Does Burger King Have All Day Breakfast (Serving Hours + More)

does burger king have all day breakfast

Do you know if Burger King has all day breakfast or what are the serving hours? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Burger King has a ginormous breakfast menu. Every little thing you could ever want, you will find it there. While they’re famous for their burgers, their morning food options are quite popular too.

But does Burger King have all day breakfast? The truth is, no they don’t. Burger King only serves breakfast between 6 am and 10:30 am. They’re serious about it too, you can’t even see the breakfast menu for online ordering until 6 am. Once 10:30 am comes along, they disable the options.

However, you can look at their nutritional facts listings. Here you can see what they have for breakfast along with cholesterol, calorie counts, and others. But if you want breakfast food from Burger King, you’ll have to wait until morning.

Can You Get Anything Burger King Offers for Breakfast Any Time of Day?

The only breakfast items that Burger King offers all day are their coffees, teas, milk, bottled water, orange juice, and fountain drinks.

They allow customers to view this on their website outside of the 6 am to 10:30 am breakfast serving time. They block access to everything else until then.

Burger King Serving Hours

In the table below you can see all Burger King serving hours:

Burger King ServingHours
Start Breakfast6:00 am
Stop Breakfast10:30 am
Working Hours16 hours
Lunch Start10:30 am
Lunch Stoptill night
Closing Time10:00 pm from Mon to Fri
Closing Time11: 00 pm on Saturday and Sunday

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What Breakfast Foods Does Burger King Have?

The table below indicates some of the most popular breakfast foods Burger King has on their menu. There is also a list of ingredients along with the nutritional facts.

Burger King is not entirely transparent about every aspect that entails their ingredients.

