Who Makes Baccini Jeans? (All You Need to Know!)

Who Makes Baccini Jeans

If you’re always conscious of the brands you shop and support, you may want to know who makes Baccini jeans before buying them.

Baccini jeans are made by Zinntex, a retailer headquartered in the Garment District of New York City who also owns Mynt 1792. The Baccini brand has been around since 1978 and is marketed as a moderately priced casual brand of sportswear.

In this article, you will learn where you can buy Baccini jeans, what makes Baccini jeans unique, and where Baccini jeans are manufactured. Additionally, we will cover what style of jeans Baccini makes and how much they typically cost.

Where Are Baccini Jeans Manufactured?

Zinntex, the maker of Baccini jeans, has factories for their clothing manufacturing in various countries including Taiwan, Mexico, the United States, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and China.

Baccini jeans are made in a variety of countries to better distribute their products across the globe.

Zinntex has operations offices in New York City, China, and Hong Kong to better coordinate with factory relations and retail distributors.

By utilizing the manufacturers in Asia and North America, Baccini jeans support the economies of multiple countries and ensure that you get a high quality product.

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What Styles of Jeans Does Baccini Make?

Baccini jeans make all sorts of styles for women. From skinny jeans to boyfriend cut to uniquely embellished denim, every woman can find a pair of Baccini jeans to love. They make jeans for petite women and plus-sized women, so it doesn’t matter what size you are, you can enjoy Baccini jeans.

Baccini jeans come in high, mid, or low rise, skinny jeans, relaxed fit, and even maternity. Every woman regardless of size, shape, or style preference can enjoy Baccini jeans.

If you like the vintage look, you can get distressed or embellished jeans that look straight out of the 90s. Or you can purchase plain, simple denim that’s comfortable to wear and looks great on anyone.

Baccini makes more than just plain blue jeans. They also make jeans in different colors like white, pink and purple.

Their denim styles range from shorts to full length pants, from capris to skirts. Baccini also manufactures denim jackets if you like to clothe yourself in denim from top to bottom.

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How Much Do Baccini Jeans Cost?

Baccini jeans range in price from $15 up to $70. The price largely depends on the store selling the jeans and the style of the pants.

The plainer style denim pants are usually cheaper while the embellished styles tend to be more expensive. You can usually find better deals on the resale websites such as Mercari and Poshmark.

Although sometimes, the cost of Baccini jeans can be high on resale sites if the person selling them knows how much they are worth. While you can spend a lot on Baccini jeans, you don’t have to.

If you search for a good deal, especially online or at stores that normally offer bargain prices such as Burlington and TJ Maxx, then you will be able to acquire a pair without lightening your wallet too much.

Where Can I Buy Baccini Jeans?

Baccini jeans are sold by a number of different chain retail stores found throughout North America including in the United States and Canada. You can buy Baccini jeans from Bealls, Steinmart, Burlington, Laura’s Canada, Ross, Reitmans, TJ Maxx, Stage Store, and Von Maur.

Since most of these retailers are located across the United States and even in Canada, you can find Baccini jeans almost anywhere in North America.

Baccini jeans are also popularly found on consignment and resale websites such as eBay, Thred Up, Mercari, and Poshmark.

No matter what style, color, size, or fit you are looking for in Baccini jeans, you will be able to find exactly what you want at any of Baccini’s numerous retail distributors.

What Makes Baccini Jeans Unique?

Baccini jeans are unique in their ability to capture a comfortable yet stylish fashion trend. Baccini jeans are made from the softest denim and some styles come with fun embellishments.

Whether you’re a woman who loves a pair of straight legged no-nonsense jeans or one who thrives in bottoms that display your artistic side, Baccini has the perfect pair.

Baccini has a lot of jeans that have flowered embroidery, cuffs embellished with stylish fabric, or detail work on the pockets or seams. These fabulous jeans are pieces of art that you can show off to your friends and feel good wearing.

The unique ability of Baccini to provide style, fashion sense, comfortability, and affordability all in one pair of jeans makes them hard to pass up.

They are easily accessible since Baccini jeans are available at a wide variety of retail stores and from dozens of resale vendors across the internet.


Baccini jeans are made by Zinntex, a manufacturer of clothing headquartered in New York City with factories across Asia and North America.

Many chain store retailers including TJ Maxx and Burlington carry Baccini jeans and they can also be found online at resale websites such as eBay and Poshmark.

Baccini jeans come in all sizes and styles for women with all different tastes in jeans. One of Baccini’s most notable trademarks is the jeans that are embellished with embroidery or unique seams.

Baccini jeans are affordable and can be found in almost every style, color, and length imaginable.





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