Apple Computer & Laptop Return Policy (Coverage, No Receipt + More)

apple laptop return policy

Do you know what Apple Laptop’s return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Apple has brought about a revolution in the technological world with its groundbreaking, innovative products like the iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Apple Watch, AirPods, and more. The company sells many different products on a massive scale.

But, what happens if you don’t like an Apple product, particularly their Macbook and iMac? Well, you can easily return the device as long as it’s in new condition and it hasn’t been more than 14 days since your original purchase.

Before you splurge on your next Apple device, it might be worth finding out if you can return the product and what the company’s return policy is like. Keep reading to find out. 

What is Apple’s Return Policy?

According to Apple, you have a return window of 14 calendar days to check your Apple product and take it back to the store if you’re not satisfied. After this time, you simply cannot request a return for any reason. 

You should also note that not all Apple products are eligible for returns. You must have purchased the items directly from Apple’s online website or an Apple Store if you wish to return them. Items bought from another retailer can only be returned to the same retailer, in accordance with their own return policy. 

If you’re returning an item to Apple, it should be properly packaged as it originally came. And it must have all the cords, accessories, and documentation it came with. 

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What is Apple’s Return Policy for Computers & Laptops?

The same return policy also applies to any laptop or computer you buy from Apple. As long as you return the computer/laptop within 14 days of your purchase, it is possible to do so and get a full refund. 

Which Apple items are returnable?

Almost all Apple products can be returned easily, as long as you stick to the terms and conditions attached.

However, some products are not eligible for returns. This includes:

  • Electronic Software Downloads
  • Opened software
  • Software Upgrades
  • Apple Developer Products
  • Apple Store Gift Cards
  • Apple Print Products
  • Personalized products

Apple Return Policy for Laptop and Computer Without a Receipt

According to Apple, you need to have your original receipt in order to ask for a return. Without the receipt, the process can become a bit of a hassle. You might have higher chances of returning it if you take it back to the same Apple store location you originally purchased from.

Of course, if a customer has a genuine issue, the Apple Store will help locate the information of your purchase from their system and help them through the process.

If you need immediate help and have already lost the receipt, you can call customer support at (800) MY–APPLE and ask them to track the order information for you.

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Apple Return Policy for Used Laptop and Computer

Whether an item was used or not doesn’t matter when you return a product to Apple. However, being within the return window is important. 

You can even take out your new Apple product and give it a trial run. However, keeping it in “like new” condition is essential if you might be returning it. The product should not be damaged or altered in any way.

So, remember to be gentle while using your new iPhone, iPad, or Macbook in the first 14 days you have to return it. 

Apple Return Policy for Refurbished Laptop and Computer

Apple also sells refurbished devices at discounted prices giving you up to 15% off. The devices are properly tested to make sure they are fully functional and they come with a brand-new battery and accessories, directly from Apple.

Refurbished Apple products should not have any issues, provided you purchased them directly from Apple. Just like other Apple products, the refurbished ones also come with a limited-time warranty of one year and 90 days of technical support. 

According to Apple, you can return the refurbished Apple product, as long as it was purchased directly from Apple.

Any refurbished item bought from a third-party seller will not be accepted by Apple. And again, the return period is 14 days for the refurbished products.

Are Apple Returns Free?

Yes, the company is responsible for any costs of return shipping which is a huge plus, especially when most retailers charge customers for this. 

What about an Apple product you purchased online? The good news is, that you don’t have to ship it back. You can simply return it by taking it to an Apple Store near you.

How To Get An Apple Product Exchanged?

Exchanges can be made at Apple by first returning the device you purchased. Then, once you receive the refund, you can make a completely new purchase.

How to Ship An Item Back to Apple?

You can initiate the return process to Apple by signing into your account using your Apple ID and password. Next, head over to your recent orders and select the item you wish to return. Now click on Start A Return and then select Get Started.

You will be redirected to the next page where you will reconfirm the items you would like to return. Now, click on Initiate Your Return.

After reading the instructions, print your required shipping labels by clicking on Print Return Label. Remember to print multiple labels if you are sending back more than one item.

If you are returning a computer or laptop, it is recommended to put it back in its original packaging.

Once the items are securely packed, you can drop them off at the carrier location or have them picked up. You can use UPS or FedEx to ship back your Apple products. 

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What if you received a damaged Apple product?

Apple is one brand that rarely makes a mistake when it comes to the quality and workmanship of its products. In the circumstance when something like this does happen, Apple truly has its customers’ backs.

You will immediately get a replacement if the product arrived in a damaged condition. The best part is that Apple ships the replacement device overnight with absolutely no charges. 

Does Apple give a full refund?

According to Apple, you will be given back the full amount of your purchase.

However, there are additional charges included in your final transaction, especially when you use your credit/debit card to purchase something. These charges mostly vary from country to country. 

You will not get these additional charges back from Apple. But you will receive the full amount of the item’s price. 

Can You Return Gifts to Apple?

Yes, you can easily return gifts to Apple as well. When you return a gift (even after 14 days), you will have two options.

You can get an Apple Gift Card of the same amount as the gift you’ve returned, or you can get another product of the same value. 

How can you request a gift return? Go on your Apple Account Page and then click on Return a Gift. Next, you will be asked to put in your product’s serial number or your order number. This means you don’t need to have the gift receipt with you.

Fortunately, return shipping is free for gift items as well.

Final Words

Apple’s Return Policy is often criticized for the relatively short time period you have for taking all the necessary steps to return a product.

Plus, it has to be in new condition as well. However, there are many perks too, like free returns on shipping and overall customer-friendly staff. 

Plus, this policy is usually extended during holidays like Black Friday and Christmas, which gives customers an additional week to return the product.

Still, when compared to the return policies of other companies like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Fry’s Electronics, Apple is lagging slightly behind when it comes to making easy returns.

So, if you’re not completely satisfied with your new Mac or Macbook, use it safely and return it within 14 days to receive a full refund. 



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