a quality product that is all their own.

HP does not have any confidence in a used returned computer or laptop. If the product was used, even if it broke, then it has fulfilled its purpose and cannot be returned to the store.

Used laptops and computers may contain viruses, sensitive information, or other bugs that HP cannot in full conscience turn around and sell to another customer. HP only accepts returns for products that can be resold.

If you are trying to return a used computer or laptop, HP views this as abuse and misuse of the return policy.

Any used computer or laptop that has been attempted to be returned will not be accepted by HP and no refunds will be given for the product.

HP Return Policy for Opened Computer and Laptop

Open box computers and laptops can be returned to HP for a refund. HP understands that sometimes you may not realize that the product you purchased has an issue until you take it out of the packaging and try to boot it up.

Note the nature of the issue that has prompted you to return the laptop or computer so that you can explain it for the return.

When you repackage the product, be sure that all of the parts and accessories are present and use the original packaging when possible. Failure to include everything in the return may result in a refusal of your refund for the returned computer or laptop.

If HP knows what the problem is, they can rectify it and resell the computer or laptop as a refurbished product, so it is important to explain why you’re returning the product and take care to return the computer or laptop in the best possible condition.

HP Return Policy for Refurbished Computer or Laptop

As long as the computer or laptop is still in a sellable condition, HP will accept returns on a refurbished computer.

Most of the time, refurbished computers have not been previously used at all. Rather, they are products that were returned to the store for a variety of reasons that may include simply not wanting the product after unboxing.

Since the original packaging has been opened, HP cannot sell the laptop or computer as brand new and markets it under the refurbished label. Just like any of its brand new products, however, HP expects that if its customers are not satisfied with their refurbished purchase, they return them in the best condition possible within the thirty day window.

Refurbished computers and laptops may or may not come with a warranty or a caveat of why they are being sold as refurbished.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of a higher likelihood of returning your purchase, it may be better to buy brand new rather than refurbished.

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How Do I Return My HP Computer or Laptop?

Any laptop or computer that you purchase from the HP store online is eligible for a refund if you follow the return process.

If you are within the thirty day window, you can contact HP’s return department to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) either through email or via their online returns system.

You will need the product’s serial number, your order number, and any pertinent information as to the nature of your return. Once your request has been authorized you will receive an RMA number and instructions on how to ship your product back to HP, including a prepaid shipping label.

If you have multiple boxes, make sure the RMA is on all of them.

Always make sure to include everything that came with the laptop or computer, or else you may not receive your refund. Once your return has been shipped, if HP has any questions regarding it, they will contact you.

Otherwise, your account should be refunded the amount of the purchase within seven to ten business days of HP processing the return.

If it has been more than thirty days since the purchase, you cannot return the laptop or computer, but you can call technical support to see if they can help.


HP is one of the leading brands of computers and laptops and they sell their products straight from their own website.

If you want to return a laptop or computer you bought from HP’s online store, you will need to request an RMA and ship the returned item with all of its parts and accessories back to HP.

Returns can only be made within thirty days of purchase. HP does not accept used laptops or computers for returns, but they will accept open boxes and refurbished ones.

You will need to provide proof of purchase so that HP knows you bought the product directly from them and it is still within the allowable timeframe.




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