Sephora Dyson Return Policy (What’s Covered + More)

Sephora Dyson Return Policy

Do you know what Sephora return policy for Dyson products is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Sephora will accept returns for Dyson products within sixty days from date of purchase. In order to get a full refund, returns must be made within the first thirty days after purchase, from which point on store credit will be offered instead. To be accepted for return, Dyson products can either be unopened or opened but gently used.

In the following article, we cover everything you need to know about Sephora’s Dyson return policy.

What is Sephora’s Dyson return policy?

Sephora will happily accept returns of Dyson products. From the date of purchase, Sephora will refund a Dyson product if it is returned within thirty days.

For the thirty days following this, the product will be exchanged for store credit instead of receiving a refund. Sephora will accept items that are either unopened or opened but only lightly used.

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Sephora Dyson Policy Coverage

Sephora’s returns policy is thought to be one of most lenient when compared with other stores. This is partly because there are no set reasons for returning an item.

Products can be returned if they are faulty or damaged, but also if they simply don’t meet your needs or standards.

Sephora’s return policy is quite lenient in that it allows items to be returned gently used, something many other companies do not allow.

However, it’s important to know that items which have clearly been heavily used will not be allowed to be returned and will likely be refused a refund.

Ho To Return Dyson Products to Sephora?

Returning a Dyson product is very simple; you can send it back to Sephora or take it to your local store. However, the method of return will depend on how it was purchased.

For Dyson products purchased online, returns can only be processed if they are sent through the mail, whereas in-store purchases need to be taken back to store.

Sephora Dyson Return Policy with Receipt

As with any store, making a return is easier with a receipt as proof of purchase. However, Sephora does offer some leniency on this.

If you lose your receipt, you can ask Sephora staff to check your purchase history to prove purchase, which can be done through your payment card or via your Beauty Insider account.

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Can you return gifted Dyson products to Sephora?

You can return a gifted Dyson product in the same way you can return one you have purchased yourself.

Gifted Dyson products can be mailed or taken back to store, either unopened or gently used. However, it is worth checking how long you have to make your return – Sephora will sometimes extend the return period during the holidays to allow gifts to be returned.

You don’t always get a receipt with a gift, which can complicate things when making a return. Unless you have access to the original payment method, proof of purchase can be difficult to get.

In this case, the best thing to do is contact Sephora directly and arrange the refund this way; you may be given store credit rather than a refund.

Are Sephora returns free?

Sephora returns are always free and there are no shipping or handling fees at any point in the returns process.

When you request a return, a prepaid label will be created for you to use, which means the whole process is entirely free of charge. This is a great advantage when returning something expensive like a Dyson.

How long do Sephora returns take?

How long your return is likely to take depends on how you make your return. Items returned in store will be processed and refunded either immediately or within twenty-four hours.

For products which are returned through the mail, a refund can take up to thirty days to be processed and fulfilled. 

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Pros and cons of Sephora’s Dyson return policy


  • The flexibility of Sephora’s return policy is great for when you are making big, expensive purchases like a Dyson product. The ease and leniency of the policy can help to give people a bit of peace of mind that their product will be easy to return if something goes wrong.
  • Sephora’s returns policy means that items do not have to be boxed and completely unused in order to get a refund. Instead, items which have been opened and lightly used are able to be returned for a refund. This means customers have an easier time gaining a refund if something is not right with the product.
  • As it is free to return an item to Sephora, this is another advantage of their returns policy. This is good for when you are returning an expensive item like a Dyson product and don’t want to spend any further money in making the return.


  • Although Sephora is more flexible than other companies for making a return, it’s not ideal that the method of return people can choose from is quite restrictive. For anyone who struggles to get out or lives too far to travel to the store, mailing back a return can be the only method they have, yet online returns are limited. 

Final Thoughts

According to Sephora, they will happily accept returns for any Dyson product within sixty days from purchase.

Dyson products which are unopened or lightly used will be accepted for return when mailed or returned to the store.

For a full refund, the item must be returned within thirty days of purchase, from which point exchange for store credit will be offered instead.



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