Are Kirkland K-Cups Good? (Breakfast Blend)

Are Kirkland K-Cups Good

Have you ever wondered if Kirkland K-Cups are good? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

Coffee lovers all around the world are happy consumers of Kirkland Signature coffee. However, if you are one of those people who does not know much about this product, then you’re in the right place. 

Coffee beans are produced in at least 70 different countries around the world. In America alone, around 400 million people drink at least 1 cup of coffee every day – this takes the total up to 162 billion cups drunk per year in the US. 

With these statistics, it’s no wonder that coffee is the third most-consumed drink in the world, with 66% of all women being coffee drinkers, and 62% of all men being coffee drinkers. 

So, are Kirkland K-Cups good? Yes, Kirkland K-Cups are good and are a customer favorite. In fact, Kirkland K-Cups is the sixth most popular coffee in the nation. However, Costco works with distinguished grocery chains to give you quality products at a fraction of the original price.

In this article, we are going to discuss a bit about the backstory of Kirkland K-Cup, but mostly, whether the product is good or not.

You’ll find accurate customer ratings, ingredient information, and the most popular blends. 

What is Kirkland K-cup? 

Kirkland K-Cup is a coffee blend branded by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and privately labeled by Costco.

The name was inspired by the original Costco based in Kirkland, Washington. Some blends of Kirkland coffee are actually custom roasted by the popular cafe chain, Starbucks.

Therefore, if you love Starbucks coffee, you’ll certainly love Kirkland K-Cups

Kirkland Signature coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans and has been fair-trade certified, so you can enjoy its great taste knowing it came from a friendly manufacturing background. 

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Are Kirkland K-cups good?

Out of all of the Kirkland products sold throughout Costco, the coffee pods are rated the seventh most frequently bought. 

The reason for its popularity simply comes down to a combination of two things – quality and value. People who are aware of the Kirkland Signature brand will already expect good value for their money, luckily, the coffee doesn’t disappoint.

The quality is assured by Keurig Brewed technology to deliver outstanding results. 

Arbacia beans are one of the best available. Although they are less caffeinated than the Robusta bean, they are often favored because of their superior taste.

This is because Arbacia tends to be sweeter and smoother, with a chocolatey hint. Rubsta on the other hand is bitter, grainy, and harsh to taste. 

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Kirkland K-Cup has a high rating throughout many popular shopping or reviewing sites. Some of the ratings are listed below.

Website/SourceCustomer Rating
Amazon4.4 out of 5
Chickadvisor4.6 out of 5
Influenster4.7 out of 5
eBay4.9 out of 5

Out of all the reviews left on Amazon, 82% of customers gave the product 5 stars. A further 10% gave Kirkland’s Signature blend 4 stars, and only 4% of customers gave 1 star. 

This content is based on the average reviews given throughout the site of all of the available Kirkland Signature coffee blends. Individual blends will vary slightly in their overall rating within each of these sources. 

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Which Kirkland K-Cup is the best? 

Kirkland K-Cup has several different types of coffee blends. Within these, the coffee’s vary in roast style, strength, and caffeine content.

Listed below are some of the most popular Kirkland Signature coffees based on the volume bought by customers.

#1 Kirkland Signature Organic Medium Blend Roast

  • Fair Trade certified, Organic certified, Kosher certified, medium blend, 100% Arbacia coffee, caffeinated, pod form

#2 Kirkland Signature Organic Pacific Bold Dark-Roast

  • Fair Trade certified, Organic certified, USDA certified, dark roast, 100% Arbacia coffee, caffeinated, pod form, made in the USA

#3 Kirkland Signature House Decaf Coffee

  • Fair Trade certified, Kosher certified, dark roast, pacific bold coffee, decaffeinated, pod form, cocoa flavour

#4 Kirkland Signature Organic Breakfast Blend Light-Roast Coffee

  • Fair Trade certified, Organic certified, USDA certified, light roast, 100% Arbacia coffee, caffeinated, pod form, gluten-free

#5 Kirkland Signature Coffee Single-Serve K-Cup

  • Fair Trade certified, Organic certified, light roast, breakfast blend, 100% Arbacia coffee, caffeinated, pod form


To conclude, whether Kirkland K-Cups is good or not really depends on personal opinion. However, I think it’s fair to say from the consistently high ratings, that this coffee is a hit with the majority of customers. 

As stated, Kirkland Signature uses Arbacia beans to make their coffee, which gives a sweeter taste than the other popular choice, Robusta.

Coffee drinkers who prefer that bitter taste may sway more to favoring blends and include the Robusta bean, rather than Arbacia. 

All in all, Kirkland K-Cups would not be as popular as it is today without the high-quality checks that it goes through before ever reaching the store.

Thanks to this process, Kirkland Signature is one of the leading coffee blends throughout Costco.

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