Who Makes Kirkland K Cups (Medium Roast, Pacific Bold, Decaf)

Who Makes Kirkland K Cups

K-Cups have revolutionized the way that we make coffee at home. With the ability to make a single serving of coffee in just a few minutes and choose from your favorite flavors, there is a lot to love. Did you know that Costco also has its own brand of K-Cups to choose from?

Costco offers K-Cups in their Signature Kirkland product line. What you may be wondering, though, is who makes these coffee pod products?

So, who makes Kirkland K Cups? Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc manufacture Kirkland K cups.  While we don’t know the exact country of origin specifically used for the Kirkland Signature K-Cup beans, we do know that these pods use GMCR coffee. Further, they likely come from places like Central American coffee farms, East African countries, Indonesia, or Colombia.

Read on to learn more about where the K-Cups come from, alongside other Kirkland coffee products.

Kirkland K-Cup Products

Costco offers a wide selection of K-Cup products designed to fit Keurig machines and give you excellent coffee at home. Their products include the likes of:

  • Organic dark-roast coffee
  • Organic house decaf coffee
  • Organic medium roast coffee
  • Organic breakfast blend coffee
  • organic Pacific bold coffee

Many of these K-Cup selections are organic and/or kosher, as well as Fair Trade Certified. 

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Kirkland K-Cup Production 2020, 2021

According to a press release by Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. is partnered with the Costco company to create the Kirkland Signature K-Cup packs we know and love.

This partnership started around 2012, meaning Costo has been supporting Kirkland Signature coffee produced by Green Mountain for almost one decade now. 

This partnership entails the creation of K-Cup packs specifically for single cup Keurig brewers. This announcement came with the fact that Green Mountain is the exclusive manufacturer of Kirkland Signature K-Cups. 

Since the beginning of this partnership, the product line started solely with a Breakfast Blend and a Pacific Bold Blend, and it has now expanded to include many other coffee blends. 

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Official Seal

The K-Cups made through GMCR for Kirkland Signature all come with the official Keurig Brewed® seal on their packaging.

This mark of approval indicates that the K-Cups you get under the Kirkland Signature label guarantee to work specifically with the Keurig brand machines.

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Things to Know About Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.

If you want to know where exactly you’re getting your coffee products from when you buy Kirkland Signature K-Cups, then we need to look to the sources of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. coffee.

GMCR Inc. Coffee Bean Origins

GMCR started in the New England area – Waitsfield, Vermont to be exact – in 1981. With over 40 years of work under their belt, this company has been sourcing their natural coffee beans from all around the world. 

According to the GMCR official website, their coffee beans come from areas such as Indonesia – where they derive flavors such as “tropical fruits, brown sugar, and warm spices”.

They also get some of their ingredients from Central America – where they derive flavors such as graham crackers, caramel, cocoa, honey, and white fruit from the unique volcanic soil conditions.  

Green Mountain gets some of their other coffee ingredients from East Africa, a region in which they derive their blackberry and winey fruit flavored beans from the high elevation and lush soils.

Further, they also source their coffee beans from Colombia – one of the world’s leading producers of coffee. GMCR’s Colombian coffee is where they derive flavor notes such as apricots, cocoa, plums, and caramel. 

Kirkland Coffee Beans

It’s safe to deduce that the coffee beans used in these K-Cup pods come from the same general regions mentioned above – those where GMCR sources its coffee. 

It’s safe to say that the beloved Kirkland Signature K-Cup products contain one or more of the rich flavors mentioned above.


The Kirkland Signature label has become a staple among Costco’s products. And no less popular are their coffee products.

Customers have come to love the Kirkland Signature K-Cup pods, which allow buyers to use Kirkland pods in their Keurig brand single-cup coffee makers. 

Many people want to know where these coffee products come from, though, and who makes them. As of 2012, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. started a partnership with Costco’s Kirkland Signature label.

According to this agreement, GMCR produces the Keurig coffee products used by Costco’s Kirkland K-Cups. GMCR coffee comes from around the world, including locations such as East Africa, Indonesia, Colombia, and others. 

When drinking a cup of Kirkland Signature K-Cup coffee, you are drinking GMCR products, and further, coffee from one of their ingredient source locations around the world. 

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