Does Dollar General Sell Ulta Gift Cards?  (Full Guide)

Does Dollar General Sell Ulta Gift Cards

Do you know if Dollar General sells Ulta gift cards? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If you shop at Dollar General, you have probably seen their large island towards the front of the store. It’s usually so covered in gift cards that it’s like a second skin; fish scales made out of a multitude of variously colored gift cards.

The question is, are any of them Ulta Gift Cards?

Whether you happen to find an Ulta Gift Card on a Dollar General endcap or island, they do sell them. In fact, if you’re on the lookout for an Ulta Gift Card, you will find one right here on Dollar General’s online store

Dollar General has risen from the ash heap of major discount retailers to become one of the world’s most recognizable “dollar” stores.

Many Dollar Generals are slowly converting into small grocery stores as well and you can find one on almost every corner. 

What is Ulta?

Ulta is short for Ulta Beauty and it is a cosmetic retailer that takes things to the next level. Ulta has become a giant in the cosmetic retail industry and now commands over 40,000 stores across the country. 

Ulta has received multiple awards for Best Large Employers, Best Employers for Diversity, Best Employers for Women, Diversity Inc Noteworthy Companies for Diversity, and Fast Company Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Retail. 

Ulta retail outlets sell everything from makeup to bath & body products, all of which is available for both men and women. They also include a pretty robust reward program, along with their gift cards.

Besides having a large number of retail outlets across the country, Ulta products are also sold in a variety of other retail chains such as Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Amazon, and more. 

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Buying Ulta Gift Cards from Dollar General

You can walk right into just about any Dollar General and find an Ulta gift card, however, Dollar General has a rewards program that might make it a little more financially beneficial.

Dollar General advertises its rewards program in terms of buying Dollar General gift cards but it’s not just Dollar General gift cards that you can take advantage of. 

You can sign up for Dollar General Rewards Program at any time. All you have to do is go to 

  • On the Home Page, click on the “Sign In” symbol at the top right-hand corner
  • Select Create Account
  • Fill out your first name, last name, zip code, email, and create a password
  • Select “Next Step”
  • Start taking advantage of Dollar General Rewards

Dollar General rewards is essentially a savings program where you enter your phone number every time you purchase so that you can take advantage of the digital coupons that are out there. 

Also, items that you buy now can earn you major discounts in the future. Every time you make purchases at Dollar General and use your phone number, the rewards are compiled in your account for later use. 

Black Fridays are good days to take advantage of Dollar General Rewards Program offers.

If you are on the hunt for an Ulta Gift Card, you will potentially get up to 20% off of your purchase, just by being a rewards member with Dollar General. 

For instance, your Rewards program Dollar General app will notify you when spending your rewards are useful and when major discounts are available, which often covers gift cards with up to 20% off. 

That means you can get an Ulta gift card that would normally cost $100 for $80 instead. Of course, the best thing about purchasing gift cards at Dollar General is that you can purchase them in a variety of monetary values. 

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Activating an Ulta Gift Card

You can’t just scan an Ulta gift card right after you purchase it. Some gift cards are activated when purchased, and some require an extra step.

Ulta Gift cards come with a phone number on the back or you can go online to activate your card. 

Ulta Gift Cards operate on the Blackhawk network and if you want to activate your Ulta gift card, simply follow this link.

Once you’re on the site, all you need to do is fill in the Ulta Gift Card Number black and add your email address. 

Select the “Continue” tab and you’re all set. You can now spend your Ulta Gift card on Ulta products online, in-store, or anywhere that you find Ulta products in any retail chain.

Ulta Gift Cards can be activated from anywhere between $15 and $500. 

Ulta Gift Card Terms and Conditions

According to Ulta, all Ulta gift cards are redeemable at any Ulta location, including on the Ulta iPhone and Android apps and the Ulta website.

If you are using your Ulta gift card online or on one of their apps, you need to have the gift card with you when you make a purchase.

You have to enter the gift card number like you would enter a debit card or credit card before making a purchase.

You can only use one gift card per order. So, if you have multiple Ulta gift cards, you can only redeem one at a time. 

You cannot use an Ulta gift card to purchase anything that is not an Ulta product and you can’t use it to purchase gift cards, including other Ulta gift cards. If you are a member of Ulta’s rewards program, you cannot use the rewards with your gift card purchase.

All rewards program benefits exist separately from Ulta gift cards. You can check your Ulta gift card balance at any time by going to either the Android or iPhone Ulta app, calling 1-888-566-2736, and going online to

Ulta Gift Card Balance and Return

You can also check your gift card balance inside of an Ulta store by giving the card to an Ulta associate to check.

If you have multiple Ulta gift cards, you can combine them. Ulta calls it a “gift card Merger” but it amounts to the same thing. 

To do this, you have to go online to and use their chat service. Speak to an associate through chat and they will allow you to merge multiple Ulta gift cards which may be necessary for large purchases that exceed one or the other Ulta gift cards. 

According to Ulta, you can speak to one of their Guest Service Specialists to merge your gift cards. To speak to a Guest Service Specialist, you will have to talk to one of them through Ulta’s chat service or contact Ulta customer service.

Ulta does not allow you to return Ulta gift cards once you have purchased them. They fall outside of the umbrella that is Ulta’s return policy.

If you order an eGift card online, you can only get a return if you cancel the order before the gift card order is fulfilled. 

All Things Considered

Dollar General does sell Ulta gift cards, however, they’re not always easy to find. According to some blogs, you cannot purchase gift cards through Dollar General’s online store.

Fortunately, that’s not true as the above link clearly shows that you can. 

If you can’t find an Ulta gift card at your local Dollar General, visit their online store, select your Ulta Gift card, and add it to the list. 



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