Who Makes Great Value Pasta (Are They Good?)

Who Makes Great Value Pasta

Do you know who makes Great Value Pasta, Spaghetti, and Noodles? these are the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

These days, it’s essential that we know where our food comes from. Great Value, a Walmart brand, sources its products from many other brand name manufacturers.

Like other products, Great Value’s pasta comes from a name-brand company. 

So, who makes Great Value pasta? It’s not 100% clear who makes Great Value pasta, although we can narrow it down to a few possibilities. Barilla is the main one, and it’s even the world’s largest pasta producer. However, the pasta can come from multiple manufacturers at once.

Overall, you’ll want to know more, so keep reading!

How Great Value and Barilla are Similar

Barilla and Great Value pasta have many similarities. For example, the two offer very similar penne pasta. The texture and taste are nearly identical! However, you’ll pay less for a box of Great Value pasta.

Walmart also stocks its Great Value products next to its source companies frequently. For instance, they put Great Value peanut butter on the shelves near the Peter Pan brand, which is the company that happens to make the Great Value pasta.

While Barilla and Great Value have many similarities, each pasta type may come from different companies. The penne and elbow noodles that Great Value supplies might not come from the same food producers.

Where Great Value Pasta Comes From

Walmart doesn’t make their Great Value pasta. Instead, they source the work out from other companies that are already experts at making similar products.

Some other name brands that produce food for Great Value include ConAgra and Sarah Lee, who could also make pasta.

If Barilla is the manufacturer of Great Value pasta, most of their pasta comes from Ames, IA, and Avon, NY. The company uses the same machines in Italy to ensure that you receive high-quality pasta with every box.

Plus, they use the same pasta recipe as the Italian parent company to craft all of their noodles. 

In short, Walmart doesn’t tell us exactly where their Great Value pasta comes from. Although, there are a few prominent companies that could be suppliers.

All of the brands mentioned above make high-quality food, so you can feel safe eating Great Value Spaghetti and noodles at home.

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Is Great Value Pasta Good?

Many people enjoy Great Value pasta and feel that it tastes very similar to other name brands! The pasta has excellent texture and taste, plus most people love the low price point.

A box of elbow pasta noodles is very cheap, and you receive a large amount of food with it.

Many also compare the Great Value Pasta with Barilla pasta. While Great Value is a lot less expensive, the two taste very similar, so you get a better deal.

If you’re on a strict grocery budget and want to buy food that lasts, large boxes of Great Value pasta are incredibly cheap.

Overall, we’d have to say that Great Value pasta is good! You’ll want to try it with your favorite sauce, which Great Value can also provide for you.

Where Does Great Value Pasta Sauce Come From?

Great Value pasta sauce also comes from other manufacturers that you might know. Mizkan America makes the sauce for Great Value, as well as Ragu.

You can expect the two different sauce brands to share a lot of similarities in texture, quality, and taste. The company produces the sauces in Illinois and ships them throughout the U.S.

If you want to make a delicious and simple meal at home, combining a box of Great Value pasta with their sauce will do the trick. You may even notice that it tastes like eating name brand Ragu and Barilla. 

Final Thoughts

There’s not much information about where Great Value pasta comes from. However, Walmart does say that it comes from the U.S., so you can trust that it’s likely local.

Great Value also offers a variety of pasta, which could all come from different factories or companies.

In short, Great Value pasta likely comes from a name-brand company. Barilla penne pasta shares many similarities with Great Value penne, making this brand a likely contender.

The main difference is that Great Value is cheaper since you don’t pay for the brand name.

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