How to fix a hole in lululemon leggings (Lululemon Repairs – Best Tips)

How to fix a hole in lululemon leggings

Do you know how to fix a hole in Lululemon leggings or repair them?  this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Lululemon has amassed a huge following for the beloved and highly celebrated line of leggings. They’re celeb-approved and available in an ever-increasing profile of patented fabrics and designs.

But what happens when your favorite pair get a hole.

So, how to fix a hole in Lululemon leggings?  You can fix a hole in Lululemon leggings by stitching the hole yourself or by applying fabric interfacing using a matching fabric in the same color. Alternatively, Lululemon offers repairs on their products and has a “quality promise” stating clothes are expected to last 5 years. In some cases where Lululemon cannot repair the hole, they may consider your garment “damaged out” and provide a replacement or gift voucher. 

By far the easiest way to fix a hole is to simply return the damaged leggings to Lululemon and request a new pair.

Lululemon describes “damaged out” as items that cannot be repaired but should have lasted longer. However, leggings that have simply experienced wear and tear due to age may often not fit the “damaged out” criteria.

In this case, there are ways to repair holes yourself. 

What material are Lululemon leggings made of?

Before you get out the needle and thread and try to fix your Lululemon leggings, it’s important to know what fabric your leggings are made of.

Here are some of the most common trademarked fabrics used to create Lululemon leggings.

Nulu fabric

Lululemons patented Nulu fabric is the ultra-soft and lightweight fabric used in many of their legging designs and offers that much admired “buttery soft” feeling.

The fabric is made from a blend of 81% nylon and 19% Lycra elastane and provides sweat-wicking and a four-way stretch design for ultimate comfort. 

Leggings using Nulu fabric are designed as part of the “Naked Sensation” and are the softest feeling fabric on offer from the Lululemon range of Leggings.

They are suited for light athletic exercise such as vinyasa yoga or pilates where you won’t sweat too much. 

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Luon fabric

Luon is a trademark fabric used in many Lululemons products including their leggings. Luon offers a brushed feel and is very soft.

It is made with a blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex and is typically found in legging products using a blend of 86% nylon and 14% Lycra. 

Everlux Fabric

Lululemon uses the Everlux fabric in their Wunder Train and Invigorate lines of leggings.

Everlux is made from a blend of 77% nylon and 23% Lycra elastane and is described as “technical fabric that dries lightning-fast” on the Lululemon website.

On the outside, the Everlux fabric is smooth with a brushed interior that feels comfortable against the skin. 

Everlux fabric offers stretch and mild support and is ideal for HIIT workouts, running sessions, or hot yoga classes, where you’re likely to sweat a lot. 

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Lulu Fabric

Described as providing a “hug” while you work out, the Lulu fabric is designed to be the most supportive and doesn’t offer as much stretch as the other fabrics.

Lulu fabric is made from a blend of 87% nylon and 13% Lycra elastane and feels similar to stretch cotton.

Wunder Under leggings use the Lulu fabric and are best suited for light athletic exercise that doesn’t require too much flexibility, or as a comfortable and supportive legging for social occasions. 

Luxtreme fabric

Lululemon’s Luxtreme fabric offers the highest elastane and stretch due to it being made with 69% nylon and 31% Lycra elastane.

This fabric has become a favorite for runners as it offers excellent sweat-wicking, great stretch, while still feeling soft and durable. 

Nulex fabric

Nulex fabric is designed to feel similar to the Nulu fabric however it is more sweat-wicking and supportive for exercising.

Nulex is made from a blend of 84% nylon and 16% Lycra elastane that feels extra soft while offering excellent stretch. 

Nulex fabric is used in Lululemons Align range of leggings and is a favorite for exercises such as yoga, running, weight training, and cross-training. 

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Stitching or sewing a hole in Lululemon leggings (Lululemon Repairs)

This method works best when the hole is along a seam of the legging as it allows you to stitch into the seam and offer a better chance of the thread holding.

Hand stitching is much easier unless you have considerable experience using a sewing machine. 

Stitching a smaller hole in all of Lululemon’s patented fabrics is pretty easy, however, larger holes may not be easily sewn back together due to the stretchy nature of the fabric.

Nulu, Luon, and Lulu fabric are the least stretchy and offer the best chance of fixing larger holes. 

Stitching technique

  • To stitch a hole, find a thread that matches the color of your leggings as close as possible. If possible use the thinnest and most flexible thread you can find.  
  • Next, turn the leggings inside out and stitch the hole. Try not to bunch the fabric too much and use as much thread as necessary to gradually fill the hole. 

Fixing a legging hole using fabric interlacing

For when you cannot stitch a hole due to its large size or location, then fabric interlacing (often referred to as fabric fusion) is the next best option.

It’s perfect for patching leggings as the small fabric that’s inserted helps retain the stretch and form of the original fabric.

Fabric interlacing works well on all Lululemon leggings and on a wide variety of other fabrics too. 

The iron-on fabric used for fabric interlacing typically comes in black or white, but colors can be ordered online to suit a range of different fabric colors and styles. Find the one that best suits your Lululemon leggings if you have a large hole. 

Fabric interlacing technique

  • Lay leggings on a flat surface (an ironing board or large book works well) and expose the hole section. Trim any loose threads from around the hole.
  • Cut a small piece of the interlacing fabric and place it on the inside of the fabric glue side up. Allow around ½ inch of extra fabric on all sides of the hole (a 1/8th inch hole requires about a 1.5-inch square).
  • With your fingers, gently pinch the fabric around the hole and close it up as best you can, sticking it to the glue side of the interlacing fabric.  
  • Next, set your iron on low heat, and apply the iron to the area around the hole. Use the tip of the iron to slowly close the hole. Firmly press the iron over the hole till it closes over the fabric. 


If you ever encounter a hole in your beloved Lululemon leggings don’t despair as it is likely it can be fixed.

First, check with your local Lululemon store and they will often be able to help you, and may even fix it for you or replace your leggings with new ones if they’re less than 5 years old.

If you’re looking to repair the hole yourself, stitching small holes works well, and for larger holes, use fabric interlacing. 



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