Samsung TV Return Policy (What’s Covered, No receipt + More)

Samsung TV return policy

What is Samsung’s return policy? Do you know what the Samsung LED Mirror return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Returning a Samsung TV can be a difficult process especially if you’re not aware of Samsung’s return policies and the terms and conditions associated with them. Having this knowledge is important so that you can follow the correct procedure for returning your TV.

You can return a Samsung TV within 15 days of purchasing it from a store or getting it delivered. The TV needs to be eligible for return according to Samsung’s return policy. To initiate the return process, you need to pack the TV securely and ship it with the required paperwork to Samsung’s shipping address.

Read on to discover more about Samsung’s return policy for TVs. Find out the steps for returning your TV and getting your refund. Happy reading!

What is Samsung’s TV Return Policy?

If you want to return your Samsung Television for some reason, you should have a look at Samsung’s return policy. This policy covers all electronics, including smartphones, tablets, TVs, and home appliances.

According to Samsung’s US website, you usually have to return your TV within 15 days once you get it. This is applicable if you got your TV via home delivery or from a Best Buy store. Samsung has separate instructions for returning a TV bought from Best Buy, which we’ll cover later.

If you bought a Television from one of Samsung’s Experience stores, you’ll have to ship it to that same store within 15 days. Samsung also states on their website that they’ll only accept returns if the TV was purchased through their website or via the Shop App.

Moreover, Samsung’s website has detailed guidelines and an extensive FAQs section to help you out with the return process.

Checking them out is worthwhile as they’ll answer a lot of questions you might have about returning a Samsung TV.

What are the terms and conditions for the return policy?

Samsung has specific terms and conditions as part of its return policy. The company lays great emphasis on returning your product exactly as you received it, with complete accessories and proper packaging.

This also means that if you got a free promotional item with that product, it must be returned too. So, if you got a free USB stick with your TV, you must return it to receive a full refund. If you don’t return the promotional item, Samsung will subtract the price of that item from your refund amount.

To sum it up, you have to make sure that the product you’re returning isn’t damaged or faulty in any way. If you accidentally damage the Television after you receive it, you won’t be getting a refund.

But if you receive an already damaged or faulty LED Television, then you can return it provided you send back all the accessories as well. More on this later.

Samsung states you can only return your order if it isn’t what you ordered. This can mean that the item is damaged, or a different model or color, or some parts and accessories are missing.

Samsung calls them “incorrect” orders and they must be returned as soon as possible.

This is different from returning an item due to a change of mind and thus different policies are applicable.

Samsung TV Return Policy In Store

What if you want to return a Samsung TV that you purchased from one of their Experience stores? How should you go about it? Provided the TV is in exactly the same condition as you received it, you can send it back with all the accessories that came with it to the same store you bought it from.

 You cannot return it to another Samsung Experience store. The company has clearly mentioned the fact that a different Samsung Experience store won’t process your return.

Samsung TV Return Policy Online

If you’ve bought a Samsung TV online, either from their website or from their Shop App, you must ship it back within 15 days of receiving it. The return process has two parts: requesting the return and printing out the shipping label and shipping it.

If you return your TV after the 15-day period is over, Samsung will not entertain your return request.

Samsung doesn’t offer you the option of returning your TV and exchanging it for some other product. You’ll have to place a new order for that product after you’ve returned the Television.

 Another important thing to note is that a TV bought online cannot be returned to one of Samsung’s Experience stores. It needs to be shipped back to the location mentioned on the shipping label.

What is the return policy for TVs bought via Best Buy?

If you bought your Samsung TV from Best Buy, the return procedure is a bit different. Again, you have a 15-day window to return your order. But in this case, the return policy that will be applicable will be Best Buy’s. Not Samsung’s. 

When you purchase a Samsung TV from a Best Buy store, you have to bring it back to the store in case you want to return it.

You cannot ship it to Samsung, any Samsung Experience store, or any of Best Buy’s return centers. But the good thing is that any Best Buy store will accept and process your return.

You need not head back to the same one you bought the TV from.

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Do you need the receipt to return a Samsung TV?

To get your return processed, you need to have proof of purchase or the receipt. Without that, Samsung won’t be able to verify the purchase. So, yes, you need the receipt to return your Samsung TV.

What are the steps to return a Samsung TV?

Returning a Samsung TV isn’t difficult, but there are certain steps that you need to follow to make sure your return is accepted and processed smoothly.

Samsung has mentioned all the steps and details on its website as well, so do check the website for more clarity.

