Who Makes Great Value Coffee For Walmart (Dark Roast, Reviews)

Who Makes Great Value Coffee

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend who makes Great Value Instant or dark roast Coffee for Walmart? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

The great thing about private labels is that they aren’t really the cheap, knock-off brands that many people automatically assume they are.

There are many Great Value products sold in Walmart stores, however, there’s usually a big-name brand behind them.

So, who makes Great Value coffee? Great Value coffee is made by Sara Lee. The brand behind Walmart’s Great Value Coffee is the same brand behind Great Value K-cups. Deliciously so in the case of Sara Lee products, they also make some really good coffee cakes. So the next time you decide to pick up some Walmart, Great Value Coffee, consider grabbing a box of Sara Lee’s coffee cakes as well. 

Now there are several different coffees within the Great Value brand and you may also be wondering if Sara Lee is responsible for all of them.

Yes, not only does Sara Lee cover all of the Great Value Coffee types, but they also produce and distribute Great Value Coffee Creamer.

How Long Has Sara Lee Been Behind Great Value?

Honestly, there’s no telling how long the partnership has been in place, however, there’s no questioning that Sara Lee is a major brand on Walmart shelves and that’s not including Great Value products.

Sara Lee brands can be found all over Walmart shelves, including sandwich meats, bread, pies, artisan bread, and bagels.

Sara Lee is a major brand, after all, and Walmart did well to partner with them to produce Great Value coffee, creamers, and K-cups. 

What Is The Sara Lee Brand?

Sara Lee is the direct offspring of a grocery chain located in Chicago, Illinois. The grocery store was known as Sprague, Warner & Company and was founded during the Civil War.

When Prague purchased the Kitchens of Sara Lee in the 1950s, the modern-day Sara Lee was born. 

D.E. Master Blenders of 1753 and Hillshire Farms are actually Sara Lee after the company was split down the middle in 2012. Subsequently, Tyson foods purchased them both in 2014 and Tyson foods sold Sara Lee—four, short years later—to Kohlberg & Company.

Now, though there have been many moves, mergers, purchases, and selling, the Sara Lee name still prevails.

This is all despite the fact that the Sara Lee name wasn’t entirely necessary to those who bought it but kept alive due to consumer loyalty.

Since Kohlberg purchased Sara Lee in 2018, there is now a Sara Lee Frozen Bakery that is headquartered out of Oakbrooke Terrace, Illinois.

Outside of consumer loyalty, this is actually the only remaining “real-life” Sara Lee name that’s left. 

While Sara Lee—as a company—has been through the ringer time and time again, it still remains a household name and the phantom name that is no more, standing behind the Great Value brand of Walmart Coffe, K-cups, and Creamers. 

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Does Sara Lee Produce Any Other Great Value Products?

As a matter of fact, Sara Lee is also the brand name behind Walmart’s Great Value bread.

Since we were waxing poetic about the Sara Lee brand name association with bread, it turns out they’re behind that as well. 

In terms of products that you can find on Walmart Shelves, Sara Lee carries a pretty large percentage when you include both the Sara Lee brand name products and the Great Value brands of which Sara Lee is the producer and distributor.

It would seem that Walmart really has a thing for Sara Lee products and that can’t be emphasized more than the number of products on the shelves. 

Great Value Dark Roast Coffee

After a long day, recharge your batteries with the intensely bold and flavorful top-quality 100 percent Arabica beans.

Enjoy these aromatic, bold, and character-filled cups of the Great Value French Roast Dark Ground Coffee.

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Great Value Coffee Instant

Below you can find the most important Great Value Coffee Instant nutrition facts:

Amount per serving

Calories 2

Amount per serving       % Daily Value*

Total Fat 0g     0%

Saturated Fat0g            0%

Trans Fat0g    

Cholesterol 0Mg           0%

Sodium 0mg    0%

Dietary Fiber0g            0%


Protein 0g      

Vitamin A         0%

Vitamin C        0%

Great Value Coffee Reviews: is great value coffee good?

It’s always an interesting discussion to engage in when it comes to great coffee.

Coffee, like beer and other alcoholic beverages, is an acquired taste if it’s consumed without any additives, such as sugar and creamer. 

So it takes those who are free of the confining aspects of sweetening additives who are the most relevant critics of what does and does not make a great tasting coffee. 

According to Consumer Report’s Coffee Taste Test, Walmart’s Great Value Coffee was an even match with Starbucks Colombian Medium Roast.

That’s saying something since that flavor of Starbucks is highly rated. 

Also, let that sink in for a minute. A Great Value coffee brand, off of a Walmart shelf, the equal of one of the most popular coffee franchises in the world? Not bad Walmart. Not bad. 

Here are some the reviews of some Great Value Coffee customers:

Great Value Coffee From Monica: “I tried this brand out because it was cost worthy and I was impressed. The taste is good for the price of the product, I do buy this product with a mix other coffee brands.”

Review From Kylee: “I love this brand! Totally worth it to go for the big pack (which is what I usually do.) You save money and get an amazing-tasting coffee. I prefer this coffee to many of the name brands coffee on the market.”

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Final Word

Sara Lee makes a great many things that you’ll find on Walmart store shelves without even knowing it and Great Value Coffee is only one of them. It’s also very telling that Great Value Coffee flavor is a match for Starbucks Colombian Medium Roast. 

That means you’re getting a premium coffee beverage, under the Great Value name, for only a tiny fraction of the cost of the same amount as Starbucks. There’s a reason private labels do so well and Great Value Coffee is just one of those reasons. 

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