Sephora Careers in Canada (All You Need To Know)

sephora careers canada

Do you know what the Jobs opportunities at Sephora Canada are or are you looking for a career at Sephora Canada? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If you’re interested in starting a career with Sephora and are moving or currently located in Canada, you may have some questions about the options available there. What are the Jobs offered by Sephora in Canada? Is it possible to make a viable career in Canada? 

The great news is that there is a multitude of career opportunities at Sephora in Canada. With over 80 stores across the country, you are likely to find a career in one of the many areas within the company. 

In this article, we will discuss the various career opportunities with Sephora Canada, the Sephora culture, and the benefits of working with Sephora. 

What Career Opportunities Are Available? 

There are two main areas within the Sephora company that most jobs fit into, the retail sector and the corporate office.

If you work in retail, you’ll be located in one of the 80 stores throughout Canada. If you choose a corporate position, then you will either work at the Field Support Center in Toronto or the Regional office in Montreal. 


If you choose a job in the retail field you’ll either be hired in an associate position or a leadership position. 

In the associate position, you will be a key customer service member within your Sephora location. Even if you don’t have any experience with makeup, skincare, haircare, or fragrances, Sephora is willing to train you where you’re at. 

You will begin as an associate and can work your way up to a leadership position, depending on what experience you have coming into the role. 

Each store team contains beauty advisors, store directors, managers, and district managers. So there is a pathway to management for every employee. 

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Field Support Center

There is a Sephora corporate office located in Toronto called the Field Support Center. These workers are a source of support for the retail workers on the field and the other corporate workers in the Montreal office. 

They participate in key elements of building the Sephora brand, such as determining new branded items to offer, creating marketing materials, conducting analysis on trends, and training new workers. 

People, Culture, Learning, And Development

The Sephora People, Culture, Learning, and Development team is essentially the Human Resources team. You would likely work at either the Toronto or Montreal offices. 

This team is in charge of making sure that Sephora is an inclusive place of work where every applicant is given an equal opportunity to succeed. 

Financial Planning And Analytics 

The financial team at Sephora encompasses a few different roles such as accountants, analysts, and managers.

These people are in charge of making sure that Sephora stays within their budget and continues making money. 

These roles would also likely be offered in either the Toronto or Montreal office. 


The merchandising department focuses a lot on setting and predicting trends. This allows Sephora to make sure their team is developing or stocking up on items that are trending or will be trending soon. 


The marketing department includes analysts, managers, and creative. Their main goal is to figure out new ways to keep Sephora customers engaged and loyal to the company. 

This could mean developing advertising campaigns, determining promotions, or creating in-store experiences

The marketing team controls the Sephora social media presence, and the loyalty program, and writes all advertising materials. 

Supply Chain

Sephora has to source a lot of different products from a lot of different places, and the supply chain team is in charge of managing this. It is up to them to make sure that each store keeps their products in stock and manages the inventory levels within each branch. 

This team would be responsible for maintaining partnerships with other brands and developing new ones as well. 

Retail Operations

The retail operations team is still a part of the corporate sector of Sephora.

They are the ones in charge of overseeing store systems, planning workloads for retail associates, managing digital tools, and communications between each branch and the corporate office. 

Their main goal is to support the retail teams so they can deliver the best possible service to Sephora customers. 

Business Strategy and Innovation

The final team we will discuss is the Business Strategy and Innovation team. They are another team that is primarily focused on analyzing trends and making sure Sephora continues finding products that will lead to successful sales. 

What Is The Company Culture At Sephora Canada?

Sephora prides itself on being an inclusive employer. They ask their employees to give it their all, take risks, and be brave within their roles.

They value the opinions of their employees and give every person the same opportunity to advance. 

Whether you’re working a retail or corporate position, you will likely feel like one of the team immediately.

They offer all employees great training and networking opportunities so they can really integrate into the culture from the get-go. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Working For Sephora Canada?

The main benefit to working for Sephora is their competitive pay. They also offer a bonus structure for every position, whether you’re full time or part time.

They consider themselves a people-first company, which means they do what they can to take care of their workers. 

Additional benefits include: 

  • Career guidance, 
  • Health benefits, 
  • Holidays, PTO, Summer hours, flexible work schedules, 
  • Employee assistance program, 
  • Savings program. 

But, there’s more! Sephora also offers these additional perks to their employees:

  • Sephora discounts, 
  • Discounts for other local businesses, 
  • Free Sephora swag, 
  • Donation matches for anything you donate to, 
  • Further career opportunities with other companies, and 
  • Networking abilities. 

All of these things contribute to why pursuing a career with Sephora may be a great move for you!

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As you can see, there are many opportunities for you to get your start at Sephora or advance your current career.

They have positions for all skill levels, with some focused-on beauty and trends, and others focused on the more mathematical side of the company. 

There is sure to be a job suited for you if a career with Sephora Canada is what you want!



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