Who Makes Great Value Soups? (Are they Good!!)

Who Makes Great Value Soups

Do you know who makes Great Value Soups? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

As is the case with many of the products sold under the Great Value name, it is currently unknown who is behind the manufacturing of Great Value soups. Despite this, some customers and reviewers believe the brand ConAgra is responsible for Great Value soups, as they are thought to be involved in the production of other Great Value products.

In this article, we look in more detail at who is behind the production of Great Value soups, where you can get it, and some of the pros and cons.

Who makes Great Value soups?

Great Value’s line of soups is unfortunately one of the products we have no information on in terms of manufacturers.

Walmart is known to keep many of their manufacturers a secret, so there are a few products whose manufacturers are unknown.

However, some believe that ConAgra is behind the production of Great Value soups.

ConAgra is the manufacturer behind well-known brands such as Birds Eye, Slim Jim, and Healthy Choice.

They distribute food products to retailers, suppliers, and restaurants across America. They are also thought to produce some other items for the Great Value line, including salsa, flour, and condiments.

Where are Great Value soups sold?

Along with a wide range of other products, Great Value soups are sold exclusively at Walmart as part of their budget-friendly value line of household and grocery products.

As a fairly popular product with customers, Great Value soups should be readily available for purchase in most stores, as well as through the Walmart website.

Although details of production are not currently known, we can assume that Great Value soups are made in the USA, as most of the line’s products are sourced from US-based manufacturers.

Despite likely being manufactured in one place, Great Value soups will be distributed to Walmart stores across the country.

What is the Great Value brand?

The Great Value brand is the most expansive value brand available at Walmart. It features a wide variety of products, most of which are manufactured by other companies and distributed to Walmart stores under the Great Value brand name.

It is one of the most popular brands sold at Walmart, known for its budget-friendly prices.

Among the products sold under the Great Value brand are grocery products, household items, and food.

It places an emphasis on offering low-priced, budget-friendly alternatives to some of the more expensive, widely-known brands also sold in Walmart stores.

For anyone on a budget, Great Value is a good way to save a little money.

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Why is Great Value so cheap?

Many of the products under the Great Value line are very similar to name brand products, leading some to question why its prices are so low.

The brand achieves its low prices by buying in bulk for a lower price. This way, Walmart is able to save a lot of money on the initial purchases while making a profit when the item is sold.

Many of the brand’s products are also outsourced from other companies and manufacturers, which allows Walmart to save costs on production and manufacturing.

In this way, Walmart is likely able to cut out the expensive middleman and focus their costs on the product.

Cost Of Great Value soups?

Great Value soups currently retail for prices starting at $0.50. At this price point, you can find a number of different flavours, all of which are available in a 10.5oz tin.

The most expensive option comes in at $1.46, which would get you an 18.8oz tin that is available in a couple of flavours.

Great Value soup is often compared with other slightly more expensive soups that are also available at Walmart. One of the more common brand comparisons is Campbell’s soups, one of the most well-known soup brands offered.

However, Great Value’s offering retails for a much lower price, making it ideal for anyone on a budget.

Pros and Cons of Great Value soups


  • Part of the reason Great Value is so popular is that it offers budget-friendly alternatives to other products, and their soup is no different. Many people love the soup for its similarities to other well-known name brand products, noting that the taste is very similar to other soups.
  • Another benefit of Great Value is the price point of most of their products, which typically come in much lower than name brand alternatives. A lot of people appreciate the difference in price between Great Value soup and its name brand counterparts.


  • Some people automatically avoid value brands due to a fear of lack of quality or loyalty toward name brands. Although the Great Value brand has much to offer, it is unlikely to appeal to anyone who generally avoids value brands in favour of name brands.
  • Customers also noted that the quality of the soup was not very consistent. Many found that key ingredients like chicken or noodles could sometimes be missing from the soup, while at other times it was perfect. The lack of consistent quality means some people are put off buying it.

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Final Thoughts

The manufacturer of Great Value’s line of soups is currently unknown, as is the case with many products the value brand offers.

Many believe the brand ConAgra is behind the production of Great Value soups, as they are involved with many of their products.

Whoever is behind Great Value’s soups, you can be sure you are getting a great deal and high quality.

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