What is Best Buy’s Return Policy After Christmas? (Secrets Nobody Is Talking About)

best buy Return Policy After Christmas

Do you know what Best Buy´s return policy after Christmas is? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Best Buy is the largest consumer electronics retailer in the United States. Beginning from a single store in Minnesota in 1966, Best Buy has expanded over the decades to become a multinational corporation.

Nowadays, Best Buy carries such a wide range of products that their return policy can seem a little daunting if you have a question.

So, what is Best Buy’s return policy after Christmas? Best Buy offers an extended return window for purchases made after Christmas or over the holidays. Last year, for example, items bought between October 18th and January 2nd had until January 16th to be returned. For most products, this is an extension of Best Buy’s standard 15-day return policy. Best Buy’s other standard return terms and conditions remain in place during this extended holiday return period.  

This guide will help you learn all about the ins and outs of Best Buy’s return policy, including holiday returns.  

Best Buy’s return policy after Christmas, explained:

Best Buy’s holiday extended return policy gives busy shoppers some extra time to complete returns and make gift exchanges after Christmas. Best Buy’s standard return window for most products is 15 days.

For the holiday season, any product purchased around the holidays, even as early as October 18th, has until January 16th to be returned. There are a few exceptions, however:

  • Items with a third party contract (for example, cell phones, tablets, or AppleCare monthly plans) have a 14-day standard return window.
  • Holiday seasonal items (for example, artificial trees, lighting) have a 15-day standard return window. 

All other standard return terms and conditions apply to the holiday return policy. 

Can I return a Christmas gift bought at Best Buy? Do I have to have a gift receipt?

Yes, you can return a Christmas gift purchased at Best Buy. The quickest way to return a gift is to bring it into a store, where you will receive a store credit for the amount of the gift.

You can also return the gift by shipping it back to Best Buy, in which case they will credit the purchaser of the gift and notify them via email. 

The gift you are returning will need to be in like-new condition, and apparel must have the tags still on them.

You do not need to have a receipt, although it is recommended you have a valid photo ID if returning the item in-store. 

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What is Best Buy’s standard return policy?

Best Buy has a standard return policy window of 15 days for most products. However, here’s where things get a bit complicated.

Best Buy has a lot of exceptions to their return policy, including extended return windows for different customers, product exceptions, and restocking fees. We’ll break it down for you here. 

How long do I have to return something bought at Best Buy?

As mentioned, the standard return window is 15 days. However, if you have special membership status, you get a longer return window for most products.

The exception is activated products (except Verizon devices), which have a return time period of 14 days no matter what your membership status is. 

Here are the return windows in detail:

  • Standard member: 15 days for most products, 14 days for activated devices.
  • My Best Buy Elite member: 30 days for most products, 14 days for activated devices.
  • My Best Buy Elite Plus member: 45 days for most products, 14 days for activated devices.
  • Best Buy Totaltech member: 60 days for most products, 14 days for activated devices. 

Verizon devices have a return window of 30 days no matter what your membership status is. 

The return window begins the day you receive your product and covers new, pre-owned, open-box, clearance, and refurbished items. 

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Do I have to pay a restocking fee?

Yes, for some items you will have to pay a restocking fee when returning them. Activatable devices (excluding prepaid phones) have a $45 restocking fee.

Other items, such as drones, e-bikes and projectors, have fees that are 15% of the purchase price. For the full list of items requiring a restocking fee check here

Do I have to have a receipt to return an item bought at Best Buy?

If you don’t have a receipt you can try to locate another proof-of-purchase, such as a packing slip or even a credit card statement. If you can’t find any proof-of-purchase, be prepared to show a government-issued ID, and you may need to provide your email address.

An unofficial policy at stores (subject to manager approval), is to accept any unopened item returned as long as the SKU on the item is intact and the product is in-stock.

However, they reserve the right to refuse your return, and even if you get a refund it will be minus any fees or state taxes.

Are there any items I can’t return to Best Buy?

Final sale items include customizable products, prepaid cards, batteries, printer ink, plumbing items, and more. For the full list click here

How do I return an item purchased at Best Buy? 

To return an item purchased at a Best Buy store:

  • Gather the item and its original packaging contents. 
  • Track down your proof-of-purchase (receipt, packing slip, credit card statement).
  • Bring the item, the packaging, your proof-of-purchase, a valid photo ID, and the credit card used to make your purchase. 
  • When your return is accepted, you will be reimbursed in whatever method you originally used to pay for the item. 

To return an item purchased at online at Best Buy.com:

It is easiest to return an item bought online by returning it in-store using the method described above. That way you don’t have to wait for the return to arrive at a warehouse to be processed. However, when that’s not an option, you can return an item by shipping it back. 

  • Log in to your Best Buy account and locate your order.
  • Print out a pre-paid shipping label. 
  • Box the item along with its original packaging and contents and stick the label on the package. 
  • Take the package to an authorized UPS drop off location. 
  • Make sure you ship it back within the return window for the product. 
  • Once they receive the return, it takes about 15-20 business days for them to process it. 

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