Who Makes Great Value Products (11 Products Listed!)

Who Makes Great Value Products

Do you know who makes Great Value products for Walmart? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Many people believe that store brands cannot compare to name brands. However, there are many Walmart products that are just as good and can help with cost savings, especially the ones from their Great Value range. 

So, who makes different Great Value products for Walmart? It is a range of manufacturers including ConAgra Foods, Sara Lee, General Mills, as well as Ziploc, and Dannon.  

If you want to know more about the most popular Great Value products and find out who really makes them, keep reading. This article is filled with fun facts and all the information you need.

About Great Value

Great Value is a range of economical products exclusively sold by Walmart. This is a private label brand that is owned by Walmart.

However, the products are manufactured from various sources and there are different suppliers for different products.

In many cases, you may be buying a product made from a leading national company with higher manufacturing capacity or a name-brand that has collaborated with Walmart.

Some products also come from third-party manufacturers who simply make the product for other companies, like Walmart.

As Walmart is the brand holder, it does not always disclose information regarding the origin of Great Value products and there is also a distribution clause on some of these items. So, it can be difficult to tell who makes each product. 

However, through blind tests and taste comparisons, as well as other ways of comparing, there are some solid speculations about who makes Great Value products. 

1) Great Value Original Mac and Cheese Is Made by Kraft

Mac n Cheese is one of the yummiest meals ever, especially for kids. Are you on the lookout for delicious and tasty macaroni and cheese, very similar to the iconic Kraft one?

Then Walmart‘s Mac and Cheese is a winner. It has the same, buttery sauce and flavor as Kraft’s. 

Many people speculate that the Great Value Macaroni and Cheese is made by Kraft. However, the information is not 100% verified.

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2) Walmart’s Great Value Water Is Made by Ozonation

The Great Value Water at Walmart is a popular product and is sold for $0.80 per gallon. The water is purified by ozonation and has a neutral pH level which means it has no pollutants. It is sourced from the natural springs from Basswood in Platte County, Missouri. 

The purified bottled water from Walmart‘s Great Value line originates from California, more specifically, the Sacramento Municipal water supply.

3) Great Value Zipper Bags Is Made by Ziploc

The Great Value zipper bags at Walmart are actually made by Ziploc. There is no evidence of a formal contract between the two but many sources suggest that the manufacturer is Ziploc. 

The design, quality, and overall feel of the Great Value Zipper Bags are almost identical to the Ziploc ones. Great Value Zipper Bags cost $2.88 per 100 pieces.

This is far cheaper than the Ziploc ones, priced at $8.84 for 74 bags. This is a deal you need to snag!

You can get different storage bags for freezers, sandwiches, or storage for less than 7 dollars from Walmart Great Value.

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4) Great Value Yogurt & Greek Yogurt Is Made by Dannon

Dannon is a well-known brand that specializes in yogurts. According to our sources, the Great Value Yogurt & Greek Yogurt is produced by a subsidiary of Dannon. The yogurt is delicious, made from premium ingredients, and is value for money. 

A simple price comparison can show us the difference. You can get 32 oz of Great Value’s low fat vanilla yogurt for just $1.74. Whereas, the same family-sized pot by Dannon costs $2.78. 

Plus, there are lots of yummy flavors to choose from including peach, blueberry, orange, banana, mixed berry, key lime, strawberry, and cherry, in both plain and greek yogurts. 32-ounce as well as smaller 4-6 ounce cups are available.

5) Great Value Frozen Buttermilk Biscuits

These frozen biscuits are a treat to enjoy. They have a bakery fresh taste and can easily be baked in 18 to 25 minutes for melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

One package of the Great Value Frozen buttermilk biscuits costs $3.98 which is also an absolute steal. 

The value sized box with such a great quality product is loved by many. So, who makes these biscuits? Rumour has it that Pillsbury, a Minnesota-based company, is the one behind this delicious recipe. 

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6) Great Value Original Dairy Whipped Topping Is Made by Reddi-wip

The whipped cream by Great Value is made from real cream and has no artificial sweeteners or flavors which makes it a high-quality product. So, who originally makes the cream?

Well, there is one main guess according to our research. This cream topping has the exact same texture and taste as the whipping cream by Reddi-wip. Both of them even have an almost identical packaging, so it is quite obvious. 

There is quite some price saving here too. You get a 6.5 oz bottle of Reddi-wip for $2.58. In contrast, the General Value Whipped Topping is priced at $2.98 for a 13 oz bottle This means you will get almost double the amount of the GV one at a slightly higher price.  

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7) Great Value Ice Cream Is Made by Walmart

Great Value has an excellent ice cream range consisting of flavors like homestyle vanilla, fudge tracks, strawberry shortcake, unicorn sparkle, cookies n cream, and more.

In this case, Walmart itself has disclosed that Wells Diary is the official manufacturer of the Great Value ice cream brand.

The ice cream is made at a manufacturing plant in Le Mars, Iowa and Wells has been making it for Walmart‘s Great Value for the last 30 years. 

And this ice cream tastes just like the one by Breyer’s. So, if you love Breyer’s ice cream, you need to try the Great Value ice cream at Walmart.

Plus, there is a difference of almost 30% in their price so you’ll save some money too. 

8) Great Value Peanut Butter Is Made by ConAgra Foods

When it comes to tasty, creamy, rich peanut butter, Great Value has an excellent option at a very reasonable price. This peanut butter is uncannily similar to the famous Peter Pan original peanut butter, yet there is a huge difference in price.

And guess what? Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter both are made in the same factory. So they have the same manufacturer; the famous ConAgra Foods.  

You can get a 64-ounce, large jar of Great Value peanut butter for $4.34. In contrast, the Peter Pan one costs $4.68 for a 40-ounce jar!

9) Great Value Mild Thick & Chunky Salsa Is Made by ConAgra Foods

This mouth-watering salsa is a fan-favourite among Walmart shoppers. It is made from crushed tomatoes and jalapeno peppers, garlic, and onion, and is the perfect balance of tangy and spicy.

You can also find more options at Walmart including chunky, medium cantine, salsa verde, organic, roasted garlic, etc. 

This is another fantastic product which is also made by the famous ConAgra Foods. 

10) Great Value Milk Is Made by Walmart

The Great Value brand also has its own milk. Walmart has its own dairy plants to produce cow’s milk, but their milk also originates from other sources depending on your location. 

Some dairy suppliers that have most likely partnered with Walmart include Borden Dairy Company, Meadow Gold Dairy, and Dean’s. However, the precise location can still vary.

 Most of the time, Walmart locations have no problem telling customers where the milk is exactly sourced from. 

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11) Great Value Coffee Is Made by Sara Lee

Under the Great Value brand, Walmart sells a really cheap yet tasty, roasted ground coffee at only $7.92 per 48 oz. 

This coffee can help you save quite some bucks compared to bigger name-brands. So, who’s making it?

There is no doubt that Sara Lee is the official producer of the Great Value coffee. The Great Value K-cups are also made by Sara Lee and Walmart carries many Sara Lee products on its shelves too. 

Final Words

We tried covering most of the popular Great Value products and shared their actual makers.

As you can see, many big names are behind these affordable products so you can get the same quality and taste at a fraction of the price.

We hope this article was an interesting and helpful read for you!




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