Here, we mention some of the steps to follow for returning a Samsung TV:

  1. Make sure your Samsung TV is eligible for a refund. To ensure it is, do initiate the refund process within the 15-day window and check if you have all the accessories and other items that came along with the TV.
  2. Head over to the My Orders section on Samsung’s website and select Return for the item that you want to return. Fill out the return details and print out the shipping label. 
  3. Put your Samsung TV in its box and include all the accessories that came with it. Also, put in the Return Authorization slip and the purchase receipt. Paste the shipping label on the box and ship it to the given address/location.
  4. Wait while Samsung reviews your request and issues you a refund.

Please note that the above steps are only applicable if your Samsung TV was delivered to you. As we mentioned before, in-store purchases must be returned at stores.

How do you return a defective TV?

If your Samsung TV turns out to be defective or damaged when you receive it, you can return it. If you buy a TV from one of Samsung’s stores, it is a good idea to open it in the presence of a Samsung technician.

This way, if the TV turns out to be damaged or defective, you can easily request a return by contacting Samsung. However, if you unbox your TV without a Samsung technician, Samsung may not process your return request.

If you’ve bought your TV online, then again, contacting Samsung as soon as possible is what you should do.

Samsung’s return policy is only applicable if you receive a damaged TV. If it gets damaged by use, you won’t be able to return it.

When and how will you receive your refund?

You’ve packed your Samsung TV with all of its accessories and the required documents slapped on the shipping label and sent it away to Samsung.

So, what now? When and how will you get your refund? Samsung’s website says that it can take up to 10 business days for the company to process your return and issue you a refund. 

During this time, Samsung checks the returned TV to make sure it is eligible for a refund. In case it isn’t you’ll be notified via email. Something else you must keep in mind is that your bank might take a few more days to process the refund from Samsung.

In that case, you’ll have to wait a bit more. Samsung will issue your refund via the same payment method that you originally used for purchasing the TV.

What is the return shipping label and why do you need it

The return shipping label is the label that contains details about the item you’re returning. Attaching the shipping label to the item’s box is necessary if you want to get your return processed. The return label is only required if you got your Samsung TV delivered to your home. It is neither required for in-store purchases at Samsung’s stores nor Best Buy’s stores.

There are two ways you can get the shipping label. First, if you get in touch with Samsung to initiate a return, they’ll email you the shipping label.

Or secondly, you can go to the My Orders section on Samsung’s website and download it. Once again, the option to download the label will be only visible if the 15-day period isn’t yet over.

Can you get your Samsung Reward points refunded?

In case you didn’t know, Samsung Rewards is a way to earn loyalty points when you buy any Samsung products or use any of the company’s services.

Then, when you have a certain number of points and wish to buy some Samsung product, you can redeem those points to get a discount on your purchase. 

If you’ve used Samsung Rewards points to buy a Samsung TV, you might wonder whether those points will get refunded when you return the TV. The answer is yes! Samsung does refund these points in case of a return.

According to the company’s website, you’ll get those points back in your account up to 5 days after getting your return request accepted. 

Some other tips for returning a Samsung TV

We’ve talked about Samsung’s return policies, the return procedures, the eligibility criteria for returns, and lots of other related topics to help you out with returning a Samsung TV.

But what are some other tips that can help you with the return process and make it go smoothly? Below, we mention some such tips, so keep reading!

  • If you buy the TV from one of Samsung’s stores, make sure you have a Samsung technician present when you open it. This ensures your TV will be eligible for a refund in case it is damaged. If it isn’t, the technician can help you set up your TV.
  • Pack the TV securely when shipping it back to prevent the risk of any damage during transit.
  • People often have trouble setting up Samsung TVs on their own and think it’s damaged. Before you think of returning your TV, contact Samsung’s customer service to find out if there’s something wrong with it.
  • Before sending the TV away for a refund, make sure you do a factory reset to erase any data or settings.
  • Samsung’s website is the best source of information for any queries you might have about returning your TV. If you are unsure about anything regarding the return process, do check out their website and reach out to their customer service representatives.

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In this guide, we went over Samsung’s TV return policy in detail. Returning a Samsung TV isn’t difficult provided you follow the correct procedures and initiate the return request within 15 days of getting your TV.

Once you ship your TV back to Samsung, it’ll take up to 10 days for them to assess the TV and determine whether it’s eligible for a refund.

Once that’s done, you’ll get the refund via the same payment method you used for the purchase.



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