Can You Use a Walmart Gift Card for Gas? (Here Is How!)

Can You Use a Walmart Gift Card for Gas

Do you know if I can use a Walmart gift card to buy gas? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

You just received a Walmart gift card for your birthday and while pondering what to spend it on, your empty gas tank light goes off. Can you use your Walmart gift card to pay for gas?

Walmart gift cards are acceptable forms of payment at Walmart gas stations and any gas station that accepts Visa cards.

In this article, we will review how to use your Walmart gift card to pay for gas, if you can pay for gas at Sam’s Club or other gas stations with a Walmart gift card, and other stores that accept Walmart gift cards.

Additionally, we will cover what to do if your gas purchase is more than your gift card balance, if your gift card is declined, and if you want to use it overseas.

How Do You Use a Walmart Gift Card to Pay for Gas?

If you stop at a Walmart gas station to fill up your tank, you can use a Walmart gift card to pay for your gas purchase. However, you will not be allowed to use the card at the pump like a regular debit or credit card despite its Visa logo. Instead, you will have to treat the card like cash.

Go into the gas station and tell the attendant how much you would like to pay for gas and what pump your car is parked at. They will ring up your purchase on the cash register and you can swipe your Walmart gift card at the card reader.

You will have to enter the four digit PIN that you used to set up the card.

If you use up the entire gift card, hand it to the cashier or throw it away. You cannot refill a Walmart gift card so there is no point in keeping it.

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Can I Use a Walmart Gift Card to Pay for Gas at Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club is the membership wholesale club owned by Walmart. All Sam’s Club stores have gas stations, and you can use your Walmart gift card to pay for gas here. Most Sam’s Club gas stations are only open to Sam’s Club members so you must present your membership card at the pump.

Similar to filling up your gas tank at a Walmart gas station, you can only pay for your Sam’s Club gas purchase with your Walmart gift card inside the station or with the attendant.

The pump will not acknowledge that your Walmart gift card is a valid form of payment.

Treat your Walmart gift card like cash and alert the attendant of the method in which you wish to pay. Most Sam’s Club gas stations do not have convenience stores since the flagship store is located right next to them.

Instead, they are equipped with attendant booths to handle cash payments and any help customers might need.

Are There Other Gas Stations That Will Accept a Walmart Gift Card As Payment?

Any gas station that accepts Visa cards are valid payment for gas purchases will accept Walmart gift cards. You will have to pay inside the station’s convenience store as if you were paying with cash before you start pumping your gas.

Some gas stations even offer discounts if you pay with a Walmart gift card. For example, Murphy is a gas station chain that is affiliated with Walmart and their Murphy USA stations are often placed in Walmart parking lots.

These particular gas stations may offer fuel discounts for patrons who use Walmart gift cards to pay for gas.

However, Murphy Express stations are standalone chain stores and do not offer the same discounts. If you aren’t sure whether your gas station offers a discount for Walmart gift card paying customers, ask the gas attendant or store manager. The worst that can happen is they tell you no.

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Where Else Can I Use a Walmart Gift Card?

Walmart gift cards can be used to make purchases at Walmart stores, gas stations, and any other store or venue that accepts Visa cards as payment.

Check with the store that you intend to make a purchase at to see if their card reader will accept the Walmart gift card or if the cashier needs to ring it up.

Some restaurants or other places may not accept Walmart gift cards that require the card to have a manual imprint.

Only locations in the United States are able to accept Walmart gift cards as payment. Walmart gift cards can be used to make purchases online or over the phone as long as you provide the given security code.

You shouldn’t use your Walmart gift card on purchases that require advance authorization in case they put a hold on the card for more than it is worth.

Walmart gift cards should also not be applied to bills that require recurring payments.

What If My Gas Purchase Costs More Than My Walmart Gift Card Balance?

If you know that your gas purchase will cost more than the balance you have on your Walmart gift card, then you will have to provide an additional form of payment. Alert the attendant upfront that you intend to pay for your gas purchase with two forms of payment.

Some gas stations will not allow you to split your bill across two payment types, so you will be forced to completely use a form of payment other than your Walmart gift card or not purchase as much gas in order to use your gift card up.

If it is acceptable, the attendant will ask how much you want to put on each form of payment.

Make sure you know what your Walmart gift card balance is ahead of time because the payment will be declined if you try to pay for more than the card’s balance.

Why Was My Walmart Gift Card Declined at the Gas Station?

There are a number of reasons why your Walmart gift card can be declined at a gas station. If you try to pay for gas using your Walmart gift card at the pump, the pump will not accept that form of payment and instruct you to visit the attendant inside.

This is not an indication of the funds that you have left on your card; the pump is simply not equipped to accept that form of payment.

Another reason why your Walmart gift card was declined at a gas station is if you tried to make a purchase with insufficient funds.

If you try to charge more than what is on the gift card, the card reader will not accept the payment at all.

If you want to split the payment, you need to tell the gas station attendant how much to put towards your Walmart gift card. Otherwise, your card will be declined entirely.

Your Walmart gift card may be declined if you enter the wrong PIN number or have not activated the card yet. Make sure that your Walmart gift card is ready to use before you try to spend money at the gas station.

Can I Use My Walmart Gift Card at a Walmart Gas Station Overseas?

Even though Walmart is located internationally with stores in over twenty countries, Walmart gift cards that are purchased the United States can only be spent in the United States.

Even Walmart gas station purchases at locations outside of the fifty states and Washington D. C. will be declined if you try to use a Walmart gift card.

United States territories such as Puerto Rico that have Walmart stores will not accept Walmart gift cards purchased in the United States. Gas stations and Walmart stores are not the only places that do not accept Walmart gift cards internationally; other stores will decline your purchase as well.

Along with physical store locations, online purchases made from websites hosted and located outside of the United States cannot be paid for with Walmart gift cards.

Payments will be declined if you try to pay for any internationally based goods and services with a U. S. purchased Walmart gift card.

There are plenty of stores and gas stations in the United States that will accept Walmart gift cards, so save your cash and other credit cards for international purchases.

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Walmart gift cards make a great present. Not only can you use them to fill up your gas tank, but they are also accepted at gas stations and stores all over the country.

Walmart gift cards cannot be used for international purchases. Some gas stations may even give you a discount for paying with your Walmart gift card.

There are a few points to remember when paying for your gas purchase with a Walmart gift card. First, you cannot pay at the pump with a Walmart gift card; gas purchases must be made at the station.

Second, you cannot charge the card more than the balance so you may have to split the purchase between two forms of tender.


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