Who Makes Great Value Salsa For Walmart? (The Truth!)

Who Makes Great Value Salsa

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend who manufactures or makes Great Value Salsa for Walmart? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Great Value salsa has been stocked on Walmart shelves for many years and has amassed a range of flavors admired by many customers.

Great Value salsa is one of Walmart’s most successful private label brands, leaving many to wonder who makes Great Value Salsa? Great Value Salsa is made by Post Holding. Post Holdings is an established food manufacturer making both branded products and private label products. However, Peter Pan, the American peanut butter brand and manufacturer has made Walmart’s Great Value Salsa line for many years.

Peter Pan was originally operated by ConAgra until 2020 when Peter Pan (and the rights to Produce the Great Value Salsa line) was purchased by Post Holdings.

The Great Value salsa range

The range of Great Value salsa flavors has expanded over the years and nowadays, customers can find an impressive range of Great Value salsa options on the shelves of any Walmart.

Great Value Salsa flavors include: mild, thick, chunky, salsa verde, mango and pineapple, organic, and roasted garlic, just to name a few. 

Walmart’s Great Value brand

Back in 1993, Walmart released the Great Value line of private label products with a promise to maintain the same great quality of big-name brands while offering better value to their customers.

Nowadays the Great Value brand is the world’s top-selling food brand offering millions of customers Walmart’s house-label grocery staples for a more affordable price compared to other brands. 

Walmart does not manufacture many of the products offered under the Great Value branding and instead uses procurement through large and highly experienced food processing manufacturers to make their products. 

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Why are private label brands/House brands so profitable?

Private label brands are nothing new, but Walmart and a number of other large retailers are certainly driving more and more private label products onto their shelves which are finding their way into shoppers’ carts more and more regularly.

There are a number of reasons behind the gradual increase in home-branded products, and the most obvious is profitability. 

While Walmart is considerably more tight-lipped regarding profit earned from their Great Value products, other large retailers (Target, Bed Bath; Beyond) who offer private label products have indicated that private label brands generate around twice the margin for retailers as nationally branded products. 

Retailers can offer customers a discounted price on private label products such as the Great Value range simply because they have considerably fewer overheads.

Reduced marketing and advertising costs, and B2B contracts allow Walmart to avoid expensive infrastructure costs and focus on selling their products via stores or using integrated e-commerce platforms. 

Peter Pan, Post Holdings ; Animated Brands

For many years, the Peter Pan brand made the Great Value line of Salsas under the ConAgra company.

In 2020, ConAgra sold the Peter Pan brand (and the rights to produce the Great Value salsa line for Walmart) to Post Holdings. 

Post Holdings is an established American food manufacturer and Post Consumer Brands business manufactures, markets, and sells both branded products and private label products.

In January 2021, Post Holdings created a new group called Animated Brands with the Peter Pan product line as the founding members. 

Animated Brands is managed under Post Consumer Brands by a separate management team and sales force, still headquartered in Lakeville, Minnesota.

Walmart’s Great Value line of Salsa dips will be produced within Post Consumer Brands existing processing and packaging plants across the US. 

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Will Great Value salsa flavor change?

While there has been a considerable change of ownership at the corporate level, customers don’t need to worry that the level of quality of flavors of Great Value salsa products will change in any way.

They will still be manufactured using the same recipe and ingredients, and it’s very likely that the product line will be made at the same processing plants as it has for many years prior. 

Is Great Value salsa any good?

According to the many customer reviews and articles relating to Walmart’s home label salsa, the line of Great value salsa’s are well received, usually receiving 4 or 5 stars.

Many customers admire the variety of flavors and consider Great Value Salsa to taste as good (or better) than big-name branded equivalents. 

Of course, a lot of customers are impressed by the price as Great Value salsa is offered considerably cheaper than all other competing third-party brands.

Here’s a cost comparison for other salsa products sold on the same shelves as Walmart’s Great Value salsa:

  • Great Value Mild Thick & Chunky Salsa in the 24 oz size jar costs just 8.3 ¢/oz. 
  • Pace Chunky Salsa Medium, 24 oz jar costs 11.6 ¢/oz.
  • Tostitos Salsa, Chunky Medium Salsa, 24 oz jar costs 18.7 ¢/oz
  • Mateo’s Gourmet Salsa, Medium costs 23.6 ¢/oz


At the corporate level, the companies that have made Great Value salsa have changed hands multiple times in recent years, however, this should be of no concern to customers.

Peter Pan (peanut butter brand) still makes the Great Value line of salsas that Walmart customers have grown to love.

Great Value salsa offers the same great flavors alongside considerable savings and a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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