Breakfast ItemIngredientsNutritional Facts
Cheesy Sausage & Egg Toasted Breakfast SandwichToasted bread, sausage patty, egg, and melted American CheeseCalories 576.9Carbs 35.2 gCholesterol 373.6 mgFat 37.1 gFiber 2.2 gProtein 25.8 gSaturated Fat 13.7 gSodium 1,207 mgSugar 5.9 gTrans Fat 0.8 g
Crispy Chicken Toasted Breakfast SandwichBreaded and fried chicken tenders nestle between two thick pieces of toasted breadCalories 375.2Carbohydrates 52.4 gCholesterol 29.6 mgFat 12.3 gFiber 2.3 gProteins 14.8 gSaturated Fat 4.6 gSodium 870.9 mgSugar 15.7 gTrans Fat 0.1 g
Breakfast Bacon King with SausageEgg, bacon, sausage, bacon, American cheese, signature sauce, and wheat hamburger bunCalories 644.2Carbs 44.2 gCholesterol 174.7 mgFat 40 gFiber 1.7 gProteins 27 gSaturated Fat 14.6 gSodium 1,696.9 mgSugar 9.7 gTrans Fat 0.6 g
Fully Loaded Croissan’Wich – Bacon, Ham, SausageButter-loaded croissant with eggs, cheese, sausage patty, two slices of bacon, and a slice of hamCalories 621.8Carbs 30.9 gCholesterol 307.3 mgFat 41.7 gFiber 0.8 gProteins 31.3 gSaturated Fat 18.4 gSodium 1,795.3 mgSugar 5.5 gTrans Fat 1 g
Double Sausage, Egg, ; Cheese Croissan’WichTwo thick sausage patties along with egg and cheese sit between a light, flaky and buttery croissant pastryCalories 802.3Carbs 31 gCholesterol 341.2 mgFat 60.6 gFiber 0.8 gProteins 33.6 gSaturated Fat 26.8 gSodium 1,966.3 mgSugar 4.9 gTrans Fat 1.9 g
Sausage BiscuitA simple breakfast sandwich comprising a single buttermilk biscuit split in half to hold one sausage pattyCalories 432Carbs 30.1 gCholesterol 34.9 mgFat 30.2 gFiber 1 gProteins 11.4 gSaturated Fat 13.4 gSodium 1,146.6 mgSugar 2.1 gTrans Fat 0.1 g
Fully Loaded Buttermilk BiscuitSausage, bacon, and ham along with egg, cheese, and special sauce slather between two moist pieces of buttermilk biscuitsCalories 647.6Carbohydrates 33.8 gCholesterol 284.3 mgFat 43.8 gFiber 1.2 gProteins 31 gSaturated Fat 20.2 gSodium 2,329.2 mgSugar 4.1 gTrans Fat 0.7 g
Bacon, Egg, Cheese BiscuitButtermilk biscuit with a scrambled egg, crispy bacon, and melted American cheeseCalories 414Carbs 31.7 gCholesterol 224.2 mgFat 25.9 gFiber 1.2 gProteins 15.4 gSaturated Fat 12.4 gSodium 1,368.3 mgSugar 2.6 gTrans Fat 0.7 g
Egg-Normous BurritoA soft flour tortilla encases eggs, cheddar cheese, spicy cream sauce, hash brown medallions, bacon, and sausageCalories 822.2Carbohydrates 68.3 gCholesterol 438.3 mgFat 45.6 gFiber 3.5 gProteins 35.4 gSaturated Fat 16.5 gSodium 2,031.8 mgSugar 3.9 gTrans Fat 1.3 g
French Toast SticksFive slices of bread come dipped in egg batter and fried in oil with maple syrup on the side You can also order these as a breakfast side, which includes three French toast sticks5 PiecesCalories 521.2 kcalCarbs 78.7 gCholesterol 1.2 mgFat 20.3 gFiber 2.8 gProteins 6.2 gSaturated Fat 4.7 gSodium 512.8 mgSugar 31.4 gTrans Fat 0.1 g 3 PiecesCalories 350.6Carbs 56.8 gCholesterol 0.7 mgFat 12.2 gFiber 1.7 gProteins 3.7 gSaturated Fat 2.8 gSodium 317.8 mgSugar 25.7 gTrans Fat 0.1 g
Small Iced Plain CoffeeCafé style iced coffee with cream; you can ask for sugar packets on the sideCalories 154.2Carbohydrates 21.2 gCholesterol 16.8 mgFat 7.2 gFiber 0 gProteins 1.2 gSaturated Fat 4.5 gSodium 38.6 mgSugar 21.1 gTrans Fat 0.2 g
Simply Brand Orange JuiceTypical orange juice; this you can get all day at Burger KingCalories 128.4Carbs 30.7 gCholesterol 0 mgFat 0 gFiber 0 gProteins 1.8 gSaturated Fat 0 gSodium 19 mgSugar 27.3 gTrans Fat 0 g
Small Small Plain Cold Brew CoffeeSlow-brewed style coffee served cold and with ice. Nutritional information increases with added sugar and/or creamCalories 0Carbs 0 gCholesterol 0 mgFat 0 gFiber 0 gProteins 0 gSaturated Fat 0 gSodium 0 mgSugar 0 gTrans Fat 0 g

Is Burger King Breakfast Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly or Good for Keto/Paleo Diets?

People with specific diets should avoid eating Burger King’s breakfast options. None of these are gluten-free, nut-free, organic, vegan friendly, or good for keto/paleo diets.

The only things on the menu that would come close to accommodation would be the coffee, tea, or orange juice.

However, their menu changes all the time, and some locations offer certain items they don’t have in other places.

For instance, you can get a smoothie in places like California with a choice between blueberry, strawberry or pineapple mango. These are made with 100% Greek yogurt and real fruit.

Why Are There Some Breakfast Items on the Nutritional Facts that Are Not in the Menu?

Burger King has a myriad of breakfast menu options listed on their nutritional value page that you won’t see in their regular menu.

This is because they change their menu often and it takes time to reflect that nutritional information.

There have been some situations where Burger King fielded a new food. However, they removed it as quickly as they put it there yet it’s still on the nutritional value list.

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Unfortunately, Burger King doesn’t have all day breakfast. You can only get it between 6 am and 10:30 am. You can’t even see what their menu options are until then.

The only thing you’ll be able to grab is a coffee, tea, orange juice, bottled water, or any one of their fountain drinks.



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