Who Makes Great Value Cheese For Walmart? (Cream, American, Cottage, Shredded)

Who Makes Great Value Cheese

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend who manufactures or makes Great Value cheese for Walmart, like Cottage cheese, American cheese, Shredded cheese, or Cream cheese? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

The Great Value brand of products is well known to shoppers at Walmart, where they can purchase everyday grocery staples with the same quality as big-name brands at more affordable prices.

Some products are considerably cheaper but still offer the same great quality product, leaving many questioning how Walmart can make these products so cheap. 

Walmart’s Great Value Cheese is available for around 20% cheaper than many of the big-name brands. It offers the same great taste and is available in various forms and pack sizes.

But, with such great savings and the same flavor, who makes Great Value Cheese? Great Value cheeses are made by ConAgra. Walmart offers a range of Great Value shredded cheeses, blocks, squares, cream, cottage, slices, and cheese sprays that are all made by ConAgra, which is the largest private label food goods manufacturer in the US.

These products are all part of Walmart’s private label line and are manufactured in various states around the US and packaged under the Great Value products banner. 

Walmart’s Great Value brand

Walmart’s Great Value brand was launched in 1993 when Walmart began offering a range of grocery staples at the most affordable prices under the new brand.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of products under the Great Value brand, from everyday staples such as milk, cheese, dairy products, bread, breakfast cereal, cookies, yogurt, to laundry detergent, just to name a few. 

Great Value branded products are often manufactured by the same companies that produce big-name competitor products. 

Walmart’s line of Great Value products are the top-selling brand in the US and they’re also found in many countries around the world including Honduras, Costa Rica, India, Pakistan, Japan, and China. 

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ConAgra and Walmart

Founded in 1919, ConAgra Brands, Inc. is a large American holding company that manufactures a wide range of packaged goods under various brand names.

With headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, ConAgra is the largest private-label packaged food business within the US. 

ConAgra has a longstanding partnership with Walmart, making many of Walmart’s private label food products.

For example, they make Great Value cheese and Great Value salsa products. 

ConAgra also owns and operates numerous US-based flour milling facilities and provides Walmart with flour branded as Great Value flour

Who makes all different Great Value cheese typess? Below you can find the list of all cheese from Walmart and the manufacturers which included:

  • Great Value Cottage cheese is made by Lactalis USA, Inc.
  • Great Value American Cheese is manufactured by ConAgra
  • Great Value Shredded Cheese is made by ConAgra
  • Great Value Cream Cheese is produced by ConAgra
  • Great Value Cheese in Canada is also made by ConAgra
  • Great Value Cheese Crunch is produced by ConAgra
  • Great Value Cheese Crackers is produced by ConAgra
  • Great Value Cheese Puffs is made by ConAgra and the main ingredients are: Enriched Yellow, Vegetable Oil, Whey, Coconut Oil, Maltodextrin, Salt, Cheddar Cheese.
  • Great Value Cheese Wow is produced by Con Agra
  • Great Value Cheese Slices is manufactured by ConAgra

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Great Value cheese

Walmart’s choice for using ConAgra was not by accident.

ConAgra is the leading private label manufacturer in the US and has considerable knowledge producing the enormous quantities of products required to keep up with Walmart’s customer demand. 

ConAgra has an extensive manufacturing capacity and offers processing and packaging facilities in a variety of different states throughout the US, making them an ideal choice for perishable goods such as cheese and dairy products. 

Many will still be curious as to where ConAgra sources its cheese, and this really depends on what state in the US you’re likely to make your cheese sandwiches for lunch.

Like many dairy products, they are sourced locally and the supply chain often relies on numerous dairy farms at the same time. 

There are dozens of ConAgra plants scattered all over the US, as well as ConAgra international manufacturing facilities in Canada, Argentina, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands

Where are Walmart Great Value products made?

Walmart has a variety of manufacturers making its range of Great Value products, often with multiple manufacturers making the same product at different times throughout the year.

Dairy products are also contracted to local manufacturers and vary from one state to another. 

For this reason, Walmart does not state the location of manufacture of Great Value products and states that all products are distributed by “Walmart Inc. Bentonville, AR 72716”, which is Walmart’s corporate address.

Walmart has stated on numerous occasions that all Great Value products are produced within the United States. 

Is Great Value Cheese made in the US?

Yes, all Great Value cheese products are manufactured within the US in one of ConAgra’s processing facilities.

While it is impossible to tell exactly which processing plant makes individual products, customers can be reassured that all products are made using ingredients produced within the US. 

If any products were made outside of the US, Walmart would be required by law to publish the location of manufacture according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) food labeling requirements.


All Great Value branded products have proven a popular choice for Walmart shoppers, making the Great Value range the top-selling brand of food in the US.

While Walmart does not manufacture their own Great Value cheese products, they use the largest manufacturer of private-label foods, ConAgra. 

ConAgra products are manufactured within the US and their cheese products are made in a few various processing plants in different states.

One thing is certain with all of the Great Value products, and that’s Walmart’s promise to provide the same great quality, made available at the most affordable price. 

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