Sephora Return Policy Abuse (What’s Covered + More)  

Sephora Return Policy Abuse

Do you need to return something to Sephora, but have heard the rumors making you worried about abusing the policy? We have the scoop on how Sephora’s return policy works!

Sephora accepts full returns within 60 days. The item can be opened and gently used, so that you can try different beauty products knowing you can return it if it doesn’t work for you. This liberal return policy can lead to people abusing the system, which could leave them banned from further returns.

The following article describes all that you need to know about Sephora’s return policy and how not to abuse it.

Can I return a product if I used most of it?

If the product is mostly or fully used, then they will not give you a refund. This is because you should have been able to determine if you liked the product before you used it all.

This helps Sephora not get caught up in people constantly returning items that they used the majority of. Which will lead to them having to raise their prices, costing honest customers more money.

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Can you abuse Sephora’s return policy?

Yes, because of the gracious nature of their return policy, people have taken advantage of it. There have been several cases of people using most of a product and continually returning it for a new product.

That way they only pay for it once and get free refills, which is stealing.

Does Sephora keep track of what I return?

Yes, Sephora keeps track of what you have returned. They use an outside company called The Retail Equation to track all their customer’s returns.

Their system then flags any suspicious activity that they report to Sephora.

Do they ask for photo ID when I return something?

Yes, Sephora will ask you for a photo ID when you try to return something. This is how they track you. That way if there is an issue, they have all the proper information they need to give over to the authorities.

What are the consequences of abusing the Sephora’s return policy?

Sephora is not fond of people abusing their gracious return policy, which is why it can land you banned for further returns.

If you try to return too many used items in an unknown timeframe, then they may ban you from any more returns for a temporary time. If the pattern continues, they may ban you permanently.

What are the societal consequences of abusing the Sephora’s return policy?

Stealing or abusing the return policy of stores to get free products makes the stores lose profit in the already unstable retail industry.

Ultimately, it causes them to raise their prices of many of their popular products to make up for the loss in profit.

So, when people steal or try to abuse the system, it raises the price for everybody and nobody wins.

Can I return an item within 60 days?

Yes, Sephora’s gracious return policy is for a full refund if the purchase was made in the last 60 days. Within that time, you can exchange the item for a new item, get store credit, or get a full refund back.

Can I return an item after 60 days?

Yes, you still may be able to get a refund after the first 60 days, but it will be in the form of a store merchandise credit or replacement product. You will not receive any money back after 60 days.

How do I get the refund back?
After discussing the return with a Sephora representative, you will be given a full refund in the same method that you paid.

If you used a card, then the money will be redeposited back onto your card within 3 to 5 business days. If you used cash, then they will give you the full return amount back in cash.

What can I return to Sephora?

Everything sold by Sephora is returnable to Sephora. That is one of the ways that they make sure their customers are satisfied with their purchases, ensuring they return for their beauty products time after time.

Does the item have to be unopened?

No, the item that you are trying to return doesn’t have to be unopened. It can be open and even gently used.

That means that you can try a product for a short period to determine if you like it and if you don’t, then you can return it to the store without hesitation.

Do I have to have a receipt when returning products to Sephora?

If you try to return a product to Sephora’s without a receipt, they will only give you store merchandise credit and not a monetary refund.

They do keep track of this activity, and if returns without a receipt are excessively requested, then they may begin to limit your return capabilities.

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Sephora is a great company to buy new beauty products from because of their gracious return policy. But don’t abuse the privileged or you might end up banned from making any more returns.

Returns for full refunds will be given for 60 days, with store merchandise credit after that. The product can be opened and lightly used so that you can have the chance to try the product without fully committing to it.

It’s a great policy that has earned them loyal customers for years, but unfortunately, they have also had to deal with abuse of that system.




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