Victoria’s Secret Return Policy (No Receipts, Sale Items, Broken Bra, Address)

Victoria Secret Return Policy

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend about Victoria´s secret return policy? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Returns policies are often far too convoluted for our liking. So, we thought we’d do you a favor and clearly explain Victoria’s Secret policy to save you the headache.

Truthfully, the company has one of the simpler ones. But, we are still going to break it down into more manageable chunks:

  • Victoria secret return policy with no receipts
  • Victoria secret return policy sale items
  • Victoria secret return policy broken bra
  • Victoria secret return policy how many days
  • Victoria secret returns tracking
  • Victoria secret return policy address

But before we begin, let’s briefly introduce the company.

Who Is Victoria’s Secret?

Victoria’s Secret is an American beauty, lingerie, and clothing titan. They’re known for highly fashionable clothing and constantly update their look to keep up with the ever-changing times.

Founded way back in 1977 by Roy Raymond, it is the country’s largest lingerie retailer — and has managed to keep this accolade for decades.

Victoria Secret Return Policy with No Receipts

You can return any Victoria’s Secret item even without receipt.

Their policy ensures that gifts, clearances, nor sales matter when it comes to returns, making it one of the most lenient policies on this fact alone. It extends to UGGs, lingerie, and even swimwear.

Amazingly, you don’t even need to have the original price tag attached for them to accept it! However, having it will make processing your return a lot easier, so try to keep it connected if possible.

However, their franchise stores only accept returns on the items you bought in that specific location.

Restrictions to Keep in Mind

As you can probably imagine, there are restrictions in place when it comes to making Victoria’s Secret returns. Thankfully, there aren’t many. You just need to keep the following three points in mind:

  • Returns within 90 days are restricted to seven items. However, defective merchandise isn’t included in this restriction.
  • Victoria’s Secret will not accept returns of items without the sewn-in garment tag.
  • If the garment came with a “Required for Return” tag and it’s no longer attached, the company won’t accept the merchandise for a return.

Victoria’s Secret Policy Sale Items

If you have gathered that you can still return your products, it’s worth knowing that the steps are different for in-store and online returns.

We have outlined the steps in the subsequent sections:

Step-by-Step Guide to Return Your Victoria’s Secret Sale Items In-Store

  1. You can find your nearest store using the locator page on the Victoria’s Secret website.
  2. If you purchased the item online, you must bring the order invoice and your shipping confirmation email to the store.
  3. Take the above and the item into the store.
  4. The floor staff will help process your return.

Step-by-Step Guide to Return Your Victoria’s Secret Item by Mail

Before choosing this method, be aware that you can’t return items you bought in-store by mail. Only products you purchased online can be returned this way.

  1. Put your unwanted products and the packing slip into a postage bag. You don’t need to use the same packaging. If you can”t find the packing slip, print out a copy of the shipping confirmation and include that instead.
  2. Print the free USPS return label. If you are struggling to find it, head to Victoria’s Secret returns page.
  3. Attach the printed label to the package with clear tape.
  4. Drop the package off at your local USPS. You can use the USPS locator on their website to find your nearest one.

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Victoria Secret Return Policy Broken Bra

There is no Victoria’s Secret return policy for Bras or especially for broken bras. The Victoria Secret Return Policy for broken bras is covered by the standard return policy.

This applies to any item in any department: if you don’t like it, you can return it.

At Victoria’s Secret, you can return or exchange any bra or broken bra, any garment, even after you have worn it, as long as the sewn-in original label has not been cut out.

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Victoria Secret Return Address

It’s worth understanding that you don’t have to use the United States Postal Service for your Victoria’s Secret return. You can use another carrier, as long as you send it to the following address:

VSD, ATTN: Returns Processing

8695 E. Broad Street, Reynoldsburg

OH 43069, U.S.A.

Victoria Secret Return Policy How Many Days

The returns policy is one thing. But the refund policy is a whole other entity that you need to understand.

Victoria’s Secret only refunds to the original type of payment within 90 days from the date of purchase.

That means if you buy something for $50 on your credit card and successfully return it within that timeframe, the refund of $50 appears on your credit card.

However, if you return the product after 90 days, Victoria’s Secret only refunds the amount as store credit. Any initial shipping and handling charges are all non-refundable, regardless of the situation.

How Do You Get Your Refund?

You can get your refund in three ways: without your original receipt, with your original receipt, and with a gift receipt.

Refund With an Original Receipt

This method allows you to get the original receipt amount refunded to the original type of payment. As mentioned, after the 90-day period, you get store credit.

Victoria’s Secret honors all discounts, free products, promotions, and offers at the time of purchase. The seven-item limit still stands.

Refund Without an Original Receipt

If you don’t have the original receipt, Victoria’s Secret, unfortunately, won’t issue you a refund to the payment method. Instead, you can exchange or receive store credit, the amount of which depends on the lowest value item you return.

For non-receipt returns, your refund is limited to $250 within the same 90-day timeframe.

Refund With a Gift Receipt

If you return your items using a gift receipt, you can exchange or get store credit equal to the initial purchase price. Any discounts, free items, offers, and promotions are prorated and applied to the refund accordingly.

Requesting Price Adjustments

As part of the company’s refund policy, you can request a price adjustment in-store within 14 days from the date of purchase. But, you need to hang onto the original receipt. The refund is credited to the original form of payment.

So, What Is a Price Adjustment?

Well, it’s a strictly American retail practice that is sometimes known as price protection. With the scheme, customers like you can get a partial refund on a product if they can prove it’s on sale at a lower price within a certain timeframe following purchase.

For example, if you buy a dressing gown from Victoria’s Secret for $70 and it drops in price by $25 within 14 days, you can go back to the shop and ask for the difference!

It’s quite a nifty scheme that most customers forget about. Victoria’s Secret is just one of countless retail titans that offer this incentive.

The Scoop on Victoria’s Secret Exchange Policy

Victoria’s Secret exchange policy allows you to return up to $250 worth of items without a receipt within their standard 90-day period.

However, if your item is wrong, defective, or you would like to exchange it for a different color or size, you must phone the company’s customer support team.

Victoria secret return policy phone number is below:


One of their friendly support staff members will place your exchange order for you, allowing you to return your current item for free.

Gifts are one of the most common items that are returned. While you can’t get a refund, you can receive store credit or request an exchange. We suggest hanging onto the gift receipt if you plan to do this!

Victoria Secret Return Tracking

So, to track the return status of your items, just do the following:

Print your return label

  • You can track your return using the return tracking number provided on the printed label.
  • It takes up to 14 business days for your items to be delivered to the Return Center.
  • Remember Customer Care Associates do not have access to your return tracking number

If you do not print a return label

  • You can track your return through your chosen carrier.
  • It takes up to 21 business days for your return to be delivered, depending on the carrier and method selected.
  • Once your return has been processed, it may take 3-5 business days for your refund to post to your account
  • and 1-2 billing cycles to reflect on your credit card statement.

The Bottom Line

As return policies go, Victoria’s Secret is pretty easy to follow.

That probably has something to do with the very short caveat list! Regardless, you now know exactly what to do when you wish to return a VS product. 



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