Who Makes Great Value Tea Bags (Are They Good? Quality + More)

Who makes Great Value tea bags

Do you know who makes Great Value Tea Bags? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Great Value is a popular brand for tea bags on Walmart. The tea bags are known to be excellent in quality and taste and are quite cheap compared to other expensive brands that offer the same quality.

Great Value tea bags are made by Walmart’s Great Value brand, which sells lots of other household and grocery products. The brand sells tea bags in lots of different flavors and types that have received many positive reviews from consumers.

Read on to learn more about Great Value tea bags and discover the different types and flavors they’re available in. Happy reading!

What are Great Value tea bags?

Great Value tea bags are sold at Walmart by the Great Value brand. The Great Value brand is Walmart’s largest retail brand, offering all sorts of household items and grocery products.

It sells tea bags in various flavors and types.

These tea bags are relatively cheaper than other similar options and have received lots of praise and positive reviews from customers.

These tea bags also have a long shelf-life and don’t lose their flavor when stored for long periods.

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What are the ingredients and nutrients in these tea bags?

The ingredients used in Great Value tea bags depending on the flavor. Generally, these tea bags contain very little fat and very few carbohydrates. They do contain a certain amount of potassium though.

Tea bags also contain lots of antioxidants and some types, like green tea, are even gluten-free. Some types of tea, such as black tea, are claimed by Walmart to be free of artificial colors and flavors.

Who makes Great Value tea bags?

Great Value tea bags are made by Walmart’s retail brand, Great Value. As mentioned earlier, Great Value is one of Walmart’s most extensive brands, and its household product offerings encompass a diverse range of categories.

The main aim of Great Value, according to Walmart, is to provide excellent quality items at very affordable prices.

That certainly seems to be true for Great Value tea bags!

The Great Value brand sources tea from suppliers around the globe, mostly from South Asian and African countries.

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Is Great Value tea sustainably sourced?

Walmart claims it’s making lots of efforts to source its teas sustainably. One of its key goals is to source most coffee and tea products sustainably by 2025.

Last year, the company announced on its website that it would start sourcing all its black and green tea bags, as well as instant iced tea bags sustainably.

This would mean 15 of its tea products would be certified sustainable through the Rainforest Alliance.

What types of tea bags are available?

Great Value tea bags are available in many different types and flavors at Walmart. These include all sorts of teas, ranging from iced tea to black tea to chamomile tea.

Here is a list of some of the most popular types. Also included is the number of tea bags per box, and its price next to it).

Please note that the prices shown are the ones at the time of writing and may change.

  • Great Value black tea bags (100 bags, $1.94)
  • Great Value iced tea bags (24 bags, $1.63)
  • Great Value decaffeinated iced tea bags (24 bags, $2.87)
  • Great Value green tea bags (40 bags, $2.48)
  • Great Value peppermint herbal tea bags (40 bags, $3.72)
  • Great Value decaffeinated black tea bags (48 bags, $1.98)
  • Great Value chamomile herbal tea bags (40 bags, $3.72)
  • Great Value organic cleanse tea bags (16 bags, $3.28)
  • Great Value organic sleep tea bags (16 bags, $3.27)

How to brew Great Value tea bags?

Each box of Great Value tea bags usually has a small set of instructions written on it to help you prepare your tea.

The method can vary slightly, depending on the type of tea.

Here are a few steps to prepare a cup of tea using Great Value Black Tea Bags.

  1. Fill a cup of water and boil it.
  2. Now take out a Great Value Black tea bag and put it into the cup.
  3. When the water starts boiling, pour it into the cup.
  4. Wait for about five minutes to let the flavor of the tea seep in. The longer the tea bag is left in the cup, the stronger the tea becomes.
  5. Remove the tea bag and sweeten the tea according to your preference.

What are some similar tea bag brands?

Great Value is perhaps one the best tea brands, that offers excellent quality tea bags at very reasonable prices.

All of its flavors and types offer great value and taste great too. There are also other tea bag brands on Walmart that offer similar prices and good quality as well.

These brands include Lipton, Celestial Seasonings, Bigelow, and Twinings of London.

They are highly rated, affordable tea bag brands that compete with Great Value, but most of them don’t offer as much variety as Great Value does.

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Great Value tea bags are exactly what their name suggests: great value. They are of exceptional quality and taste and are available at quite affordable and competitive prices.

The large variety of tea flavors makes them even more beloved to customers.

Perhaps one of the greatest things about Great Value tea bags is that the brand has started sourcing many of its tea bag flavors sustainably and plans to do this with all of its tea and coffee products soon.




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