Does Dollar General Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards? (Answered!)

Does Dollar General Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards

If you’re looking to get your crafty friend a gift, you might have considered a Hobby Lobby gift card. You might wonder: does Dollar General Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards?

Dollar General sells a variety of gift cards to lots of different companies, but Hobby Lobby is not among them. You can only purchase Hobby Lobby gift cards through the company, either on their website or at a Hobby Lobby store.

I’ll break down how to buy a real Hobby Lobby Gift Card, how to spot a gift card scam, and what gift cards you can really buy at Dollar General.

How Do I Buy a Hobby Lobby Gift Card in the Store?

In most Hobby Lobby stores, the gift cards are located by the register. You can ask a staff member if you’re having trouble finding them.

Hobby Lobby gift cards sell in denominations between $10 and $200. From there, you can pick one and pay for it at the register.

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How Do I Buy a Hobby Lobby Gift Card Online?

Go to Hobby Lobby’s website. In the bottom-left corner, you’ll see a hyperlink to their Gift Cards tab. Choose the style of gift card you want to buy and load between $10 and $200 onto it.

If you already have a Hobby Lobby gift card, you can also use this website to check your balance.

Once you’ve bought a gift card, Hobby Lobby will send it to you in physical form. You’ll have to pay a $1 shipping charge.

What Gift Cards Does Dollar General Sell?

If you’re not looking specifically for a Hobby Lobby gift card, Dollar General might have you covered. They sell a range of gift cards for different companies and stores. If your gift recipient likes any of these companies, you can get a gift card from Dollar General for them.


Dollar General sells a variety of gift cards for gamers. These include:

  • XBox subscriptions
  • XBox gift cards
  • Nintendo
  • Gamestop


Entertainment subscriptions and companies Dollar General sells gift cards for include:

  • Hulu
  • Sony
  • Google Play
  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Fandango


If your loved one loves to shop, Dollar General might have a gift card available for their favorite store. These include:


Depending on where you live, you might be able to gift someone a Dollar General card to their favorite restaurant. These include:

  • Red Lobster
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Wendy’s
  • Starbucks
  • Applebee’s
  • Ruby Tuesday
  • Little Caesar’s
  • Brinker International (Chili’s and Maggiano’s Little Italy)
  • Dominos
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Burger King
  • Subway
  • TGI Friday’s

Dollar General also sells gift cards for Uber. If you’re not sure what your gift recipient likes, you can also buy a Visa gift card at Dollar General.

How Do I Know My Hobby Lobby Gift Card Isn’t a Scam?

If you’ve got a gift card directly from the Hobby Lobby website or from a physical store, you should be able to use it at any Hobby Lobby. You can also make online orders at their official website. Since Hobby Lobby doesn’t sell their gift cards anywhere else, they don’t accept gift cards bought at sites like Cardpool.

There have been reports of shoppers trying to use gift cards bought through third-party sites at Hobby Lobby. The staff did not accept these cards as payment.

In addition, it was often found these fake gift cards did not have a balance or a balance larger than $200. Since Hobby Lobby only sells gift cards up to $200, this was a clear sign of a scam.

Hobby Lobby does not sell digital gift cards or gift cards through email. Anyone trying to sell you a digital Hobby Lobby gift card is definitely trying to con you out of your money. They also don’t sell printable gift cards.

How Do I Spot a Gift Card Scam?

Luckily, Hobby Lobby gift card scams are relatively easy to spot. With other companies, the signs aren’t always easy to see.

If you’re buying a gift card at a store, check for signs of tampering. These include damaged packaging and scraped-off pin numbers.

If you find a gift card in damaged packaging, hand it over to the store staff. Avoid the top or front row of gift cards, since counterfeiters and scammers usually leave their cards in the spot with the easiest access.

Many stores keep their gift cards behind the counter, or in secure packaging, to discourage scammers.

If you’re ordering a gift card online, I recommend going directly through the store’s website. While some third-party sellers are trustworthy, many are not. Some will even try to sell you gift cards that are only available directly through a company, like Hobby Lobby. 

Delete any unsolicited emails offering you a gift card. Usually, companies, where you’ve signed up for emails, will send you discounts, not free gift cards.

If someone sends you an e-gift card or printable gift card, check and make sure that the company offers digital or printable gift cards. As we’ve seen with Hobby Lobby, some do not.

Do Scammers Ask For Payment with Gift Cards?

Some scammers pretend to be working for a federal or government organization and demand you pay with a gift card. No legit organization will ask for back taxes, fees, or fines and let you pay with a gift card. More likely, this is someone trying to get your gift card information so they can fraudulently use it.

They might even ask that you buy a gift card, load it with money, and then give them the numbers on the back of the gift card. They might claim if you don’t, something bad will happen. This is just a ploy to try to get you to pay.

Nothing bad will actually happen to you if you don’t give a scammer any information.

If you’re not sure, you can call the company the scammer claims to be working for. If they’re claiming to be a friend or relative in an emergency, hang up and call the friend or relative before giving them any money.

Even if you haven’t paid the scammer, report the incident to the Federal Trade Commission. This can help stop the scam.

How Do I Report a Gift Card Scam?

There are three organizations you can contact if you’ve encountered a gift card scam:

  • The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center
  • The Federal Trade Commission
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

You can report the scam either online or on the phone with all three of these organizations. You can also call the customer service line of the company for which you bought the gift card.

The FTC website has a list of customer service numbers for popular companies which gift card scammers tend to target.

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Dollar General does not sell Hobby Lobby gift cards. Hobby Lobby is one company that only sells physical gift cards directly through their stores and website. If you bought a Hobby Lobby gift card through a third-party seller, we recommend reporting it to the government agencies listed above. You can buy all sorts of other gift cards at Dollar General.



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