Walmart’s TV Return Policy (What’s Covered, Online, In Store + More)

walmart TV Return Policy

Do you know what Walmart TV’s return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Most people shop at Walmart for their fair prices and a wide variety of products to choose from, allowing customers to save time and money.

If you stop at Walmart to purchase a new TV, you should be curious about their return policy; so; what is Walmart‘s return policy on TVs? Let’s take a look.

Customers have 90-days to return any TV they bought on or at a Walmart store. The product must be in brand-new condition, and you should have your original receipt available.

While that may seem simple enough, there are always more questions to be asked and more information to give.

So, in this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about Walmart‘s return policy on TVs to guide you through the process if you ever find yourself in that situation.

What is Walmart‘s TV Return Policy?

You just bought a TV from Walmart and decided it is just too big for your living room; what now? No worries, Walmart makes it easy to return televisions back to their store. You are given 90-days from the original date of sale to bring your product back for a full refund. 

Remember, in order to qualify for a refund, the TV must still be in brand-new condition and perfect working order. 

As long as you have the receipt, you will be refunded the exact amount you paid in the same method of payment you used when making the purchase. (i.e., You paid in cash, you are refunded in cash.)

Walmart TV Return Policy Without a Receipt

You can still return a TV to Walmart, even if you lost your receipt. However, the process may not go as easily as you would hope.

First, the cashier may be able to find your recent transaction in the system by pulling up your email address, name, or phone number.

If the purchase still cannot be located, you can still return the item without a receipt; however, you are more likely than not going to get the payment back in the form of Walmart credit. 

To return a product without your receipt, make sure all of the items are placed back into the box and you have a government-issued photo ID ready.

The information on your ID will be stored in the store’s system to keep track of the transaction and how many times each customer returns products to the company. 

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Walmart TV Return Policy for Opened Box

Most people don’t purchase televisions and just leave them sitting in the box for days on end. It is common to get the product home, open it up, and realize it wasn’t what you thought it was. 

No worries, you can easily return a TV to Walmart even if the box has already been opened.

Just bring the item back intact, without damage, and with all the parts it came with, and you can return the item easily. 

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Walmart Return Policy for Used TV

It isn’t uncommon for customers to buy a new television, take it home, set it up, and begin watching it, only to notice the sound quality, color, or design isn’t their cup of tea.

Walmart understands this can be an issue and is totally fine with accepting the television back even if you used it.

You have 90-days to return any television, even ones that have been used, back to Walmart with the original receipt for a full refund, as long as it is still in brand-new, working condition.

What if I lost Some Parts?

If you try to return a TV to Walmart, they will most likely check the box to ensure all of the accessories are still inside and intact.

It really depends on the employee and the store you are dealing with whether or not they will accept the return without every single item placed back into the box.

More often than not, Walmart will still accept the return as long as the parts missing are something as small as a Roku remote, power cord, etc. 

Walmart Damaged TV Return Policy

Things happen; not all products that leave the factory, store, or shipping facilities will make it out alive.

If you receive your television and it is not in perfect, brand-new condition, you simply need to contact customer service as soon as possible to let them know what the problem is, and they are sure to make things right.

Typically, the company will ship out a new television free of charge, with the understanding you will send the defective one back, again free of charge.

If the problem is a simple fix with a new part, Walmart may recommend just allowing them to mail you the piece you need, making it easier on both parties. 

Walmart Refurbished TV Return Policy

Many people aren’t aware that Walmart sells refurbished products, including televisions. These are great options for anyone looking for a quality tv at an affordable price.

However, this also puts you in a situation where the TV is no longer in brand-new condition and can end up having serious problems.

Luckily, Walmart will accept returns on refurbished TVs for the same time frame as new ones; this is the 90-day time frame.

When purchasing any item refurbished, it is always a good idea to also buy the Walmart protection plan offered at the checkout line.

This is going to cover your television for a certain length of time should anything happen to it outside of your control.

Is There an Extended Holiday Return Policy on TVs With Walmart?

Since you are already given 90-days to return any televisions purchased at Walmart, there isn’t an extension on them for the holiday season.

