What Is Walmart Return Policy with No Receipt? (Nobody Is Talking About)

Walmart Return Policy with No Receipt

Do you know what Walmart return policy with no receipt is? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Walmart is pretty good about letting you return any item that you purchase within a 90-day timeframe.

Unfortunately, things happen and receipts have a bad habit of disappearing right when we need them the most. Will Walmart accept a return with no receipt?

So, what is Walmart return policy with no receipt? In general, Walmart will accept just about anything that you’ve purchased without providing them with a receipt. However, there are some stipulations, such as providing Walmart with valid identification along with bringing the product back in its original packaging. 

Refunds may be a little different as well. For the most part, Walmart will not refund your purchase in cash, unless the purchase price was less than $10.

If it’s more than $10, you can expect to get store credit in the amount of the total value of the returned item.

Returning Items to Walmart Without a Receipt

Walmart isn’t like its big-brother Sam’s Club, or warehouse retailers like Costco (both of which track purchases made by the only people that can make purchases there, as members), as Walmart doesn’t have a membership that easily tracks what you purchase and return. 

So Walmart will have to use other ways to find the product that you purchased. This is also why it is so important to return the purchased item in the original packaging.

When you return the item, a Walmart associate will scan the barcode that is on the original packaging. 

Scanning the barcode will tell Walmart when, where, and how the item was originally purchased and removed from Walmart’s stock. 

They will then check your ID as a part of the process. Scanning the barcode will tell the Walmart associate if the product can be returned (which most products can), the cost, and how it was purchased. 

This will also tell Walmart if you are returning a lot of items to Walmart over a short period of time, which is one of the primary purposes of the identification necessity.

If you have returned a lot of items to Walmart over a relatively short period of time, Walmart has the right to deny the return.

It gets a lot harder if you do not have the original packaging since there is no barcode there for Walmart to scan.

The only thing that Walmart can do in that instance is look up the purchase by typing in the number on your credit or debit card. 

If you made the purchase with cash, have no receipt, and lack the original packaging for the product, there is not much that Walmart is going to be able to do for you at all. 

Walmart’s No-Receipt Refunds

There is a chance that you can just run into the wrong return specialist, associate, or manager, who simply refuses to accept your returned item.

If that’s the case, Walmart will probably accept the return but you will have to escalate to someone that is more willing to help. 

While Walmart will give you a cash refund on more expensive items, if you return the item with a receipt, they limit the amount of cash that you can get on a return without the receipt to a mere $10. This is mostly done for two reasons. 

For one, it discourages people from returning their items without a receipt. For two, it also severely limits thieves, who are far less likely to have a receipt than the actual customer who purchased the item. 

Walmart would limit the supposed thief to shopping within Walmart because all Walmart is going to do is allow you to get store credit for something that is over $10.

For instance, if you return a PS5 without a receipt and it cost you $500, you’re only going to get $500 in-store credit. 

Are There Items That Cannot Be Returned to Walmart Without a Receipt?

Like any business, Walmart does have certain exceptions to its rules on returning items without receipts. One of those rules involves items that are returned after 90 days.

Walmart will probably accept items that are returned after 90 days, so long as you have the receipt, but it is far less likely to do so without one. 

In fact, if it has been over 90 days and you have no receipt for the item, it’s not likely that you’re going to slide that one past Walmart.

While some will tell you that Walmart will not accept returns after 90 days, if you press your case hard enough and escalate, the odds are that they will. 

When we say “escalate” that doesn’t mean that we are referring to creating a scene in the middle of Walmart.

It simply means that you escalate for a service floor level associate to a manager and potentially higher than that. 

There is a small list of items that Walmart will definitely not accept without a receipt, regardless of how far you escalate. 

  • Computers (desktops or laptops)
  • Tablets (Apple, Android, or any other brand or OS tablets)
  • Television sets, regardless of brand, size, or anything else
  • Prescription glasses and/or contacts
  • Cellphones (both prepaid or postpaid, regardless of the carrier you choose to go with)

It’s no coincidence that all of these items just so happen to fall under the electronics umbrella. After all, this is where the most money is spent and electronics are a lot harder to check over and ensure that everything is intact when they are returned.

If you purchase an electronic device or product from Walmart, you must have the receipt for the device and you really should bring it in with the original packaging intact.

Since Walmart is more strict on the above-listed electronic devices, you want to make sure that all of your ducks are in a row when you return them. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, Walmart’s 90-day return policy is pretty generous and they will work with you even if you do not return the item with the receipt and the original packaging.

There are some caveats, especially over specific electronics. However, for the most part, you will be able to return your Walmart purchases and get a refund.





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