Who Makes Rustler Jeans (The Truth!)

Who Makes Rustler Jeans

Do you know who makes Rustler jeans? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

There are a lot of brands out there today selling work jeans, marketed as durable, long-lasting, and made in the U.S.A. While there are a lot of great options to choose from, it is hard to choose which ones will actually live up to their reputation.

So, who makes Rustler jeans? Rustler jeans are technically made by Wranglers and are manufactured by VF Corp spin-off Kontoor, which is a company that owns many apparel stores with multiple being in the denim industry including, Lee, Riders, and Wranglers. Although the brand has facilities in three different countries, chances are good the Rustlers you purchase are manufactured in China.

These jeans are budget-friendly, stylish, and fit well, but do they hold up to the more prominent brands offered through VF Corp or anywhere else for that matter? Let’s take a look.

Who Makes Rustler Jeans

Rustler jeans are well known for being an affordable pair of work jeans, well crafted and durable.

While Rustler is the label stuck to all the tags, the clothing brand is actually made by VF Corp, which also makes well-known labels including Riders, Wranglers, Lees, and Chic.

Rustlers Are Wranglers, Right?

When looking for Rustler jeans, you will often find them labeled as Rustlers by Wranglers or something close to that.

This is because these jeans are created in the same facilities and are very similar in design, durability, and fit. The Wrangler Brand carries its own name and label, with its “off-brand” being Rustler jeans.

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Who is VF Corp?

VF Corp was first established in 1899, and originally named The Reading Glove, then Schuylkill Silk Manufacturing, and finally, Vanity Fair Mill up until 1969. 

In 1969, Vanity Fair Mills acquired the Lee company, leading to its final name change V.F. Corp. They are an apparel and footwear company that currently owns 13 clothing brands in 3 different categories, including active, outdoor, and work clothes. 

The Rustler brand falls under the working category and is sold at an affordable price for all different budget types.

V.F. Corp controls more than 50% of the U.S. backpack market and is one of the two most significant and leading brands in the jeans industry.

Where Are Rustler Jeans Manufactured?

VF Corp has manufacturing companies all throughout the U.S. and overseas, with the company’s American head headquarters stationed in Denver, Colorado.

It is here where you will see the production on NorthFace, Timberland, Dickies, etc.

However, it isn’t very likely you will find any of the Rustler brands coming from that location. It is widely suggested these jeans are manufactured at the facilities located in China, hence, the much lower price.

For comparison, Wrangler jeans that are often marketed as made in America are also manufactured in multiple locations. Research has shown only one in every five pairs of Wranglers are made in the U.S.

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Who is Kontoor Brands?

In 2018 VF Corp informed the public they were splitting into two separate companies.

One was taking the apparel and footwear sectors (VF Corp), and the other was taking jeans and outlet stores (Kontoor-pronounced contour).

The Kontoor brand’s headquarters is located in Merriam, Kansas. However, they have outlet stores located all over the U.S. and now have their e-commerce website, where you can find store information and deals.

Where Can You Buy Rustler Jeans?

These jeans are commonly sold at department stores worldwide, and you can find them at places like Walmart, K-mart, and Amazon.

You can also find them on third-party websites such as Poshmark, eBay, Etsy, and ThredUp.

No matter which store you purchase them from, the average cost is going to be somewhere in the area of $12-$15 a pair. 

Are Rustler Jeans Good?

As previously mentioned, Rustlers are made for affordability, making them less durable than other brands but good enough quality for the price.

These jeans will probably only last you a few months of hard work but are comfortable and well designed. 

Many people stand behind wrangler jeans and swear they are the best jeans they have ever owned, so whether or not these jeans are “good” is a personal preference.

How Do Rustler Jeans Fit?

Rustler Jeans are designed to have a looser fit for optimal comfort when you are at work or outside doing chores.

These jeans are technically created for hard labor as part of the V.F. Corps workwear section.

While there are a few different styles, the jeans as a whole are breathable, sizes fit as expected, and the value is unbeatable.

Summing Things Up

Although brands have changed and the manufacturer of Rangler Jeans has changed throughout the years, in the end, VF Corp owns the Rangler name, and that is who manufactures these work hard, play hard jeans.





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