Sephora Return Policy No Receipt (What’s Covered + More)

Sephora Return Policy No Receipt

Sephora has a great return policy that allows you to try out the products before deciding whether or not you want to stick to them. If you decide against a product, the easiest way to return it is to use your receipt. What if you’ve lost your receipt? Can you still return products to Sephora without a receipt?

Yes. You can return any product to Sephora within 60 days, even if you’ve lost your receipt. Workers can look up the purchase through your beauty insider account or the credit card you purchased the item with. However, you can only get store credit or exchange when returning a product without the receipt, and proof of purchase must be verified first.

To learn more about Sephora’s return policy, especially how it relates to returning products without a receipt, keep reading.

Sephora’s Return Policy

Sephora has a very clear return policy. All unused or lightly used products can be returned to Sephora within 60 days of the initial purchase. It is recommended that you bring your receipt for the return to go as quickly as possible, but it is not required.

Sephora’s return policy is different from other stores in that they will accept opened and lightly used products. It’s up to Sephora’s discretion to decide if an opened product is still covered by the return policy. Items that are clearly destroyed and heavily used will not be accepted. However, items that are only gently used are generally accepted.

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What If I Don’t Have My Receipt?

If you have lost your receipt but still want to return the product, you are in luck. Sephora accepts returns and refunds for people who have lost their receipt but have another form of verifiable proof of purchase. As long as the product is still within the 60 day window and is only lightly used, Sephora will accept the return without the receipt.

All that being said, you have to show some proof of purchase to qualify for a return without the receipt. You can find proof of purchase using your credit card or your rewards account. If you used cash and do not have a points system attached to the purchase, you do not have verifiable proof of purchase, and the item cannot be returned as a result.

So, you must have an alternative way to prove that you purchased the item. Once again, credit card look up or your beauty insider account is the best option.

Even if you have an alternative proof of purchase, you will not get a refund on your product if you return it without the receipt. Instead, you can either opt to exchange the product for something else, or you can get a refund in the form of store credit. You can only get a full refund if you have the original receipt at the time of the return.

How to Return Products to Sephora Without Receipt

If you have proof of purchase and the product is only lightly used, you can return your Sephora product without a receipt to receive an exchange or store credits. Here is what you should do:

Simply bring your purchased items to the closest Sephora store near you. A Sephora worker will inspect the product to ensure it is lightly used. If you purchased the item with a credit card or have a rewards account attached to the purchase, the worker can look up the purchase in their system. You could also bring a bank statement or some other proof to show purchase.

If the return is approved, you will have the option to exchange the product or get a refund in the form of store credit. Store credit is a fancy term meaning gift card. You will get refunded the same amount you paid at the time of purchase.

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Abuse of Sephora’s Return Policy

The fact that Sephora allows you to return lightly used objects, even without a receipt, is very lenient. In fact, Sephora has one of the most lenient return policies around. As such, a lot of people try to take advantage of this policy.

Do not do this. It is obviously unethical to take advantage of this return policy. Only return products when you genuinely are not satisfied with the outcome.

Not only is it unethical, but Sephora does track individuals who appear to be abusing their return system. Consequently, Sephora retains the right to reject a return and refund at any point. This further incentivizes correct usage of Sephora’s fantastic return policy.

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Final Thoughts

Sephora has a fantastic return policy that allows you to return unused or lightly used products within 60 days of the initial purchase.

Even if the product has been opened and tested out, you can still return the product if you are not satisfied within the first 60 days of ownership.

In fact, you can even return products to Sephora if you don’t have your receipt. If you have a rewards account or purchase the item with a credit card, Sephora workers can look up the purchase in order to issue you in exchange or store credit.

The fact that you can return Sephora products without a receipt further shows how fantastic this return policy is.

Due to how lenient and incredible Sephora’s return policy remains, it’s important to not use the policy. Not only is this unfair and unethical, but Sephora may end up rejecting your returns as a result. So, only return items when you genuinely don’t want them. At least Sephora makes it easy to do so! 



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