Even if you were to buy a TV during a Black Friday deal and give it out as a Christmas gift, there is still plenty of time to send it back if you or the recipient don’t want it.

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Can I Return a TV I Bought on Walmart‘s Marketplace to Walmart?

Most third-party sellers on the Walmart marketplace work directly with Walmart, allowing the customer to return their items to their local retail store.

However, there are a few who do not, so it is up to the customer to reach out to each company to figure out how to handle the return process.

With that being said, many online marketplace sellers accept returns for free by mail, which can make it a little easier for some people. You can schedule a pickup with a free shipping label.

How do You Return a TV to Walmart?

If you went to Walmart to buy a new television and decided it wasn’t suitable for you, you can easily take it right back to the same location you picked it up from or any Walmart store. 

When returning a television to Walmart, you will be directed to the customer service desk, where they will ask for the receipt and your ID and check over the product to ensure it is still in its original condition.

Once everything is cleared, and the return is approved, the cashier will issue a refund in the same form of payment the initial purchase was made. 

How do You Return a TV You Bought From to Walmart?

If you purchased a TV from the Walmart website, you could still choose to take it back to your local Walmart and follow the steps above to receive your refund. Remember to bring your invoice with you as proof of purchase.

If you want to mail the product back, you must log onto your account on and select the item you wish to send back.

Here you will be provided a free, pre-paid return label, and the company will schedule a pickup date for the shipping service to retrieve the package from your home.

Make sure the television is packed safely and securely to ensure no damage occurs during the transporting process

Once Walmart receives the television and inspects it for damages or alterations, you will receive your refund in the same form of payment you initially used to buy it. 

Can You Track Your Return to Walmart?

When you return a product to a company by mail, especially one as expensive as a new television, it is crucial that you can track the item until it reaches its destination. 

When you start the return process, you are given a tracking number by the company, which can be found in your personal account.

If you are concerned about where the TV is in transit, click on the tracking number provided, and it will take you to a screen showing you everywhere the item has been and where it is going next.

Can You Exchange a TV You Purchased at Walmart?

If you bought a new television from Walmart and decided you wanted to go a little bigger or a little smaller, you have the option of taking it back to the store and exchanging it for the product you want.

If the new television is more than the old one, you are responsible for covering the cost. If the new TV is less money than the original purchase, you will be given a refund for the balance.

If you exchange a TV at Walmart without a receipt and you are owed money, that refund will be given to you on a Walmart gift card in the form of store credit. 

Does Walmart Charge a Fee for Returning a TV?

There are no return fees for sending a television back to Walmart.

While other companies might charge a return shipping fee and restocking fees, which can get as high as 25% or more, Walmart does not do this.

You can return any television set to Walmart without having to worry about losing money.

What if the TV I Bought From Walmart is Missing Pieces?

If you bought a television from Walmart and got it home to find out it was missing pieces such as the remote or power cord, you should contact customer service ASAP to find out what the best options are for you to handle the situation.

You can also take the television back and exchange it for another one, where hopefully all the items will be included.

Another option is to contact the manufacturer of the TV. For something as simple as a missing remote or power cord, they may just send you the replacement item for free, making things a lot easier for everyone.

Does Walmart Offer Customers Warranties on Televisions?

Walmart offers customers their protection plan for a certain amount of time, depending on the television they buy.

After that protection plan is up, you will have to contact the manufacturer of the TV in order to file a claim for any issues you are having with the item.

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The Fine Print, Walmart‘s Rights to Refuse

Walmart has the right to refuse returns on any television for any reason at any time.

Walmart, along with many other companies, has experienced a massive increase in fraudulent returns, requiring them to start tracking returns and refusing them to anyone who abuses this service.

You can also be refused a refund if you are returning a TV that is obviously damaged or altered by the customer, and it is up to the employee handling the return at the time.

Summing Things Up

People often choose to go to Walmart to buy their new television because the prices are very low compared to many of their competitors.

However, it is also the perfect store to shop at because they make it so easy to bring back any product you don’t want, like, or need. 

If you bought a TV at Walmart, there are very few reasons that the company would refuse your return request, making it easier than ever to pick up a product you love. 



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