Does Dollar General Sell Walmart Gift Cards? (Full Guide)

Does Dollar General Sell Walmart Gift Cards

Do you know if Dollar General sells Walmart gift cards? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Dollar General has been pretty busy lately, opening new Dollar General Markets (Dollar General grocery stores) and refurbishing existing Dollar Generals into mini grocery marts.

Despite the upgrades, one of the biggest attractions at Dollar General remains, which is the sales of gift cards. 

When it comes to Walmart gift cards, Dollar General doesn’t sell them, nor will you find Walmart gift cards at any variation of Dollar General or any other Dollar store. They simply don’t sell them either online or in a physical store. 

When it comes to Walmart gift cards, you’re not going to find them anywhere else outside of retail chains that are directly linked to or owned by Walmart

What Gift Cards Does Dollar General Sell?

The best place to go is the above link to see all of Dollar General’s gift cards online because that is going to be the closest reflection of what they have in a physical store.

There are other websites that list what they claim to be “all” of the gift cards sold at Dollar General. 

However, most of them are not very accurate or their list is severely truncated. There are only a few gift cards for retailers that approach the likes of Walmart

Of course, there are a lot more gift cards available at Dollar General than that, but these are the only ones that approach anything resembling the type of shopping that you will find at a Walmart

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Where Can You Purchase Walmart Gift Cards?

Walmart is where you will find Walmart gift cards. It would seem that Walmart is not into the idea of other retail chains selling Walmart gift cards.

For example, you won’t find Walmart gift cards on Amazon, at any gas station, Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid. 

All of those places sell gift cards like their entire annual profit depends on it. Like Dollar General, you will find an end cap or an island that is full of gift cards in any one of these places, including most gas stations.

But you won’t find Walmart gift cards at any of them, for whatever reason. Your best bet for finding a Walmart gift card is to go to Sam’s Club, Walmart, or possibly a Walmart gas station. 

This extends to Walmart’s eGift cards as well. The only place that you can purchase an eGift card that has the Walmart label emblazoned on the front is at a Walmart or Sam’s Club website. 

You can also purchase Walmart eGift cards through PayPal if you have a PayPal account. PayPal

What Options Do You Have?

Fortunately, a Walmart gift card is not the only gift card that you can spend at a Walmart. Dollar General sells VISA gift cards as well, which Walmart accepts just like they would any debit or credit card.

Walmart sells more than just a standard VISA gift card. Well, at least they sell a variety of VISA gift card types.

They also sell VISA reloadable debit cards, which are essentially the same thing except you can pump as much money as you want to into the card. 

  • VISA Gift Box Gift Card
  • VISA Vanilla Prepaid Card
  • VISA Metallic Gift Card
  • VISA Green Dot Reloadable Gift Card
  • Vanilla VISA Happy Birthday Gift Card

Each one of these is sold in multiple iterations. The VISA Metallic series of gift cards come in red, purple, and yellow metallic colors, each one holding a certain amount of money.

The Gift Box gift cards are the same way. The VISA Prepaid card is basically a gift card in everything but name.

The prepaid gift card will hold anything up to $500, so it’s well beyond the typical gift card. While none of these gift cards are Walmart gift cards, they’re as close as you are going to get to find a gift card in Dollar General that you can spend at your local Walmart

Types of Walmart Gift Cards

Now that you know that the only place you can purchase Walmart gift cards is a Walmart, Sam’s Club, or Walmart gas station, what kind of gift cards do they offer? Walmart offers two types of gift cards.

The first is a standard, Walmart gift card and the second is a Walmart eGift card. 

You can spend either of these gift cards at any Walmart store, gas station, or Sam’s Club.

If you are not a Sam’s Club member, however, you can still spend a Walmart gift card there but you will incur a 10% fee when you make your purchase. 

If you have a Walmart Card that has $100 loaded on it and you decide to shop at Sam’s Club without a membership, you essentially have a $90 gift card.

Of course, if you have a membership at Sam’s Club, the fee doesn’t apply to you and you can spend your Walmart gift card there. 

You can also purchase Sam’s Club cards at your local Walmart or Sam’s Club and, like the Walmart gift card, you can spend the Sam’s Club gift card interchangeably.

Both Walmart and Sam’s Club accept the opposite gift cards in their stores. 

What Gift Card Amounts are Offered?

Walmart and Sam’s Club gift cards are sold in a broad variety of monetary amounts. If you select a typical plastic gift card, you will be able to choose from $20, $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, and $300. 

With the eGift cards, you are free to go a little higher as they come in $20, $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, and $500 amounts.

Since PayPal is the only entity outside of the Walmart brand that sells Walmart gift cards, it makes sense that you can use PayPal to purchase any of the above physical or electronic gift cards. 

You also have the option to pay with credit, debit, cash, or checks. Of course, checks and cash will only get you the physical Walmart gift card but the point is, you have a lot of options when it comes to paying for one. 

Why Does No One But Walmart Sell Walmart Gift Cards?

It’s an interesting question and unfortunately, it can’t be answered outside of the idea that Walmart simply keeps it in-house, refusing to allow other companies to make a profit off of the Walmart name. 

When you purchase a gift card from Dollar General, for instance, Dollar General gets something out of it. Otherwise, Dollar General wouldn’t sell the things because it costs money to stock them, it takes up shelf space, and it holds no other value for the Dollar General brand.

Walmart seems to be on the side of keeping those profits underneath the Walmart brand only.

When you purchase a Walmart gift card from Walmart or Sam’s Club, the only business that makes a profit off of it is Walmart

All Things Considered

While you cannot purchase a Walmart gift card from Dollar General—since they don’t sell them—you still have other options, such as VISA gift cards and prepaid card options.

If you really want to purchase a Walmart gift card, you will have to get it online, go to your local Walmart, or go to the nearest Sam’s Club.



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