Sephora Black Friday in Canada (All You Need to Know!)   

Sephora Black Friday Canada

If you are gearing up for the biggest shopping event of the year, add Sephora Canada to your list of stores to stop at this Black Friday.

You might be wondering though if Sephora locations in Canada participate in the best deals of the year.

Sephora Canada offers some amazing Black Friday deals that put some of their most popular brands and products on sale for up to 50% off.

In this article, we will cover what kind of Black Friday deals Sephora Canada offers and when the Black Friday sale starts.

Additionally, we will discuss what the best Black Friday deals are at Sephora Canada and whether or not they will price match.

What Are the Black Friday Deals at Sephora Canada?

Historically, Sephora Canada offers up to 50% of the products in the store.

Some brands and products are not discounted as high as 50% but are still considered to be a better deal than any other sale throughout the rest of the year.

There have also been some exclusive beauty kits available for more the 50% off, although these don’t last long.

Black Friday not only has the sales but Sephora also takes advantage of the crowds to promote new products so there are a lot of items to explore and try out at an unbeatable price.

There are sales on almost everything in the store including lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, face masks, eye shadow, mascara, and more.

Skincare products such as creams, lotions, makeup removers, and application accessories are also typically reduced in price.

If there was a product you were curious about trying from Sephora, now is the time to get it because you are never going to get a better deal than what is offered on Black Friday.

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When Do the Sephora Canada Black Friday Sales Start?

Black Friday deals at Sephora Canada start at different times depending on if you shop on their website or at a physical store location.

The Sephora Canada website begins offering Black Friday deals at midnight on the day before Black Friday (Thanksgiving). These sales usually extend throughout the weekend and into Cyber Monday.

Online Black Friday sales, therefore, last a full four days. After that, prices may return to normal, however, there may be some holiday sales in the weeks to come leading up to Christmas, although none as good as Black Friday weekend.

Some physical store locations will open up at 6 PM on Thanksgiving Day to start their Black Friday sales.

Other stores remain close all day on Thanksgiving and will open their doors extra early in the morning to allow shoppers to start their deal finding as soon as possible.

In-store Black Friday sales only last through the end of the day on Friday. Most of the time, you won’t be able to find everything you are looking for by then though because all of the hot deals get snatched up quickly.

So, although the deals last all weekend you may want to stand in line if you want to take advantage of them.

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What Are the Best Black Friday Deals at Sephora Canada?

Sephora has so many products that it can be hard to tell what the best deals are, especially if the entire store is on sale like on Black Friday.

However, we’ve narrowed down some of the most exceptional sales for the biggest shopping weekend of the year, so you know what to prioritize when you get to the store.

Fenty Beauty products are one of Sephora Canada’s most popular and bestselling lines. These high quality products are usually pretty pricey, but for Black Friday weekend, the prices get knocked down considerably.

For example, a matte foundation that usually costs almost $40 is sold at $27, and a Longwear foundation is over 60% off.

Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads and Dr. Jart+ moisturizing kits are also 30% off if you need some skincare products.

Even though it’s not summertime, the summer colors and tropical sets of makeup and nail polish kits are also a great deal so think ahead to what you will need for the rest of the coming year, not just right now.

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Will Sephora Canada Price Match Black Friday Sales?

Sephora Canada not only offers amazing sales on Black Friday, but they will also price match their competitors including Nordstrom and Ulta.

When deciding where to shop for the best deals, don’t comprise by going to a store you don’t like.

Check out Nordstrom and Ulta’s sales ahead of time and if you find a better deal, present it to the Sephora cashier at checkout.

It’s a good idea to either have a paper sales flyer or simply pull up the deal on your smartphone. If you find multiple deals, make sure to bookmark the webpage or take screenshots on your phone so that you can readily pull them up to show the cashier.

Sephora may not have the lowest prices, but they will have the best selection.

Additionally, if you are shopping on the Sephora website, you may get free shipping on your order. It is worth it to do your research and plan out your shopping ahead of time to get the best deals.

Check out the competition and compare the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online versus going to the physical store location on Black Friday.


Sephora Canada has a lot of great Black Friday deals with most of the stores up to 50% off. Online deals usually begin on Thanksgiving and extend through Cyber Monday.

Black Friday sales at physical store locations may start late on Thanksgiving or early in the morning on Black Friday.

The best deals go fast though, so if you are not there within the first few hours of the store opening, you may not be able to get the products you came for.

Shop smart and have a plan. Prioritize what you plan to buy and make the most of your savings!



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