Who Makes Great Value K-Cups For Walmart? (The Truth!)

Who Makes Great Value K-Cups

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend who makes Great Value K-cups for Walmart? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

K-cups are you’re single-serve coffee cups most renowned when it comes to Keurig coffee makers. They’re small, simple to connect to the perforation pin on a single-serve coffee maker and make a single cup of coffee.

So, who makes Great Value K-Cups? Great Value K-cups, surprisingly enough, are produced and distributed by Sara Lee. It’s a strange little collaboration between Walmart and Sara Lee, especially since Sara Lee is primarily known for the manufacture and distribution of bread. 

There are a lot of flavors to pick from too, so it’s a curious choice to go with a bread manufacturer for your major, private-label K-cup, coffee brand.

However, Sara Lee seems to have made it work as Great Value K-cups are a popular brand amongst consumers.

One thing that Sara Lee is definitely known for is their coffee cakes. So it’s a funny sort of irony that Sara Lee, known for the coffee cakes but not their coffees, is the primary brand behind Great Value K-cups.

Since When Does Sara Lee Make Coffee?

In October of 2011, Sara Lee orchestrated a merger with J.M. Smucker, prior to dividing their brand into Sara Lee Tea and Coffee and Sara Lee.

Smuckers owns Folgers, another major coffee brand. Lastly, Sara Lee manufactures espresso coffee capsules that are compatible with Nespresso appliances.

Ultimately, it would seem that Sara Lee is quite involved in the coffee-making and coffee-selling business, despite their name obstinately associated with bread and cakes. 

Sara Lee’s spin-off coffee brand is called D.E Master Blenders 1753. It’s actually better known and understood as an International Tea and Coffee Company.

A decade has passed since Sara Lee made these corporate decisions and judging by their revenue, it seems to be working nicely. 

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What Flavor Great Value K-Cups Are Available?

Walmart and Sara Lee should sit back and relax, knowing that they made a heck of a deal, since there are a ton of different flavors available in Great Value K-cups. 

For a Great Value brand, which conjures images of standard, quiet aesthetics, the K-cups are awfully pretty looking and are bound to attract the gazes and the interests of potential customers. 

Here are some of the more unique varieties:

  • Peppermint Bark
  • Caramel Pecan
  • Butter Cookie 
  • Arabica Creamy Hazelnut
  • Cinnamon Vanilla
  • Arabica Half Caff

Ever heard of Haff Caff? Well, neither have we but it does sound interesting. It also shows a great deal of variety in what is a seemingly standard Great Value brand. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Private Label K-Cups?

One of the best things about private label brands—in terms of how it works out for the company that owns the brand—is how many benefits it brings to the table. 

  • Control over pricing, marketing, distribution, and sales
  • More profit
  • Exclusive rights
  • Value extraction
  • Hard for competition to match

When you have control of your own brand, even as a massive retailer like Walmart, you have exclusive decision-making powers over that brand. 

Walmart determines how K-cups are priced, whether or not there is a need for marketing—in this case, Walmart depends on its own name and customer loyalty—how they want to distribute the product, and how much promotion the product gets based on sales.

Walmart makes a larger profit on its Great Value K-cups because the supply chain is narrowed down to a much smaller scale. Walmart also has more control over the margin rate and level of turnover. 

There’s no competition because the Great Value brand is wholly dependent on the loyalty of Walmart’s customers.

Without the level of brand recognition and customer loyalty, competition becomes an issue. 

Value extraction plays directly off of brand recognition and customer loyalty as well. Walmart has such a large and loyal customer base that they can simply slap the label “Great Value” on a box and customers will buy it.

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You’re extracting value from product and customer.

It’s difficult for competition to match because they have no idea who is behind the brand and they cannot compete with the price.

The brand that’s behind the private label, in this case, Sara Lee, is likely a big-name brand that’s difficult to compete with even on a good day.

There are more advantages to private labels, but they’re so many and so varied that it’s difficult to lay them all out here.

However, without the customer loyalty behind the brand, many of those advantages are essentially negated. 

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Final Thoughts

Sara Lee is a surprising partner with Walmart—not because of the corroboration itself—but because of the fact that they provide Walmart with Great Value K-cups coffee, which isn’t something you would expect from Sara Lee. 

However, it has apparently turned into a nice partnership for Walmart’s Great Value brand as it is continually growing, adding new flavors, and selling as well.

While all Great Value products are not created equally, Great Value K-cups are another great product, increasing customer loyalty.

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