Does Best Buy Price Match B&H (Guarantee + Policy Explained)

Does Best Buy Price Match B&H

Do you know if Best Buy’s price match B&H? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

When it comes to getting the best product for the best price, stores like Best Buy will often offer Price Match Guarantees to coax customers to purchase their products and help ensure customer loyalty. But like any good deal, there are limits to what Price Match Guarantees will cover.

So, does Best Buy’s price match B&H? No, Best Buy price do not match B&H. The official Best Buy Price Match policy applies to local stores within a certain distance, as well as exclusively to online retailers such as Amazon. It does not apply to competing retailers who are also manufacturers such as Apple or B&H, Marketplace Sales, Clearance Sales, Used Items, or Third Party Vendors.

This article gives a more in-depth look at how Best Buy’s Price Match Policy applies to B&H Photo and Video technology and prices.

Does Best Buy Price Match B&H?

According to Best Buy’s official policy, B and H falls under the heading of ‘Competing Manufacturer Store’. Therefore, Best Buy does not Price Match these products, at least not with prices offered in B&H stores or online.

This doesn’t mean they won’t do a Price Match on B&H merchandise, only that they won’t match the price of B&H selling directly to you.

They’re also unlikely to match the prices if B&H is having a sale or special event that is not Best Buy sponsored or specifically supported.

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I’ve Received a Price Match for B&H Merchandise Before

If you’re feeling confused because you’ve received a price match with B&H stores before, there is a reason. Best Buy’s policy did include B and H on its list of Price Match stores until recently.

As of April 2019, Best Buy altered their Price Match policy, an alteration which included the removal of B&H stores as a viable Price Match option.

What If I Live Near a B&H Retail Store?

In theory, that might put them under the category of ‘local retailer’. However, that’s no guarantee a price match is possible.

In order to price match, Best Buy needs to be able to verify the price on their systems, which can be difficult if the store is not part of the Authorized list.

Best Buy Price Match B&H Policy

Best Buy will match the price of any B&H product under the following conditions:

  • If the item has a lower price online than in-store, or in-store than online.
  • If the price of an item drops within the designated return period.
  • If the item is found for a lower price at another local retailer – such as Target or Walmart – in store or online.
  • If you find the item for a lower price at an online retailer such as Amazon.

For those items for which you’re asking for a price match due to a price change within the return period, you may be asked to take store credit rather than a monetary refund.

Time Limit for Price Matching

Price Matching for a price change during a refund fall under the following time limits:

  • For items requiring an activation or a subscription, the time limit is 14 days.
  • For regular items, the time limit is 15 days
  • For individuals who have a Best Buy Elite membership, the time limit is 30 days
  • For individuals who have Best Buy Elite Plus, the time limit is 45 days.

Other Requirements for a Price Match?

The item must be new, and still in its original packaging. Best Buy will not price match used or open box items.

It has to be a retail store like Best Buy, not a second-hand or resale shop.

The Price Match can only be applied to one item per customer per day. You can’t use it on multiple items, or even multiples of the same item.

The item must be an exact match, an identical item, not something similar. You can’t price match a slightly different item by the same supplier, or an identical item from a different supplier.

Best Buy Refuse a Price Match

– If the price is for an item on Clearance, a Liquidation Sale, or an Overstock Sale

– Prices offered for Black Friday deals, hourly deals, or daily deals.

– Bargains for items in a bundle or as part of special financing.

– Pre-Release or Pre-Order offers and prices

– Rent-to-Own prices or ‘Lease’ prices.

– Offers that are part of Membership or Loyalty Programs from competing stores.

– Offers as part of a third-party seller or a Marketplace Seller, such as Amazon Marketplace vendors.

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Best Buy Price Match Online Offers for B&H Products

Best Buy will price match online offers made by local retailers or online retailers such as Amazon. For sites like Amazon, this only applies to the prices officially offered by, not to prices offered by individuals using the Amazon marketplace platform.

Best Buy will match the prices found on sites like or if there is one of these stores in the local area.

Best Buy will also price match offers made by local stores that are not part of larger chains, provided they are licensed retailers and not resale shops.

Best Buy No Longer Price Match Offers Directly From B&H

There are a few possible reasons for the change in policy, though only Best Buy owners know the full reasons behind the decision.

Profit Margins:

Best Buy prices are intended to account for prices incurred in packaging, shipping, and advertising products they receive from manufacturers. They also cover, in part, the cost of land for a physical retail location, bills for things like electricity and utilities, and paychecks for employees.

It’s possible that trying to match manufacturer prices would be detrimental to their ability to keep their stores open, by sending the profit margin below viability.

Program Differences:

Many companies offer loyalty programs or specialized programs for groups like Teachers or Small Businesses. Offering to match price differences across these programs can result in too much confusion.

To minimize confusion and stress, Best Buy doesn’t match these. It also prevents people from ‘stacking’ promotional deals, or the benefits from Reward programs.

Differences in Products:

Best Buy may carry some B&H products, but they’re not likely to carry ALL B&H products. They also might not carry all the different variations of a certain product.

This can create confusing price differences for items that look similar but have small differences between them. Trying to keep track of prices and deals on these items could be too difficult for retailers like Best Buy to manage.

How Can I Know if Best Buy Will Price Match a Specific B&H Item?

Check and see if Best Buy has the item online or in stores, and what price they offer.

Check the prices on sites like and see what they offer.

Check in local stores and on their websites.

If you find a lower price in any of these venues, you can present the proof in-store at Best Buy and request a price match.

Make sure any coupons you access are for deals that are not daily or hourly deals, and that they are still valid when you visit Best Buy.



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