Sam´s Club Return Policy (Perishable Item, Time Limits)

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Sam’s Club is great to buy food, supplies, and beverages in bulk. They also have electronics, beauty products, appliances, housewares and so much more.

With the mega savings you get, you’d think they have strict limits on returns and exchanges.

So, how many days do you have to make a return to Sam’s Club? The truth is you can return most items at anytime. This means there’s no limit or time window in which to make a return. However, there are special items that do have some restrictions.

But considering all they stock on their shelves, it’s not much in the interim. Returns at Sam’s Club are fairly easy, self-explanatory, and hassle-free.

What Are the Time Limits for Returns at Sam’s Club?

Even though you can return many items whenever you need to, there are some restrictions depending on the product. For instance, you have 90 days to return electronics and major appliances whereas they allot 30 days for commercial heavy equipment and motorsports products.

However, if you get a cell phone that’s prepaid, postpaid, or no contract, you have 14 days to make the return.

Other than that, as long as you have a receipt, you can return any item from grocery, health, beauty, or home goods.

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Which Items at Sam’s Club Are Iffy for Returns?

Some items you purchase from Sam’s Club require a call to your local store about certain returns or exchanges. This is because local laws and municipal regulations vary from state to state on things like:

  • Beer, Wine, and Spirits
  • Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products
  • Automotive Fluids, Tires, and Batteries
  • Hearing Aids
  • Eyeglasses
  • Protection Plans
  • Travel Deals and Itineraries
  • Subscriptions
  • Contact Lenses Ordered Online

What Is the Return Policy for Perishable Items?

You can return any perishable items to a Sam’s Club for a full refund or replacement. However, if you ordered it online, you have to contact their Member Care center with your membership and order numbers.

Depending on the item, you may have to call your local club to initiate the return before bringing it in.

They will not accept returns for perishable items by mail. If you are doing a return this way, you should throw away the item and Sam’s Club will begin the process of sending you a new one.

When you go into a store, you are not required to return the perishable item.

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Are There Any Items You Can’t Return to Sam’s Club?

While Sam’s Club is happy to honor any refund or exchange when you’re not happy with it, there are some items they will not accept for return.

Neither can you return gift cards and prepaid cards nor tickets for events, like concerts or sports games.

Also, customized and personalized items, such as photos and mugs, are not eligible for a return. You can’t return prescriptions or any purchases made through the Sam’s Club Wholesale Trading program.

Can You Return Volume or Bulk Purchases Made at Sam’s Club?

Nothing you buy in bulk or volume at Sam’s Club is eligible for a return. The only exception in this case is if there are clear damages or defects by the manufacturer.

For these, you have to submit your damage report with photos within 72 hours of receiving your delivery or taking home your purchase.

Note that “bulk” or “volume,” according to Sam’s Club, is anything comprising 10 units or more purchased within a 24-hour period.

Can You Still Make a Return at Anytime without a Receipt?

According to Sam’s Club’s Terms & Conditions Policy, they prefer you have the original receipt or some other proof of purchase to make a return.

This can be your online order confirmation or the email you received after placing your order.

However, in the event you don’t have your receipt, Sam’s Club will do their best to honor your return. At the very least, it’s likely you’ll receive a replacement for the item you’re returning rather than a refund.

How Do You Return Online Orders at Sam’s Club?

You have a few options available when you want to return things you bought online. Of course, you can take it into your local Sam’s Club but you can also do it through the mail.

However, if you have any questions about the item and it’s eligibility for a return, you should contact their customer care online or call the store.

If you wish to do the return through the mail for online orders, go to your account and click on “order details.” When you initiate the return process, they will email you a return shipping label that you print out and put on the package.

Make sure you include all accessories and packing slips that came with the original order.

Can You Return Items Bought in a Club via Mail?

Sam’s Club doesn’t accept returns or exchanges through the mail for items bought in a physical store. However, if you have a special circumstance, you can contact their Customer Care center for assistance with your situation.


You have an unlimited amount of time in which to return most unwanted items back to Sam’s Club. However, there are a few exceptions, and you should take note of those; especially when you get your original receipt.

Regardless, they make the process simple since they aim for 100% customer satisfaction.



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